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Chapter Two - The Start

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When she looked at who'd broken into her apartment, her heart froze. It was Draculoids.

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A/N The drama starts here, folks. I know that it's pretty early in the story, but I wanted to start the excitement as soon as possible! Thankyou to mychemicalbitchbot, EmsJayify and Lenorebear for reviewing the first chapter, you guys are awesome, and if you can please review, I love knowing what you think so far! Anyways, sorry for any mistakes or typos and I hope you like the next chapter. Emjoy ;)

Chapter Two - The Start

"Mikey!" Iris giggled. "Look, as much as I love you, we need to go to your mom's house now." Mikey kept kissing his fiancé's neck while she was trying to put on some earings.
"I can't help it that my wife's incredibley beautiful."
"I'm your future wife." She corrected.
"Same thing."
"I dropped Zack off at my perants' before, so all I need to do is put on my jacket and we can leave."
"Can't we just cancel? I'd rather spend some alone time with you."
She smiled. "I know, but your brother's going to be there and so's Lexia. I know how much she's sick of being pregnant and I wanted to give her some advice."
"Call her and tell her then."
"Mikey fuckin' Way, we're going to your mom's house tonight, okay? I don't think your mother would appreciate us being late because you were horny."
"Don't mention my mom, you're turning me off." He joked with a smile.
"I promise I'll make it up to you after."
He smiled. "Fine."
She smiled at him and they got into their car. Battery City was now filled with ex-Killjoys ever since BL/ind was destroyed. There were other parts in America that could support life, but it was mostly dry land. Some Killjoys still didn't think that Battery City was a safe place to be, some of them were certain that Better Living was still up to something, so they still lived in the Zones.

When they got to Mikey's mom's house, Lexia and Gerard were already there. Donna was asking Lexia about the baby while Gerard just nodded along with whatever his wife said.
"Sorry we're late, we had some trouble dropping Zack off and Iris's mom's place." He lied, the last thing he was going to do was say 'We were late because I wanted to have sex with my fiancé.'
"Don't worry, sweetie. It's so good to see you." His mother hugged him and he hugged her back.
Iris walked over to Lexia. Lexia was wearing a black dress that very clearly showed off her baby bump. It made her look bigger in a way because the dress stuck to her body.
"Hey, how you holding up?" Iris asked.
"I'm sick of being pregnant now." She smiled and looked down at her bump and stroked it. "Ow, ow, ow!" She said when the baby kicked her ribs again
"Are you okay?" Gerard rushed over to his wife again.
"Yeah, Bandit's kickin' real hard tonight." She said with her hands on her stomach.
"Bandit? Did you two name her?" Donna asked her son and daughter-in-law.
"If they're a girl, then yeah, she's going to be called Bandit Lee Way, but if they're a boy then we don't have any names yet." Gerard told his mother.
"I think Bandit's the perfect name for your kid, I can't really see them being called anything else." Iris said.
"Yeah, Gee thought of it while he was in Vagas. It was pretty funny, he thought that whenever I called him that my water'd broke. It was cute."
"Donald was the same when I was having Gerard, if I called him when he was at work he immidiately thought that I had gone into labour. Now my both my babies have babies of their own."
"Ma, really?" Gerard asked.
"No matter what, you and Mikey'll always be my babies. Anyway, all the food is ready now."
They all sat down and started eating. Lexia ate more than she would have done since she was eating for two.
"So, Iris, Mikey, when are you two going to have more children?"
"Ma, Zack only turned one a couple of months ago and Lexia's still pregnant. Are you really asking when we're having more kids?"
"What? I like being a grandmother."
"Mikey does have a point." Gerard agreed with his younger brother.
"The more grandchildren, the better."
"So you want us to be baby machiens?" Gerard joked.
"I didn't say that, I just like being a grandmother."
"Bandit, I swear, if you don't stop kicking, I'll come in there." Lexia threatened her bump.
Gerard smiled and they carried on eating dinner.
When the finished eating, she had a really bad pain in her stomach, but she didn't show any sign of pain because she knew that her husband would assume the worst and freak out on her, but when the pain got really bad, she let the pain shine through.
"Promise not to freak out?" She asked clutching her stomach. "I think I just had a concration."
"What?!" He shouted.
"It's probably false labour." She said. She'd read a pregnancy book when she first found out she was pregnant since she was shitless scared about becoming a mother and it said that towards the end of the pregnancy she could have contractions, but it was only false labour so she worry too much. It was also the same book that Iris had when she was pregnant with Zack. Gerard on the on the other hand, he was panicing like fuck.
"We need to get you to the hospital." He said.
"Gee, I'm fine, it's just false labour, Iris went through the same thing."
"I did, it's fine, she just needs to rest. At least we're not in the desert this time."
Lexia took deep breaths until the pain faded. "That really hurt. What the hell am I gonna be like when I'm in labour if that hurt?"
"Don't worry about that yet you'll be okay."
"Easy for you to say, you're not the one pushing a baby out of your body."
Mikey smirked at his sister-in-laws comment. He could help but picture his brother in labour when she said that.
Mikey's phone started ringing so he picked it up.
"Mikey, it's Frank." Mikey was instantly worried, it sounded like Frank had been crying.
"What's wrong?"
"Lenah was in a car accident. Fuck, there was so much blood, Mikey. I'm fucking scared."
"Do you want me and Gee to come?"
"Do you mind? I really need someone here right now."
"Sure, it's fine. We'll be there as soon as we can."
"Thanks, Mikes."
"No problem." Mikey hung up and looked at his brother. "We need to leave."
"Lenah was in a car accident and Frank sounded really bad, he needs us there."
"Um, okay, but what about Iris and Lexia?"
"We'll just stay here for a while if you don't mind?" Iris asked her mother-in-law.
"No, it's fine. Stay as long as you need."
"Will you and the baby be okay?"
"We'll be fine, now go, Frank needs you."
"Okay. Love you."
"Love you, too." She kissed him quickly on his cheek and they left to see Frank.

