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Old Clubs - 5

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Addy and the guys go to a club.

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Thank you so much for the reviews. Really hope you enjoy this chapter ^-^ Kat xo

Addy glanced around her surroundings at the large dingy rock nightclub that Gerard and Bert had dragged her and Frank to. It was in a rough area of Newark, and Gerard knew that. But in his high and drunk state, Addy figured he must not even feel apart of this planet at the moment. She looked down at her glass of straight whiskey in her hands, and quickly downed it, trying to get it to stop the nerves that were rattling around her stomach.

"How are you doing babe?" Addy looked to her left and found Bert leering down at her with insane eyes.

"Fine thank you" And Addy quickly swivelled around on the chair and now faced the barman. "Large whiskey please. Neat, no ice"

"So you're a whiskey drinker, you just got even hotter" Bert told her, leaning in close to her and she could feel his body pressing against her side.

"... Thank you" She answered, not really knowing why she was thanking him, but a little part of her was actually scared of Bert.

"Want something to get the night going?" He whispered into her ear, and she felt him drop something light on her lap.

Addy looked down and found a small plastic clear bag on her lap that had white powder in it.

"Best cocaine you would ever try. And I know you've tried it before, Gerard's told me all about what you used to do" He whispered, and Addy grimaced from Berts touch, as he now had a hand laced into her long black hair.

"Get off me" She said, shoving him backwards and quickly standing up from the chair. She threw the little bag at him and then picked up her whiskey, walking away from Berts gaze and desperately tried to find Frank.

She glanced over on the dancefloor and found Gerard talking to some slutty goth, who had obviously recognised him, and before Addy knew it, Gerard has his tongue down the girls throat. She rolled her eyes and made her way to the back of the club where she knew there was a seating area. Her and the guys used to come here when they were 17, it was the only place that would let them in.

"Frank?" She frowned when she saw Frank sitting on one of the couches his head in his hands, he quickly raised it when he heard Addys voice.

"What do you want Addy?" He said, leaning against the sofa his arms behind his head.

Addy could see the bottom of his shirt ride up slightly and she noticed he had some tattoos on the bottom of his stomach. It made her shiver when she looked away, but from what, she wasn't sure.

"Are you ready to go yet?" She asked him, moving and sitting next to him on the couch.

"Yeah.. This place is boring, and reminds me of when we were younger" He sighed to her, and Addy squinted at him slightly as she looked at Franks pupils which were big.

"What did Bert put in my drink?" She asked, a frown on her face.

"Just don't worry about it. You didn't drink it" He sighed back to her, and ran a hand down his face.

"Yeah, but you did? So what did he put in it?" She frowned to him, gripping her glass in fear of what he was going to tell her.

"It was coke..." Frank sighed, and rubbed his eyes.

"Are you doing drugs as well?" She whimpered, not quite believing what she was hearing.

"Sometimes, but I knew you'd be pissed it I let you drank it so..." Frank drifted off, and looked over at the dancefloor frowning.

Addy turned her gaze their as well, and found Gerard and Bert grinding into the blonde goth who was stood in the middle of them.

"They're sharing girls as well as drugs?" Addy asked, shocked at how much Gerard had changed.

"You look shocked, I warned you about him" Frank answered her and Addy quickly necked her whiskey.

"Can we go now? Please?" She begged him, slamming her glass on the table on front of them.

Frank looked at her for a while, watching her chest heave up and down as she looked to him. Her face was flushed slightly, and her full red lips were pouting in their natural way. She looked beautiful he thought, and then quickly shook the thoughts away.

"Come on then" He said, standing up, he held his hand out for Addy and she looked at it questioningly before suddenly realising she was suppose to be taking his hand.

Addy grasped Franks hand in hers, and he softly pulled her up from the couch, and then pulled her body close to his. Their faces were close together, and Addy could feel Franks breath on her lips. She bit her bottom lip into her mouth softly, anticipating what was going to happen next.

"What! Are you two upto?" They were interrupted from Gerard's shout next to them, and Frank quickly pulled his hand and body away from Addy, causing her to stumble slightly.

