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Get Up And Go!

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A while later she was soundly asleep next to me, and I realized that she couldn't wake up next to me.

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Poisons P.O.V

I had regretted it the moment I said it. The look of hurt in her eyes ripped my heart out, and I felt a lump form in my throat. I watched her run off to the living area and i slumped down the wall and sobbed into my hands.

Why did you do that Fuckface? Do you WANT to ruin your relationship with her?
Shut up! you think i don't know that?
Well it's your fault, you shouldn't stay up all night, imagining the past.
Why not! it's my life!
Yeah, that's the point. It's your life and YOU'RE fucking it up!
No! you are, you are always telling me what to do, and how to do it!
I am you, i'm just your conscience. And i suggest you listen to me.
Fine! Tell me what i can do to make it better!
First, you could get up off your sorry ass and stop crying like a lovesick ten year old girl!
I am NOT acting like anything!
Secondly, you could go apologise to her. GET UP AND GO! NOW.

I got up and went into my room, grabbed some tissues, and Quickly dabbed my eyes. My eyes were red rimmed, but that wasn't out of the ordinary, as i seemed to cry a lot these days. I grabbed my eyeliner and drew perfect circles with suck speed i was shocked that they didn't smudge. i blew my nose, discarded the tissues and ran towards the lounge. I nearly Knocked Ghoul over as i rushed over to them. it took me a minute for me to get mt breath back. Smoking and crying doesn't help when you try to run. I stood up strait and looked around the room, and my broken heart sunk. There was no sign of Velocity Storm anywhere. I felt tears prickling in my eyes.
"What's up bro?" Kobra said, standing up to put a arm around my shoulder. "Dude! have you been crying?" he asked, shocked. I had always been the stronger brother, the one he always looked up too. Even when we were little, he used to follow me around everywhere, especially in high school, which was really annoying, but i loved him all the same. "Tell me man, or i'll set Grace on you, and she bites" he said. I looked over at grace who was sitting on Jets knee, Grinning wickedly. i looked back at Kobra.
"Where is Velocity Storm?" i asked, trying to sound casual, but it came out as a mangled sob. I cleared my throat and surveyed the room again, only to meet the gaze of Ghoul, who was now sitting to the left of Jet and Grace.
"She left about half an hour ago. Poison, can i talk to you for a second?" he said. Oh boy, he knows. i thought. oh God, what do i say?
"sure thing buddy" Buddy? oh god, now he is really going to know something is up.
He got up and walked to the hallway, and i followed. i shut the door and he sighed, searching my eyes. After a few moments he seemed to find what he was looking for, then he smiled.
"Tell her. Go find her, and tell her you're sorry, grovel if you have to.just to what you need to do." he said. how the fuck did he know these things? maybe he is a superhuman, like the Heroes in the comics i read with my brother when we were kids. now it was my turn to sigh.
"But what if she doesn't WANT too..." i moaned. "You should have seen her, she looked so angry, i know that she will never feel the way i do, she made that very clear" i sobbed. Ghoul put a tattooed arm around my neck and pulled me into a hug.
"i wouldn't say that, now go, find her." he whispered. he let go of me and reached in his back pocket for something. he then handed me something cold and shiny, with a button on it. Car keys. I ran out of the main doors and jumped into the scratched old black sports car. I backed it up and drove off to find the love of my life. How cliche.

After an hour driving i Started to worry. It was now pitch black outside except for the full moon showering the dusty desert in a ghostly white glow. I gripped on to the steering wheel so hard my knuckles turned white. my mind was racing.
What happens if she has gotten lost?
What if Bl/ind's have taken her?
What happens if she has run away?
What happens if she is dead?
That last question replayed in my mind all the way back to base. DEAD. If i lost her i don't know what i'd do. i didn't want to think about it. i stuck a CD into the player and hit the play button, and all of a sudden 21 guns by green day blasted my ears, and that was the last straw. This was Storms Favorite song. I suddenly had enough, and with a screech of the brakes, i was heading back towards base.

When i got to base i slammed the car door shut and ran towards the door. I ran to my room and buried my head into the pillow, not caring that my eyeliner was staining the light grey material. i lay there for what must have been an hour, until my stomach gave an almighty roar. i got up and went to inspect myself in the mirror. i had bags under my eyes and i needed to shave, as a messy stubble had formed. I looked at the man in the mirror in disgust. No wonder Velocity Storm would never love me i thought. The man who stared back had messy Red hair that had no shape of style to it and had ugly hazel eyes. His nose was small and slightly upturned, and he had thick dark eyebrows that were forced into a sharp 'V' shape from his scowl. This mans lips were chapped from biting them, and his skin was a sickly white color. He looked like a sick, disturbed vampire who just so happened to have dipped his hair in red paint. I looked at this man for a few moments, and tried to make the Bright red mess neater, but with no success. I growled at my reflection and punched the mirror, so that is smashed into thousands of tiny pieces. I Mentally face-palmed and went to the door to go get a brush to clean the mess up. As i opened the door i saw Jet standing smiling sheepishly at me with one fist raised as if he was going to knock.
"Hi" he said calmly, lowering his hand and grinning.
"hi" i said, wincing at how bitter I sounded "what do you want?"
"Me and Grace brought you pizza, pepperoni, your favorite" he indicated too little Grace who was standing slightly being him, holding a plate of delicious looking pizza. I smiled and took it from her. She smiled as Jet ruffled her mini Fro. "It was Grace's idea" he winked at her.
"Thanks, i was just going to come find you guys actually, after I've eaten do you guys want to something? we could play monopoly or something?" i asked, trying to sound more positive. They nodded and i followed them down towards the lounge area, which was empty except for Kobra, Ghost and Ghoul "I'm just going to go heat this up." i indicated to my pizza. "see you in a second." i moved towards the kitchen and placed the plate into the microwave and waited for it to heat up.

