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Give Us More Detonation!

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"Because that is what you get when you treat people like shit" i whispered in her ear.

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Storms P.O.V

I woke up to the smell of food.. I opened my eyes to see I was in my room, with a steaming plate of eggs and bacon next to me, and a freshly made cup of coffee on my bedside table.

Stupid bacon, waking me from my beautiful dreams!

I sat up and dug in.

But I forgive you because you taste so good.

I smiled, chewing a bit.

I want to marry who ever makes bacon and eggs like this. They are fucking amazing.

Within five minuets the plate was empty and I was downing my coffee. I sighed happily and snuggled into the black hoodie that was too big for me. Then it clicked.

WAIT! This isn’t mine, whose is it?
You know full well whose it is, moron.
Shit! What happened?
You just talked…
Thank god that was all or i-
And then you made him take your top of and kissed him.
Oh my motherfucking meese shit. I did WHAT? I thought that was a dream.
Well you were wrong.
Stop sounding so happy about it! Tell me what to do!
Go talk to him about it!
I think I might die of embarrassment!
Good, that saves me a headache…
Shut up! You are not helping!
Sorry, go talk to him, and there is a note by the door, I suggest you read it.

With that I got up and walked to the door. True mo my conscience’s word there was a folded piece of paper shoved underneath the door. I bent down and made my way back to my bed, careful not to trip over my shoes that were neatly placed by my bed. I sat down and opened the note slowly, preparing my self for what it said. I stared down at the paper for a moment confused, and then re read it.

I’m sorry about the way I treated you yesterday, I didn’t mean to shout, I just have a lot on my plate at the moment. Speaking of plates I made you breakfast and coffee, so please forgive me? Also, Zia is awake, she is with Dr D at the moment, but she wants to see you. I’m sorry you had to see her like that, and I washed your shirt, it is drying now and will be returned soon.
When you get up come find me

P.s. you can keep the hoodie, it suits you.

Party Poison xo

Thank god Zia was alright, I had only known her for a couple of hours but I could tell we were going to be great friends. I looked over the note one last time and placed it on my bed. I sighed and got up, went to the mirror, and brushed my hair. I could feel nervous butterflies gnawing at my stomach. I tied my hair up messily, put on some new jeans and made my way to find Party Poison.

As i made my way out of my room I suddenly felt something warm and solid blocking my way. I looked up to see a sleepy looking Ghost blocking my way, eyeing my New hoodie suspiciously. She shakes her head and stands up tall, throwing evils at me.

"And where the fuck have you been?" she asked, harshness dripping of her tongue.

"In my room?" i stated the obvious. She just rolled her eyes and went to examining her nails.

"no need to be Bitchy Abbiegail, i was just asking. I meant after you ran off. But it is okay, i will just ask Fun Ghoul, he will do ANYTHING for me."

She sounded pretty sure off herself. It pissed me off. why cant she leave Ghoul alone? I know that he only does what she asks because he is being friendly, but she always had to go too far and act like a total hooker. I sometimes wondered why i classed her as my best friend.

"How many times have i told you not to call me Abbiegail, Ghost? What happens if they are here and they heard you? then they could find my family!" as i said that she just smiled and laughed.

"exactly" she whispered with a smirk on her face.


Normally i would take her shit, but her bad mouthing my parents took me over the edge. I looked around to see that a Crowd had formed around us, probably due to my shouting. I caught the eye of Kobra and he smiled

"Shut up or i'll-" Ghost started.

"Or you will what? Ghost me? Don't make me laugh. You wouldn't dare, because if you did, you would get in the shit for it, and may even get ghosted yourself. I would normally deal with the utter shit that comes from your mouth, but i have had enough. It is time you wiped that pretty little smirk off your face, and come to the realization that you are NOT higher than us. Stop parading around here like you own the place, 'cause hunny, this isn't High school. this is the adult world. Hell, this isn't even the Adult world, These are the Danger Days."

I looked around again to see people nodding their heads, agreeing with me. I saw the new girl, Zia, and held out my hand to her. She reluctantly made her way towards me, cowering away from the surprised eyes of the other killjoys.

"Every Body, This is Zia. She will be Replacing Silent Ghost in our small group. I want you all to make her feel welcome, as most of you know how daunting your First weeks were. oh, and be careful with her, she was injured last night."

Everyone smiled at Zia, and i turned my attention back to Silent Ghost, who has her mouth hanging wide open.

"I suggest, Ghost, That you go see Dr. D about a job at the Missile station, unless one of these lovely people would like you in their group" i gestured to the crowd. They all shook their heads and took a step back.

"Why?" Ghost asked the group.

I went up to her and backed her against the wall. I put my hands on the wall, one on each side, with her pretty little head in the middle and learnt in as if i was going to kiss her cheek.

"Because that is what you get when you treat people like shit" i whispered in her ear.

I walked back to Zia, ruffled her platinum hair and hugged her. After a moment she hugged me back, and we walked through the crowed. I linked arms with her and Party Poison grabbed my hand, i blushed and he giggled. Fun Ghoul linked his through Zia's and then through little Grace's who was holding hands with Jet Star. Poison flung his arm around Kobra Kid's Neck and we walked in a line down the hallway, ready to take on the world as best friends.

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