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Chapter Three - It Can Only Get Better . . . Right?

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It took a second to click with Gerard. "You think that Better Living had something to do with it?"

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Chapter Three - It Can Only Get Better . . . Right?

Gerard called Lexia for the millionth time, but she'd not picked up once, he was starting to get worried about her.
He was on his way home and when he got to the apartment, he never remembered being more terrified in his entire life. The door had been nocked down and Lexia was nowhere to be seen. He'd looked in every room except for the bathroom, so he tried to get into the bathroom, but he couldn't since it was locked.
"Lexia, let me in." He begged, but there was no answer.
He tried opening it again, but again, nothing worked.
"Lexia, please. If you don't let me in, I'll have to knock to door down." He warned.
Nothing happened, so he just hoped that she wasn't behind the door and he knocked it down.
The shower was on and she was passed out on in the bathtub and there was blood leaking out inbetween her thighs, she was still in the clothes that she slept in. He picked her up out of the tub and lay her on the floor. He gently patted her cheek to see if she'd wake up.
"Lexia, please, wake up!" He tried to find a pulse, but it was dangerously low.
He picked her up again and carried her down to his car and took her to the hospital where he was before.
They immidately took her in and the doctors were asking him about what'd happened.
"What happened to her?"
"I don't know, I came home, the door had been knocked down, she was in the shower passed out and she was bleeding, I don't know what happened."
"Are you the father of the baby?"
He nodded. "I am."
"We'll need to do an emergency c-section, it's most likely that she's suffering from a miscarriage."
His heart sank, his and Lexia's baby was dying? No, that couldn't happen.
"Is Lexia going to be okay? Has she deffinately lost the baby?"
"I don't know." That was the last thing he said before they took her away from him.

An hour later, Donna, Donald, Mikey, Iris and Zack came to the hospital after he'd called them and told them what'd happened.
"Are they gonna be okay?" Iris asked.
Tears filled Gerard's eyes. "They don't know, she went in about an hour go, they've had to and emergency c-section."
"Gee, I'm sorry." Mikey hugged his brother and he cried. He had no idea if his wife or baby would be okay and he could do nothing about it. Ray and Frank were still there and they'd been comforting eachother while they were waiting for more news.
"Mr. Way? May I speak with you privately?" A doctor asked him, the doctor's scrubs were still bloody, which automaticly scared Gerard.
"Of course." He replied.
Gerard followed the doctor into his office and he waited for him to start talking.
"My name is Dr. Rymon, I'm the one who delivered your daughter."
"Daughter?" He asked, he would've been overwelmed with happiness if the circumstances were different.
Dr. Rymon smiled. "Yes, your daughter. She is perfectly healthy, she's a little early so for the time being she's in an incubator, but she should be out within a couple days."
"What about Lexia?"
"Mrs Way is in criticle condition. We took a blood test to see if there were any harmful subtances in her blood and we found something."
"Well, what is it?"
"We have no idea, we have never seen anything like this before. The subtance in her blood was unknown and we will need to take a blood test from your daughter to see if there are any traces in her blood, too."
"Will they be okay?"
"Your daughter will most likely be fine depending on if the unknown substance is in her blood or not."
"And Lexia?"
"It's too early to tell right now, Mr. Way."
"Can I see her?"
"You may see your daughter and your wife. Your daughter is in the intensive care unit and so is your wife. Lexia is in room 41."
"Thank you, Dr. Rymon." He rushed out of the room and his family pretty much attacked him when he was back in the waiting room.
"What's wrong?"
"Are they gonna be okay?"
"Bandit's in intensive care because she was early, but other than that, they think she's fine."
"Think?" Mikey asked.
"They found something in Lexia's blood, but they've no idea about what it is and they said it could be in Bandit's, too."
"Is she gonna be okay?"
"They said that she's in criticle condition, so basicly, they've no fucking clue if she's gonna be okay."
"Should I go call Vaimey and tell her what's happening?" Iris offered.
"That'd be great, Iris. Thanks. Im going to go see Lexia."
"What about Bandit?" Donna asked.
"I don't want to see her yet. I want me and Lexia to see her together for the first time." He said. While what he said was true, he didn't know if he could handle seeing Bandit yet incase she was identicle to her mother.
He walked into her room and saw Lexia hooked up to a million different machiens with a heart monitor. He just stood there watching her for a couple of minutes before he sat down next to her and held her hand.
"Hey. It's me. I don't know if you can hear me right now, but if you can, then I love you and I'm so sorry that I wasn't there when it happened. I'm so sorry, Lexia. Just please, squeeze my hand, speak, just do something." He begged her, but she didn't do anything, she just lay there.
He kissed her hand and sighed.
"We have a Bandit, you know. You had to have a c-section and we've got a baby girl now. I've not seen her yet, I want to be with you when we first see her."
Again, there was nothing.

