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Chapter Four - What's Happening?

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They didn't know what was happening, but the only thing they did know was that, whatever it was, it sure as hell wasn't good.

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A/N Sorry that I didn't update yesterday, but I've been feeling sick and, and I still feel shitty today, so I didn't really want to write any chapters while I felt like shit so . . yeah. Anyways, thanks to mychemicalbitchbot, Lenorebear and EmsJayify for reviewing, you're all awesome! I hope you like the next chapter and I'll try and update as soon as I can, but because I still feel shitty, I might not update again until tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience, folks. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Four - What's Happening?

Vaimey opened her door to see Daniel standing there, she was about to slam the door in his face, but he stopped her.
"Just hear me out, okay?"
"I'm sure that you have a perfect exuse for shoving your tounge down Lisa Mollee's throat." Vaimey caught Daniel kissing someone that she considered a slut called Lisa Mollee and she wasn't happy about that. This was the normal things that she should've been worried about when she was younger, she shouldn't have been worried about dying twenty for seven like she was before. Lexia didn't want her sister to worry about anything, but she was glad that she was worrying about normal teenage drama rather than worried about the things they used to when BL/ind was around.
"I never kissed her she kissed me. Vaimey, I'd never-"
"You really fucking expect me to believe that, Daniel? You've told me how hot you think she is in the past!"
"Vaimey, why do even care if Lisa Mollee's was kissing me?"
"What?" She asked, she didn't expect him to ask that question.
"You heard me, why do you care?"
"Well . . . I . . . um . . . Y-you're my best friend and I don't think that Lisa's good enough for you."
"Are you sure that's it?"
She didn't answer him. She didn't know if she had feelings for him or not. She loved him as a best friend, but she would have been lying if she didn't think about the night they'd spent together sometimes after the concert the previous year. She thought it was more lust she felt for him, but she'd never been in love before, so she didn't really know the difference between the two.
"You know how I feel about you, Vaimes."
They looked into eachothers eyes until Daniel pressed his lips to hers. Vaimey wrapped her arms around his neck and she pulled him inside the house. She wrapped both her legs around his waist and he started taking her to her bedroom.
He took his jacket off and his shirt while they were on the stair case, then he lay her on her bed and started kissing her neck. The last time he'd had sex was with Vaimey a year ago and he was eager to do it again.
Vaimey moaned as he kissed her neck, encouraging his member to harden.
Her phone started ringing again, but she stopped answering it before because she thought that it was Daniel.
"Just ignore it." He said, still kissing her neck.
He carried on kissing her and his hand slowly slid up her skirt and he started playing with her panties.
The phone started ringing again.
"Did you call me before?" Vaimey asked.
"No, why? Last time I called you was this morning."
She stopped Daniel from kissing her neck and she grabbed her phone. She thought that since someone had been calling her that much that it might have been important, so she answered it.
"Vaimey, thank God, you finally fuckin' picked up." Mikey said.
"Yeah, I'm sorry, I thought it was Daniel." She lied.
"It's okay. Anyway, Lexia's in the hospital."
"What? Is she okay? What's wrong?"
"Gerard found her passed out at their apartment and they found some weird shit in her blood, they don't recognize the chemical that was in her blood."
"Are Lexia and the baby okay?"
"The baby's fine, but Lexia's a different story."
"Is Gerard there?"
"Yeah, there's more but it's a long story and I'll explain it later."
"I'll be there as soon as I can."
"Okay, bye."
"Bye, Mikes."
"What's wrong?"
"Lexia's in the hospital, I really need to go, I'm sorry, Danny, but I need to go."
"Don't worry about it, do you want me to go with you?"
She nodded. "Yeah, I don't know if I could cope with seeing her alone." Her voice broke at the end because tears started sliding down her face.
"Hey, sssh, it's gonna be okay, I promise." He wrapped his arms around Daniel and he kissed the top of her head.

Mikey couldn't get Zack to stop crying.
"Zack, come on, your mom's already in hospital, I can't have you crying, too." He said.
It broke his heart to see his son crying, he knew that he sounded crazy, but Mikey felt like he knew that his mom was in hospital.
"Shh, Zack, it's okay. Daddy's here, daddy's here. It's okay. It's okay, I promise." He felt like he was more telling himself that it was okay instead of telling his son that it was okay.
"Mr. Way, I'm your wife's doctor, if you want to it's okay to see her now. Miss Ramone is awake, but the only reason she's awake was because you found her a couple minutes before she passed out, but your sister-in-law was left for about an hour or two."
He nodded. "Okay, where is she?"
"Follow me."
Mikey followed the doctor with his son and he stopped outside a room that was identical to the rest of the rooms in the hospital.
"Hey." Mikey smiled.
"Hey." Iris said back, he kissed her forehead and she held her arms out towards her baby.
She held him and smiled. "Hey, have you been crying? Don't cry, baby. Momma's okay now."
"You're sure?" Her fiancé asked her.
"I'm sure, I just feel a little . . . weird, but it's not a bad weird."
"What happened?" He asked.
"I don't remember, the last thing I remember is walking out of the phone booth, then the rest is blank."
"So you don't remember who did this to you?"
"No. So I didn't just pass out?"
"No, they found the same chemical in your blood that was in Lexia's."
"Fuck, so someone's got it in for us?"
"That's the thing, before you passed out, you said Better Living."
She was confused, she didn't remember saying Better Living. "I'm sorry, Mikey, I don't remember saying that."
"It's okay. I'm just glad that you're okay now. I love you, Iris. Never forget that."
"I love you, too, Mikey. I'll never forget as long as you don't."
He smiled at kissed her hand.
"I promise. I won't forget."

