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Chapter Eight - An Impossibility

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It was a moment Acid knew she would never get out of her head no matter what, it reminded her of how easy life could be given and taken away from someone.

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A/N The last update for tonight. Thankies to EmsJayify and Lenorebear for reviewing, if I could I'd give you cookies, brownies, chocolate, coffee, hot chocolate all of that good shit x) Anyways, LOTS of shit happens in this chapter and I'm sorry, but I may have put in another cliff hanger . . . I think I'm accdicted to them. Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Eight - An Impossibility

It'd been two weeks since Battery City had been taken over by Better Living again. BL/ind had already built another building in Battery City, there were only about one thousand, maybe one thousand five hundred or two thousand, people left in Battery City.
Death slowly opened her eyes and moved under a thin white sheet, it took her a second to realize that she was naked, then it took her another couple of seconds to realize that there was someone naked next to her. She had her back to them, but she almost didn't want to turn around. She'd gotten drunk again last night, she remebered being in a bar with Avenger, Rose and Roach, but the rest was blank.
She slowly turn around to see Avenger sleeping next to her. Her eyes widened. Why did she always have to wake up next to Avenger when she'd gotten drunk?
"Venger, wake up." She nudged him, but he didn't respond.
She got up and put her underwear back on, then she found a small bottle of water next to her bed and poured it on Avenger, it was something she'd learned from Ghoul.
"WHAT THE FUCK!" He shouted.
"Well if you woke the fuck up before I wouldn't have had to do that, would I?" She snapped.
"What happened?"
"We got drunk and had sex . . . again." She said, blushing a little.
There was an awkward pause before Avenger spoke. "At least it wasn't in the back of a car this time."
She hit him on the arm and smiled a little.
"Where does this leave us?" He asked.
"I don't know. I want to be friends still, but this is the second time this has happened now. Get dressed before your perants come in." Death and Avenger had to share a bed anyway because there were only four beds. Death was still staying with Avenger's family since she still couldn't find her sister or the Fabulous Killjoys.

Acid woke up after sleeping on the floor for a second week in a row. Before they took down Better Living, she would've been able to sleep like a baby on the floor, but she'd been spoiled with a bed fot the past year, she wasn't used to the floor yet.
"Princess, you awake?" Andi asked her. Andi still called Acid Princess.
"I'm awake, Andi."
"Good, we're meeting with Death Barbie today and she's real fuckin' picky 'bout us bein' late."
"Death Barbie?" She could've sworn that she'd heard the name Death Barbie before.
"Yeah, Death Barbie. Why?"
"No reason, it just sounds familiar." She said.
Acid had decided to stay with the teenage Killjoys for now since she didn't remember the directions back to Dr. Death's place. She didn't even know if her husband, Dr. Death, Grace or if her own sister was still alive, so there was no gaurentee that they would even be at Dr. Death's, but it was the only place she could think of them to go to.
"We'd better go quick, there's suposed to one hell of a storm to night." Andi warned them all.
Acid wrapped Bandit up a blanket and she took her daughter into the car with her and the rest of the young Killjoys.

How could she tell him? She'd known for a week now, but it was getting harder and harder to hide her pain. She didn't know if she could tell Jet, she didn't know how he'd handle it after he lost a friend to the same illness. She'd been diagnosed with it when she was sixteen, but she was in Battery City at the time and it was easy to get rid of things like that.
Radioactive Spider (Jessey) walked into the diner where she saw Static, Kobra and their baby. Static and Kobra were oblivious to Radio, they didn't even notice that she'd walked into the room, they were too busy looking at Zack's first tooth.
Radio smiled sadly at the scene. For a moment, she thought about her future, she wondered if she even had a future. She wanted what Kobra and Static had, she didn't want it at that moment in time, but she wanted it maybe in the next few years. She wanted to get married and have kids, she wanted something normal for once in her life, but she was starting to think that she wasn't allowed happiness, that it was forbiden for her to even be happy for six seconds.
She looked at the small family once more before creeping out of the room.
She walked out into the desert and closed her eyes, feeling the warm brush her face. It was little things she was going to miss the most if she died. She looked down at the floor and she let a few tears run down her face, Radio wasn't one for crying, but in the situation that she was in, she made an exeption.
She thought about Jet and the future he might have without her, she wondered if him and the Fabulous Killjoys would take down Better Living again, she wondered if he'd meet another girl, fall in love with her, get married and have kids, she wondered if he'd miss her. If he'd think about her at all. It wasn't like she had a chance with over coming cancer with out any medical help, she knew she was going to die, a part of her had already accepted it, but she wondered how everyone else would accept it.