Iris went into a phone booth and started putting quarters in.
"Hey, it's Vaimey, if I'm not answering it's because I'm busy or I'm avoiding you, and if this is Daniel Lyellson, fuck off!" Iris couldn't help but smile. Daniel and Vaimey were best friends, but it was obvious that Daniel wanted to be more than friends. They regularly had fights, so she knew that they must've had a fight because of the voicemail message.
"Hey Vaimey, it's Iris. Something's happened with Lexia and the baby, call Gerard or Mikey as soon as you get this because I left my cell at home. Bye." She hung up, but when she left the phone booth, someone grabbed her and she felt an injection being peirced through the skin on her neck. She felt the liquid seep into her veins and she passed out on the floor. Dr. Isoda smiled.
"Three down, one to go." She muttered before leaving Iris on the floor.

"How long does it take your momma to make a phone call, huh?" Mikey asked his son. Zack had his fist in his mouth and he was staring up at his father with his mothers bright green eyes.
"Lalawmalala." He said to his dad.
"Exactly." He said, smiling at his baby.
Zack smiled back at his dad and giggled.
"You're too cute, Zack, sometimes. You're too cute for your own good."
Zack had his mothers eyes and his mothers natural blonde hair, but other than that, he was completely his father.
"Ma, could you watch Zack? I'm gonna go check on Iris."
"Okay, sweetie." He gave Zack to his mother and he started walking to the phone booths outside of the hospital.
That was when he saw his fiancé passed out on the floor, barely breathing.
"IRIS!" He shouted, scooping her into his arms.
She opened her eyes for a breif second.
"B-Better . . . Living . . ." She said before she passed out completely.
"Iris, look at me!"
He didn't wait fot her to reply he just ran with her to the main part of the hospital. Donna and Donald looked up, shocked.
"What happened?"
"I don't know, I just found her passed out and hardly breathing!" He said to both his perants and to the doctor they took her away and Mikey followed them with his fiancé.

Gerard had fallen asleep next to his wife when his little brother walked in with an angry expression on his face with tear stained eyes.
"Mikes? What's wrong?"
"Iris went to call Vaimey, but she passed out. They took a blood test and they found the same thing in her blood that was in Lexia's."
"What? That's crazy."
"That's not the craziest part, before Iris blanked out completely, she said Better Living."
It took a second to click with Gerard. "You think that Better Living had something to do with it?"
"It makes sense. First of all, your wife, my fiancé and Frank's girlfriend are all in hospital in the same night. Second the same drug is in my fiancé's blood and your wife's blood. Third, Iris said Better Living before she passed out. Four, the doctors don't know the chemical, what if it's something Better Living came up with?"
"But we took down Better Living and Scarecrow a year ago, it can't be them."
"It has to be, it's all too well planned-out."
"Who would've done it, though? Vaimey killed Korse a year ago, there's no way that it can be him."
"What if it's not Korse? What if it's . . . okay, I don't know who it could be, but come on!"
"Look, Mikey, can we talk about this later? I'm not in the mood right now. Go tell Frank or Ray or something."
"It's nice to know that you care so much about finding out why your wife is in that hospital bed right now."
"Mikes, come on. Don't be like-" Mikey slammed the door shut before he could finish. "this." He said after his brother had left the room
If it weren't for the fact that they took down Better Living a year ago, he would've believed his brother and known that it was Better Living who'd done it, but because he knew that they did take it down, he didn't know who else could've done it.
He fell back asleep with his wife again not long after his brother left the room.
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