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Chapter Five - Plans To Attack

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Lexia smiled at the nurse and she held her daughter. "She has your eyes, Gee. They're beautiful."

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Chapter Five - Plans To Attack

Three days later, Lexia woke up feeling stiff, like she hadn't moved for weeks on end.
She felt someone holding her hand, she slowly opened her eyes and saw Gerard asleep next to her while he held her hand.
She smiled and brushed his crimson hair out of her husbands face. He groaned, but when he realized that someone was brushing hair out of his face, he opened his eyes.
"Hey, sleepyhead."
"Who else would it be? Santa Clause?"
"You've been unconcious for a few days. I found you in the shower passed out and there was blood around your shorts."
Lexia looked at her stomach and her heart stopped when she realized that the bump was gone.
"Please tell me that the baby's okay, Gee." She begged.
"No, Bandit's fine, she's fine, it's just there was a weird chemical in your blood, you could've died."
"Gee, I'm so sorry."
"It's not your fault, do you remember what happened? Someone did this to you, the door had been knocked down."
"There was a . . . Draculoid and a girl in a black coat and hat. The hat covered her face, but I don't remember anything else."
"A Draculoid?"
"Can we talk about this later?"
"What about Bandit? What's she like?"
"I don't know, I haven't seen her yet, I wanted us to meet our daughter for the first time together."
"Gee, what if I didn't-" He cut her off.
"But you did wake up, you're with me now."
She smiled. "Let's meet our daughter."

After they'd made sure everything was okay with Lexia, they brought Bandit in. She wasn't in the incubator anymore so they could actually hold her.
"Who's holding her first?"
"Lexia." Gerard said before she could say his name.
The nurse gave the baby to Lexia first, she was beautiful, she had Gerard's hazel eyes with golden flicks in them, her hair was brown, like Lexia's natural color, her lips were like Gerard's and she had Lexia's nose. She was just Bandit and she was beautiful.
"Do you have a name for her?"
"Bandit Lee Way." Gerard told her.
"Bandit's a very unsual name."
"We wanted something different for her."
The nurse smiled. "Tell me if you need anything."
Lexia smiled at the nurse and she held her daughter. "She has your eyes, Gee. They're beautiful."
He looked at his daughter and smiled. Lexia and Bandit were the two people he needed more than anything. Lexia was the love of his life and Bandit was his baby, he thought that he'd only ever need Lexia, but he was wrong, he needed Lexia and Bandit like he needed oxeygen, it wasn't a choice, he needed it to live.
"Do you want to hold our daughter?" Lexia asked.
He smiled. "Of course I do."
Lexia carefully handed her daughter to her father. The smile left Gerard's face and he just looked and his daughter, she had her hand wrapped around his finger and she stared back at him with the same hazel eyes that he had.
"Hey, Bandy. I'm your dad."
Lexia smiled at the sight of Gerard holding their daughter. She could tell hat he loved her as much as she loved her, how could they not love her? She was their daughter, their own flesh and blood.
"She's perfect." He said.
"I know, she's your baby, of course she's perfect."
"No, she's not just mine, she's our baby." He kissed Lexia's forehead and they turned their attention back to their baby.

When Gerard and Lexia had spent sometime alone with Bandit, they let in Frank, Ray, Mikey and Iris. Jessey and Lenah would've come to see her, too, but they were still in hospital.
"This is Bandit Lee Way." Lexia said.
Frank was the first to hold her. "She's georgous, just like her father."
"Thanks, Frankie." Gerard said, a little confused as to why Frank was calling him georgous.
"No, I wasn't talking about you, I was talking about me. Bandit's my second baby now."
"What?" Gerard and Lexia said, confused.
"Bandit and Zack are really my kids, where do you think they got their amazing good looks from?" Frank joked. "Iris, Lexia, you've gotta admit, we'd make pretty babies."
There was a knock on the door and a couple seconds later, Claudia walked in with Grace.
"Grace!" Gerard said, hugging his eldest daughter.
"Hey dad! Mom!" Grace jumped out of her dad's arms and into her mom's.
"Hey, Gracie. How's my girl doing?"
"I'm good. Cherri took me here to see my little sister." Grace was eleven now, she still looked the same exept she was taller than before and her frizzy hair was slightly longer.
Frank gave Grace the baby. "Be careful of her head."
"I've held Zack before, I know how to hold a baby." She smiled at him and took Bandit off his hands.

"Is everything ready?" Dr. Isoda asked one of the Draculoids.
"Yes, Dr. Isoda."
She smiled.
"What would you like to do about the Fabulous Killjoys, Alexandria Way, Iris Ramone, Lenah Lufrini, Jesseyca Lufrini, Bandit Way and Zack Way?"
"I susspect that Lenah Lufrini is with child, but after our little accident, she may no longer be carring Frank's child, for now, the only ones I care about keeping alive until further notice are the Fabulous Killjoys, Alexandria Way, Iris Ramone, Jesseyca Lufrini, Lenah Lufrini, Bandit Way and Zack Way. But the rest, I do not care what happens to them. Let fate decide, Draculoid."
"As you wish, Dr. Isoda."
Dr. Isoda smiled, everything was working out perfectly for her.
"You may leave now, Draculoid. I have everything I need."
The Draculoid left and she looked in Lenah Lufrini's profile. The only reason they created the car accident was because Dr. Isoda didn't want Lenah miscarrying if she was pregnant, the only reason they injected Lexia with it while she was heavily pregnant is because if they are over six months pregnant, then they can't miscarry from the injection due to the fact that it doesn't harm the child, but if they are any younger than six months, then they would die.
She watched on the screan as they all looked at Bandit, she knew that their happiness wouldn't last long and that Better Living Industries would rise again, she smiled and carried on watching. She planned on the raising Bandit and Zack to be the new rulers of Better Living when she was no longer around. The only reason she wanted the Fabulous Killjoys around was for her entertianment, she wanted to see how far they would go to get Bandit and Zack back, and then she wanted to be the one to take their lives away from them for a second time. She smiled. She knew that Better Living would be back soon and she could barely even wait.

A/N Sorry for another cliffhanger, but hey, they just happen sometimes! Thanks for reading ;)
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