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Chapter Seven - More Killjoys

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She was thirsty and hungry, but she tried to ignore it and carried on walking for both herself and her daughter's sake.

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A/N This chapter is mainly introducing some new characters, so I guess it's more of a filler, but hey, I hope you enjoy it anyways ;) Thankies to EmsJayify and mychemicalbitchbot for reviewing the last chapter, if I could, I'd give you both cookies/brownies . . . your choice ^_^ Anyways, sorry if there's any typos or mistakes and I hope you ike this chapter. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Seven - More Killjoys

"Ssh, it's okay, Bandy." Lexia tried to sooth her crying daughter, but she just carried on screaming like there was no tomorrow.
There was a song that Gerard sung to her whenever she wouldn't stop crying, she'd tried singing it to her, but it wasn't the same, Gerard was the only one who could make her stop crying with the song.
"We'll be with daddy soon, baby. I promise. We'll be home soon."
Lexia wondered if Gerard was worried about them, knowing her husband he was probably assuming the worst. She didn't know how she'd gotten to that building, the last thing she remembered was drinking a cup of coffee and falling asleep on the couch while she was watching a crappy romance movie.
She fed Bandit and she found some clothes in the place she was staying in. They were clearly once belonged to a Killjoy, but it didn't matter, she wanted to get out of the terrible white outifit someone had put her in. She was wearing a pair of shorts, but she didn't know if you could call them shorts because of how freakin' short they were, she had a red tank top, a sleevless denim jacket saying Killjoy on the back, a loose brown brown belt with a golden belt buckle on it and a pair of combat boots. She scooped Bandit in her arms and she started walking in the desert with her againke. She was thirsty and hungry, but she tried to ignore it and carried on walking for both herself and her daughter's sake. The sooner they got back to Lexia's and Gerard's apartment, the better. Lexia could get some fresh clothes on, they could eat and have something to drink.
Lexia carried on walking for hours until some people pulled over in a van. The van was bright red with graffiti all over it.
The window rolled down and a girl, no older than seventeen, pulled over.
"You got a name?" She asked. The girl had bleach blonde hair with blue streaks in it, she had fairly tanned skin and she was wearing dark shades.
"Who wants to know?" She asked.
"No one. Well, you need a ride? We're going to Zone five, we can drop you off there."
"What are you even doing in the Zones? Shouldn't a kid like you be in Batter City?"
"Sorry to burst your bubble, Princess, but you don't look that much older than me."
Bandit started crying again and Lexia sighed.
"That your kid?" She asked.
"Look, you're only just out of the outer Zones, if you're going to Battery City, then you'll probably pass out before you even get to Zone six. Plus Battery City's probably nothing but ash now."
"What?" Lexia asked.
"You tellin' me that you didn't know 'bout Battery City bein' blown up? That's why all the Killjoys are back in the Zones."
She paused. "Gerard." She said to herself. Was Gerard dead? Was he alive? What about the rest of them? What about her little sister? Was she alive? Then there was Grace, so many people she loved could be dead.
"Just get in, Princess. There's some room in the back for you and Princess Junior."
She hated being called Princess, but she got in anyway. All together, including her and Bandit, there were nine people in the van. There were six girls and three boys. They were all clearly still teenagers.
"So, Princess. What's your real name? I'm Android Girl, but you can call me Andi."
"I'm . . ." She wasn't sure if she should say Lexia, so she stuck with her old Killjoy name. "Acid. Acid Bullets."
"The Acid Bullets? Party Poison's wife? That Acid Bullets?" An african american boy, around sixteen, asked.
"Holy shit, Princess! I didn't know you were fuckin' Party Poison's wife!"
"Do you know if he's okay?" Acid asked, hopefull.
"Sorry, Princess, but no, we don't. We've not been able to get our hands on a radio, we can't even see if Dr. Death's alive."
She sighed.
"Is that Party Poison's baby?"
"Yeah. This is Bandit."
"Is Bandit her Killjoy name or her actuall name?"
"Her real name."
"Awesome, she has like, the coolest name ever."
She smiled.
"I'm Apocolypse, by the way. You can call me Lypse." The african american boy said. Lypse had short black hair and at the side of his head, he had a lightning bold shaved into his hair.
"I'm Acid." It was weird for her saying Acid or Acid Bullets again, it seemed a life time ago since she was a Killjoy.
"I think everyone knows that, Acid." Lypse said, smiling at her.
"I'm Vampyre Bloodiness, that's Cherrey Bomb, Draculoid Murdera, Midnight Nighmares, Chemycal Fyter, Star Striker and you've already met Lypse and Andi." Vampyre Bloodiness had bleach blonde hair, like Andi, but she had red, pink, blue, green and purple streaks in it. Cherrey Bomb was a girl and had purple hair with black streaks around her findge, Midnight Nightmares was a teenage boy around sixteen, maybe fifteen, his har was black and he had his lip peirced. Chemycal Fyter had bright red hair, which made her think of her husband, Draculoid Murdera and Cherrey Bomb were clearly sisters, they had the same faces but with different eye colors and hair colors. Star Striker was probably the youngest, he looked around Vaimey's age, maybe a little younger.
"Nice to meet you all." She said, turning her attention back to her daughter.
Chemycal Fyter and Midnight Nightmares were trying to get a closer look at Bandit.
"So . . . what does it do?" Midnight asked.
"Exuse me?" Acid asked, confused.
"The baby, what does it do?" She was a little offened that they called her baby an it, but she told them anyway.
"She doesn't really do anything. She eats, sleeps, cries and shits." She answered, honestly.
"That's it? That's all it does?"
"That all every baby does. What else did you think she'd do? Bark and do tricks?" She snapped. She didn't get much sleep the night before because she'd slept on the floor.
"Wow, Princess has got fire." Andi said, still driving.
Acid rolled her eyes, she really did hate being called Princess. "It's not fuckin' Princess, it's Acid, okay?"
"Whatever you say, Princess."
"How old are all of you, anyway?"
"Our youngest is fourteen and our oldest is eighteen." Andi informed her.
Acid nodded, she was only two years older than the eldest one among them.
"How old are you?" Lypse asked.
"I'm twenty." She said.
"Shit, you're a mom at twenty? That's only two years older than me." Chemycal said, brushing his side frindge out of his face.
"She's worth it." She smiled down at Bandit and she kissed her daughter's forehead.

Gerard hadn't slept much the night before, all he could think about was Lexia and Bandit and when he did sleep, he had vivid nightmares. He'd had really bad nightmares after the bombs in 2012, he hated the fact that they were back, but it was something that he knew he would just have do deal with.
He dragged himself out of bed and started getting dressed. There were only old clothes there, so he picked out an old t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He looked down at his wedding ring, it was just a white-gold band around his fingers with 'forever + always' engraved on the inside. It didn't mean much to him now, Lexia was gone so there was no purpose, but he couldn't bring himself to remove it from his finger. He only had a picture of him, Lexia and Bandit and the wedding ring, that was the only thing left of his wife and baby.
He picked up the photo, but his eyes didn't fill with tears like the last time, all the tears were gone, there was nothing left to cry anymore.
When Gerard walked out of his room, he looked around and saw that no one was up yet, so he walked out into the desert and lit a cigerette.
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