Acid and the Killjoys were almost at the point where they were supposed to meet Death Barbie when a guy, around thirty, ran out infront of their car, waving his arms.
Andi quickly stopped the car before she hit him.
Everyone got out of the car and Andi started screaming at him.
"I'm really sorry, but my girlfriend just went into labour and I don't know what to do! I heard a car coming so I stopped you guys."
"Look, I'm sorry, but we got some place we need to be real soon or we're in big trouble." Andi said.
"Are you kidding me, Andi? We can't just leave them." Vampyre Bloodiness said.
"Then are you gonna diliver the baby?" Andi asked Vam.
Vam was quiet.
"'S what I thought." Andi said.
"Look, I don't have any medical experience, but I can try and help." Acid offered.
"I'd really apprieate it, I don't know what to do."
"Princess, we need to see Death Barbie, if we don't, then I'm in deep fuckin' shit."
"Then you go. I'll stay here, it's not like Death Barbie wants me, I've never even met her, Andi."
"I wonna stay with Acid!" Lypse said. Acid and Lypse had become good friends. "Besides, someone needs to watch Bandit while Ace helps this guy."
Andi rolled her eyes. "I don't trust you yet, Princess. How do I know that you're not just gonna run off to Better Living with Lypse and tell them 'bout us?"
Acid was confused, she didn't know why Andi thought that she'd do something like that.
"Because I'm a Killjoy, Andi. I wouldn't do anything to hurt anyone. Plus I'm married to one of the most wanted Killjoys and I had his kid, you really think that screams out 'I work for BL/ind?'"
Andi had huge trust issues, she'd once taken a young girl under her wing and she turned out to work for Better Living, so she took Andi and a friend back to Battery City with her, but they managed to escape before they were forced to take and BL/ind pills.
"I'll just tell Barbie that we were sorry we were late when we get there." She said, not taking her eyes off of Acid.
Acid gave her daughter to Lypse and the guy who made them pull over started taking her to his girlfriend.
There was a girl, around twenty five, wearing a blue dress with a buldging stomach, she had a layer of sweat over her body and she kept taking deep breaths.
"Hi, I'm Acid."
"I'm . . . Sarah." She said inbetween contractions.
"Look, Sarah, I'm not a nurse, I don't know what to do, but I wonna help, okay? How long have you been in labour for?"
"My water . . . broke about . . . three hours . . . ago." She said, still taking deep breaths.
"Look, you should probably start pushing."
"I don't know . . . if this . . . changes . . . anything, but . . . I'm having . . . twins."
"Just means that you'll be in labour longer." She said.
"You have . . . a daughter . . . does it hurt?" Acid knew that she ment if labour hurt, apart of her wanted to exprience labour since she wasn't intending on having anymore kids, but in a way she was glad, she didn't want to be in emense pain for hours on end.
"I wish I could tell you, I had to have a c-section."
"Was she . . . worth the pregnancy?"
"She was more than worth it. Look, you really need to push, okay?"
She started pushing.

A few hours later, the babies were born, it was a boy and a girl called Johnny and Jenny. It was a moment Acid knew she would never get out of her head no matter what, it reminded her of how easy life could be given and taken away from someone.
"Leo, look at me." Sarah said, feeling weeker every second.
Leo looked at his girlfriend.
"Look after Johnny and Jenny for me. I love you."
Sarah's took in one last breath of air, she tried to breath in again, but she couldn't. Her week body fell in his arms.
Leo didn't know what to do, he hadn't even digested what'd just happened.
"Sarah? Sarah, look at me!" He begged, shaking her slightly.
Her bright blue eyes were still open, but there was no sign of life in her eyes and he couldn't feel her heart beating.
"I don't know what to do, I've already said this, I'm not a doctor." She looked at the dead woman who'd just given birth to babies, who were now motherless.
"SARAH, FUCKING LOOK AT ME!" He begged her.
"I'm sorry but-" Acid was about to say she's gone, but he cut her off.
"Don't say it! Please, don't say it." He cried, holding her close to him.
"Okay. Do you want us to leave?"
"No, please don't leave, I'll call Mother War and Delusional Death later, I just need to be alone with her for a couple minutes."
Acid nodded, feeling nothing but sadness and sympathy for the man. "Okay, what about Johnny and Jenny?"
"Leave them in here, I'll bring them out in a minute." He said.
Acid left the room and walked into the desert. She took her daughter off of Lypse and held her. Those two new born babies no longer had a mother, what if her baby was fatherless? What if Gerard was dead? She didn't want to raise Bandit on her own, she loved Bandit more than anything, but she wanted Bandit to know her father while she was growing up.
"Ace? You okay?" Lypse asked her.
Acid didn't notice that there were tears in her eyes until she blinked at him.
She sniffed. "Yeah, I guess just seeing those kids lose their mom made me wonder if Gerar- I mean, Party Poison's still alive."
Lypse put an arm around her. "He's Party Poison, he's gotta be alive, Ace. We'll find him soon, I promise."
Acid smiled at Lypse and rested her head on his shoulder.
A few minutes later, a car pulled up. It was Mother War, Delusional Death, Candie Coma and Firework Lover.
Acid wanted to scream when she saw who Mother War and Delusional Death were.
"Mom? Dad?"

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