"Nothing, we're going home" Frank answered, and Gerard drunkenly stumbled to Addy, pulling her to his body and kissing at her neck. Addy tried pushing him away, but Gerard just held her waist closer to him, and she was sure she was going to bruise from the force.

"Gerard, stop!" She shouted and eventually got enough strength to push Gerard away from her where he stumbled onto the couch, smirking up at her.

"What, you going to fuck Frank and break his heart again?" He sneered up at her, his eyes rolling and Addy gasped at his words.

She turned her eyes to look at Frank who was looking down at the floor. He raised his eyes up to meet hers, and shook his head in anger, frowning at her.

"I'm fucking out of here" He fiercely said, and turned and headed into the crowd.

Addy had to think a minute before registering what had happened, and then she was dashing into the crowd of people after him. She quickly made her way through them and out to the entrance of the club. She panted as she got outside and looked around for Frank. He had gone. He had left her in this area of town, completely alone. Panic raced through her, and she let out a slight scream as she felt a hand on her waist.

"it's just me" She sighed as she heard Franks whisper in her ear.

"I thought you left me" She told him, turning around to face him after he'd dropped his hand from her waist.

"I was going to" He honestly told her, puffing on the cig in his mouth.

"What did Gerard mean?" Addy asked him, watching him closely.

"I don't wanna talk about it" He answered after blowing some smoke from his mouth.

"He said I broke your heart" Addy whispered, and Frank through the cig on the floor.

"He's pissed and high, he got you confused with one of my ex's... I would never let a slut break my heart" Frank harshly spoke.

Addy closed her eyes at the insult, and let out a deep breath. This was the Frank she knew. He hated her.

"We getting a cab?" She answered, looking around at the people surrounding them.

"I'll get you one, but I'm meeting a old fuck buddy" He told her, pushing his hands in his pockets.

"You know what Frank, I can look after myself" Addy shouted at him, not knowing why she suddenly got so angry, and she turned around and began walking away from him, her high heels clicking on the pavement.

"Addy, you know what this area is like, let me see you to a cab" He told her, following her down the sidewalk.

"Leave me alone Frank" Addy huffed to him, and she shivered as she looked at her surroundings.

"Addy please, just stop walking" He told her, reaching out and grabbing her wrist to pull her to look at him.

"Hey you guys, whats going on?" Both of them looked to the right, where the road was, and a cab pulled up with Bert grinning to them in the backseat.

"Nothing Bert" Frank said, still holding Addys wrist tightly.

"Well it's doesn't look like nothing. You okay Addy?" Bert frowned, and then smirked at Addy.

"She's fine Bert. Leave, now" Frank told him threw clenched teeth.

"You want a lift Addy?" Bert grinned to her, completely ignoring frank.

Addy looked from Frank to Bert, her chest moving up and down quickly as she thought about what she was going to do. She tried pulling her wrist away from Franks grasp but he held her tighter.

"Let go of me Frank" She whispered to him, moving her spare hand up and trying to prise his hand from her wrist.

"Don't get in the cab Addy" He told her, looking deep into her eyes.

"Don't tell me what to do' She harshly whispered. "It's not upto you what I do" She told him and she quickly managed to pull her wrist free.

Frank moved forward to grab her, but she quickly moved to the right, next to the taxi.

"Addy, don't you dare get in that fucking cab" He told her, a fierce look on his face.

Addy simply smirked at him and opened the cab door.

"Addy, get the fuck back here" Frank snarled, and moved forward but she quickly jumped in the cab slamming the door shut and pushing the lock down.

"Go enjoy your fuck buddy. Asshole" She told him, and then patted the cab driver on the back and he started driving. Addy began closing the window, and she felt Bert move and wrap his arms around her, his mouth moving to her neck.

"Addy, get the fuck out. Now!" Frank shouted, trying to run along with the cab.

"Go faster" She whispered to the cab driver, and he quickly put his foot down, causing the cab to drive away from Frank quickly.

Frank stopped running after the cab, and looked at it turning the corner ahead, breathing heavily, and he frowned.

What the fuck did Addy think she was playing at?
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