The image of Lenah ran through Frank's head. Crimson blood covered her dark curls, it covered her skin, her face, it stained her clothes, it was everywhere he could think of, he even had her dried blood on his hands that he needed to wash off.
He'd called Mikey, who was bringing Gerard with him, and he'd called Ray and Jessey. Lenah and Jessey were cousins who introduced Jessey to the rest of the guys, that was how Ray met Jessey. Lenah was shorter than Jessey, Lenah was around five foot two, and Jessey wasn't much taller than her cousin at five foot four. Lenah and Jessey both had curly hair, but Lenah had dark brown, almost black, hair and Jessey had dark blonde hair. Jessey had dark brown eyes and Lenah had icey blue.
"Hey, man." Gerard and Mikey said when they got there.
"How you holdin' up?"
"I'm a fuckin' mess right now. Ray and Jessey are on their way, too."
"Look, I'm sure everything'll be fine, Frank. I mean, c'mon, she's your girlfriend, she's gotta be strong, right?"
"Is that a compliment?"
"I don't know." Mikey said.
"How's Lexia and Iris doing?"
"They're okay, they're at our mom's house right now."
"You exited about being a dad?" He asked Gerard, trying to take his mind off all the things that could happen to Lenah.
He smiled. "Yeah, I am. We've got a name for them if the baby's a girl, but if they turn out to be a boy, we're fucked for names."
"Don't tell me that you're keepin' it a secrate like Iris did to begin with."
"Hey!" Mikey said.
"Sorry, dude, but Cherri that drove everyone fuckin' crazy. Anyways, what's her name?"
"Bandit Lee Way."
He smiled at the name. "'S awesome." They were trying to make conversation, but none of them knew what to say, so after that, they were just silent for a while until Ray and Jessey showed up.

Iris offered to take Lexia home when they'd been at Donna's house for a couple of hours. Mikey and Gerard had taken Lexia's car, so Iris' car was the only one left to take, so she accepted her offer to take her home.
Iris pulled up outside of Lexia's and Gerard's apartment.
"I've got a name I've been thinking of for a boy." Lexia said to her almost sister-in-law.
"Have you told Gerard yet?"
She shook her head. "No, I've kept it to myself for a couple of days now."
"I've been thinking of Hunter Michael Way. I'm not sure if Gee'll like it, so I don't want to tell him yet."
"Are you kidding? Gee'll love the name. So. Bandit and Hunter, huh?"
"Yeah, Bandit and Hunter."
"So, when you and Gee have another kid, they'll either be called Bandit or Hunter depending on the sex?"
"More kids? Are you freaking kidding me? After Bandit or Hunter, I'm not having more kids. As much as I already love them, I don't know if I'll be able to go through pregnancy again."
She smiled. "That's exactly what I said about Zack. I think Donna's going to want more than two grandkids from the sound of things." She said, smiling.
"After Bandit or Hunter, it's your turn."
"The real reason me and Mikey were late was because he wanted to do the thing you have to do to make babies, but minus the baby part."
"Did you?"
"No. Ever since Zack I've been concious about getting pregnant again. I've been on the pill, but I ran out a couple of days ago, so I've made sure that me and Mikey haven't . . . you know."
"I know. God, she's really kicking in here tonight."
"Can I feel?"
"Sure, it's your niece or nephew in there."
Iris put her hand on Lexia's stomach and felt the baby kicking. She smiled and Lexia yawned.
"Go inside, you're obviously tired."
"Okay. Thanks, Iris."
"No problem."
Lexia walked back into her apartment and got changed into a pair of sweats she'd cut into shorts and a baggy shirt.
When her cell phone started ringing, she saw it was her husband and immidiately picked it up.
"Hey, how's everyone doing?"
"We've been better. Are you still at mom's?"
"No, Iris drove me home, I've just gotten ready to go to bed."
"Fuck, I'm sorry, I didn't know we'd be this long."
"Gee, don't worry about it. Frank needs you right now."
"But so do you."
"Me and Bandit or Hunter'll be okay for one night, we were okay when you were in Vagas, we'll be okay, I promise."
"Wait, Hunter?"
"It's a name I thought of for a boy, but forget about that for now. Promise you'll wake me up when you get home?"
"I might be late."
"I don't care. I love you."
"Love you, too. And by the way, I love Hunter for a boy."
She smiled. "I'll see you later, Gee."
Lexia was about to go to sleep when she heard someone break the living room door down, she immidately got up and grabbed a baseball bat near the door of hers and Gerard's bedroom.
She slowly walked into the living room, the door was broken down, but no one was in her living room. Her eye brows knitted together in confusion.
She got closer to the door, but no one was there.
Suddenly, she felt someone grab her and pull her back, she tried to scream, but they taped duct tape over her mouth before she could even open her mouth, never mind scream. She could feel Bandit or Hunter kicking her stomach.
They sat her down on a chair and tied her hands behind her back, tied her ankles together so she coudn't run away and tied her to the chair. When she looked at who'd broken into her apartment, her heart froze. It was Draculoids. Fucking Draculoids!
It's okay, we're okay, she thought to her bump.
The Draculoid ripped off the duct tape and called for someone to come in.
"You may come in now."
A small woman wearing a black hat, that covered her face and a black coat walked in.
"Thankyou, Draculoid."
The woman took off her hat and Lexia almost gasped when she realized who it was.
"Dr. Isoda." She breathed.
She smiled. "Hello, Alexandria. It has been a very long time, has it not?"

A/N Sorry for the cliffhanger, but I couldn't resist ;)
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