Two monopoly games and four bottles of cola later, i was feeling better. I was even nice enough to volunteer to clear up our mini party, so the others had gone to bed. I soon realized that it was a bad idea to clear up, as Grace and Kobra had decided to flick the little housed at eachother, and they were scattered all across the floor, much to my annoyance. i grabbed the empty bottles and threw them away, washed my pizza plate and the cups, and started on picking up the tiny houses. half way through something nearly knocked me over and i dropped them all. i whipped around.
"FUCK! Watch where you’re goin-” i shouted at an unsuspecting storm. She flinched and that is when i saw the blood. It was a large puddle on her back, just above her shoulder blade. Without another word i lifted her up and placed her face down on the sofa, and started checking to see the extent of the damage, although she didn't seem in pain. She moved slightly and i then realized that i was straddling her legs, with her t-shirt pulled up around her head, running my hands on her back. Her skin was pale and cold, but undamaged. I Pretended to be still looking for the source of the blood but i knew it wasn't hers, i just wanted to stay like that forever.

After a minute or two she suddenly moved and i was on the floor, on my ass, and her top was back down where it should be. She looked Scared and seemed to be having some sort of panic attack. WOW, maybe i am that repulsive i thought as i got up and rubbed my sore ass.
"SHIT! Poison...quick" deep breath "in my car" deep breath "bring her, I'll get the others" she managed to get out, and took of running down the hallway. I Ran out to see her car pulled up in front of the entrance, and saw a small figure huddled up in the passenger seat. I went around and opened the door, to see blood trickle out onto the floor. i undid her seatbelt and all of a sudden Ghoul was there, lifting the stranger out of the car, bridal style. I slammed the door shut and got into the drivers seat, drove it around to park it and made my way into the Giant Warehouse. As i entered i saw Jet Wiping the girls throat with a disinfected wipe and bandaging up the wound. I looked around to see Storm sitting in the corner, arms around her knees, head placed on her arms, shaking. I cautiously made my way over to her, and slumped down the wall next to her. She looked up at me and it Broke my heart all Over again.
"There was so... much...Blood" she sobbed, moving so she was resting her head on my leather jacket. I put my arm around her and stroked her hair, down the faded pink line. We stayed like that for a while, until she stopped crying. I picked her up and carried her down the hall.
"which is yours?" i asked, and she pointed to the other end of the corridor, i sighed and carried on walking until i got to my room. "You must be freezing, let me get you a jumper." i said and pushed my door open with my foot. I went over and placed her carefully on my bed, so that she was curled up like a fetus, shivering. I quickly went to my wardrobe and grabbed my Misfits hoodie. I sniffed it to make sure it didn't stink too bad and smiled. It still smelled of Coffee and Paint. I turned to see that Storm was sleeping on my bed. My heart leaped at the sight of her small form curled up on top of my light grey sheets. Her rosy pink lips were parted and her hair was falling across her face. I went over to her and pushed it back behind her ear. She stirred and opened her eyes. I waited for her to sit up and handed her the hoodie. She didn't take it. She looked at me innocently and said something that made my heart stop.
"I'm to tired, you do it" she smiled sweetly at me. My mouth must have been hanging open because she giggled at me. "you might catch fly's if you don't shut your mouth" she joked.
"Y-you wan't me to...?" I said, feeling the butterflies in my stomach intensify as she grinned wickedly at me. She nodded, stood up and wrapped her arms around my waste. "Storm..." i whispered.
"What? I'm waiting for that hoodie, i'm cold." she said, pretending to shiver. She grabbed my hand and put it on the hem of her shirt. She pulled my arm so that her shirt rode up. "Hurry up Poison, i'm gonna freeze" she said and winked. I gulped and shut my eyes, pulling her top up over her head. She put a hand to my face and i opened my eyes. The girl i loved was standing in my bedroom, Wearing only jeans and a bra (which just so happened to be black with neon stars on it), asking me to dress her. Either i was dreaming or my dreams were coming true. I dropped the shirt at her feet and pinched myself.
"Ouch!" i yelped. I definitely wasn't dreaming. i looked up at the semi naked girl, who was looking at me with an amused look.
"what did you do that for?" she asked sweetly, lifting up my hand and examining the mark.
"i thought i was dreaming" i murmured sheepishly. She laughed and placed her lips on the mark. The feeling of her warm breath on her skin gave me goosebumps. She released my arm.
"Now, I hope that feels better" she smiled. "oh,errm... if you dont mind?" she nodded her head towards the hoodie.
"oh, sorry" i blushed, pulling the hoodie over her head. She pushed the hood down and the hair out of her eyes. I laughed as the hair fell back down. I mindlessly tucked it behind her ear. She smiled and leant in, so that her lips were a few inches from mine.
"thank you" she breathed, and leaned in so our lips were touching. She looped her arms around my neck and pulled me in closer. I kissed her back and it felt amazing, the way our lips worked against eachother. She ran her tongue across my bottom lip and i opened my mouth, letting her in. What was too shorter time later we pulled away, gasping for air. She leaned back and smiled at me. She yawned and dragged me towards my bed. she pulled back the covers and took her shoes off.I did the same. i Lied down and she lay next to me, just sitting there. she then grabbed my arm and wrapped it around her, and shut her eyes. A while later she was soundly asleep next to me, and I realized that she couldn't wake up next to me.
What if she doesn't like me?
what if she was desperate?
What if i wasn't a good kisser?
I quickly shoved the covers off, walked across the room to the door, opened it, walked across to Storm, picked her up and carried her to her room with one final thought.

I hope she doesn't remember...

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