Frank sat beside Lenah, not letting go of her hand once. She'd had a blood transfusion, but the doctors thought that she'd be okay.
"Frankie." Lenah whispered.
It took a second for Frank to realize that Lenah was speaking.
She smiled at him in respons.
"Oh shit, don't you dare scare me like that again, do you here me?"
She smiled. "You really must've been worrying about me, we've been talking for three seconds and not one joke."
He smiled. "You fuckin' scared me, that's why. You were fuckin' covered in blood, I was shit scared."
"Is Jessey here?" Jessey was Ray's girlfriend and she was also Lenah's cousin, that's how Ray had been introduced to her.
"She came a while ago, she's with Ray in the waiting room."
"How long've I been out?" She asked.
"A few hours."
"Anything happen while I was out?"
"Gee found Lexia passed out on the floor, she had to have a c-section, so the baby's outta there now, but they don't know if Lexia's gonna be okay or not. They found some weird shit in her blood. Iris passed out, too, when she went to call Lexia's sister, they found the same shit in her blood Lexia."
"'S a little weird, don't you think?"
"What do you mean?"
"Me, Lexia and Iris in hospital in the same night."
"You sound like Mikey. He thinks that Better Living has something to do with it. Before Iris passed out she said Better Living."
"Someone has to keep an eye on Jessey, what if they come for her, too?"
"Ray's not left Jessey since they got here. You remember what it was like when it's early in the relationship, you're always around eachother."
"Look, I'm not risking anything happening to Jessey, Frank." He knew that she was seirious whenever she called him Frank instead of Frankie.
"I'll go check on them now, if you want me to."
"You don't mind?"
"No, of course I don't."
She smiled weakly. "Thanks, Frankie. Come back soon, 'kay?"
She kissed him softly before he went into the waiting room where he saw Ray on his own.
"Where's Jessey?"
"She went to find a nurse to see if they had any info on Lenah, did she not see her?"
"How long ago did she leave?"
"About half an hour, why?" Frank ignored Ray's question and he started looking for Jessey. Ray followed him, wondering why Frank was so worried about Jessey all of a
sudden. He knew that Jessey could be in seirious trouble if the chemicals were in her blood like they were with Iris and Lexia. He didn't know if he thought that BL/ind were behind it, but he wanted to make sure that Jessey was okay.
"Frank, what's going on?"
"Look, we need to find Jessey, okay? I'll explain it later, but if we don't find her now, she could be dead."
"What the fuck?"
"Just help me find her, okay?"
Ray still wanted to know why Frank wanted to find Jessey all of a sudden, but he didn't question it, he wanted to make sure that she was okay, too.

Nixon was in the waiting room aswell as Vaimey and Daniel, they all wanted to go in and see Lexia, but they didn't know what room she was in. Donna and Donald were too busy talking to notice that Vaimey and Daniel had started arguing.
"Daniel, I don't think that it's appropriate to talk about this here!" Daniel asked her 'where their relationship was heading', but she didn't want to talk about it when her sister was lying in a hospital bed.
"Where else are we going to talk about it? Because when we get home, you're just gonna say that you think that we should just be friends, but I'm sick of being fucking friends, Vaimey! I want to be with you!"
"No, don't Daniel me!" He almost shouted.
"Daniel, people are staring."
"I don't care about tha-"
"Look, why don't the two of you just shut up for three seconds! God, you're like little kids." Nixon said.
They sighed.
"That's it, I'm trying to find Lexia." Nixon said once and uncomfortable silence filled the atmosphere. He got up and he went to the reseption desk. "Hi, I'm Kenneth Nixon, I'm looking for Alexandria Way."
"I'm sorry, but only immidate family can see her."
"You see that girl over there arguing with that guy?" He asked the nurse.
"That's her sister and I'm with her."
"She can go in, but like I said only immidate-"
"-family can see her, I know, but come on. Me and Lexia have known eachother for years, we're pretty much family."
"Mr. Nixon, you can't see her yet."
"What about the baby? If I ask Vaimey if she wants to see her niece, can I go with her? She's only fifteen, she needs an adult with her."
The nurse thought about it for a second.
"Third door in the intensive care unit."
He smiled a fake smile at the nurse. "Thankyou . . . Brenda." He said, reading the nurse's name tag.
He walked over to Vaimey.
"The nurse won't let me see Lexia yet, but do you wonna meet your neice?"
"Lexia and Gerard had a girl?" Donna asked.
"Yeah, the nurse said only immidate family can see her, so I can't go in, but she's letting me see the baby."
"Fine." Vaimey said. "Donna, Donald, could you look after Daniel for me? He get's kinda cranky around three, but just give him his blanket and warm milk and he'll be fine." She moked him.
Daniel glared at her as she walked away.

Frank found Jessey passed out on the bathroom floor with her head cracked open. She was lying in a pool of her own blood, but he picked her up and took her to Ray.
"Jessey!" Ray shouted when he saw blood dripping from her blonde curls.
"We've gotta get her seen by a doctor."
"No shit."
They took her to the room and, of course, when the took a blood test, the same chemicals where in her blood as Iris and Lexia. They didn't know what was happening, but the only thing they did know was that, whatever it was, it sure as hell wasn't good.
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