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No Way In Hell

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She would of gladly snorted it.

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Addy sighed to herself as she looked around the posh hotel room that was in Newark, New Jersey. She pushed her black hair up out of her face messily, as she really didn't care what she looked like at the moment. Bert had messed the hotel room up. There was broken glass on the floor, empty bottle of vodka and whiskey, and also bits of white powder everywhere. Addy wasn't stupid either, she knew exactly what the white stuff was. She heard a loud sniffing noise coming from the toilet, and then the flushing of the toilet. Did Bert really think she was so stupid he had to flush the toilet?

"Are you okay baby?" Bert grinned to her as he walked out of the bathroom, rubbing his nose and sauntering over to her.

"Fine thanks. And it's Addy" She told him as he sat down on the couch next to her, that was placed in the middle of the room.

"Sorry Addy' He smirked, and Addy held back a repulsed shiver as he eyed her up and down.’you ready for some coke now?" He asked her, pulling out the same clear bag with the white powder in.

Addy stared at it for a while, and then finally shook her head. If she had of been 17 again, she would of gladly snorted the coke there and then. But Addy had matured, or so she hoped.

"No, I'm fine, thanks" She said, then looked down at her hands that were fiddling together on her lap. She saw Bert reach his hand out and took one of her hands in his, rubbing his thumb gently over her palm.

"You've got gorgeous hands. Delicate. I bet you're a painter or something crafty" He said, and Addy almost rolled her eyes.

"I'm an artist, and I do a lot of craft work. But I don't think you got that from looking at my hands, I'm pretty sure Gerard will of told you" Addy said, removing her hand from his, even if she was enjoying the first bit of physical contact she'd had in 2 months.

"You need to lighten up a bit Addy. I like you, is that so difficult to understand" Bert finally told her, sighing and leaving his head back on the couch.

"You don't like 'me' Bert. You want to have sex with me, and that's it" Addy told him, and then made to stand up from the couch, but felt a pair of hands around her waist, and she was pulled onto Bert's lap. She landed gently, and her body was turned to face his face.
"And is that such a bad thing" Bert whispered.

Addy could feel his breath on his lips, and could smell the alcohol on his breath. Bert leant his face even closer, and gently brushed his lips just underneath her lips, and then shifted her body for her, so she could straddle him. Addy closed her eyes and she felt herself be lost in the moment, it felt like forever since she had been kissed by somebody. What harm could a little fooling around with Bert cause?


Frank looked around the busy nightclub with desperate eyes. He needed to find his bestfriend, Gerard. And he needed to find out which hotel Bert was staying at. He couldn't let Addy make the mistake of staying with Bert, he had seen how easily Bert managed to convince women back to his apartment or hotels he was staying in, and he didn't want Addy making that mistake. It would be better for Addy if he went and... Frank searched for the right word, and all he comes up with was rescue. He would go and rescue her from Bert. Frank shook his head as he looked around the club, who did he think he was, Prince Charming? Frank bit his lip in slight anger, and then grimaced as he felt his self-getting annoyed by how much he wanted to get Addy away from Bert. Why was he so worried? He and Addy had hated each other for as long as he could remember. Right up until the night before she left for England. Frank didn't want to think about the past and he looked around the club again, his eyes searching for Gerard.

He quickly saw him dancing, or from what Frank could see, dry-humping a woman on the dance floor, her head was on Gerard's neck, and he had a look of pleasure on his features.

"Gerard! I need to know where Bert is staying" Frank shouted over the music to Gerard once he reached them.

"Dude, I'm busy at the minute" Gerard answered, not even opening his eyes to look at Frank, and the girl giggled from Gerard's neck.

"Gee, this is serious" He anxiously said, and moved with the pair as they tried to move away from him.

"Yeah, and this is serious as well... So beat it" The woman told him, looking at him with lustful and drunk eyes.

Frank angrily eyed the girl as she went back to, doing whatever she was doing to Gerard's neck, until he finally had enough of Gerard. He pulled him roughly to his own body, causing the woman to fly to the side, nearly falling on the floor.

"Gerard, we're going to take a walk outside and we're going to get a taxi and then you're going to tell me where Bert's hotel is" Frank warned him, and Gerard looked at Frank with shocked eyes.

"What the fuck is your problem?" He said, trying to move away from the smaller man’s grasp on his shirt, but found he couldn't move from the grip.

"Addy is with him" Frank told him, and then Gerard smirked at him.

"Well, she just needs to do Ray and my little brother then she's been round the whole group" He muttered, the same sleazy smirk on his face.

Frank had to bite his tongue, and keep his anger under control otherwise he would of punched Gerard right then, but he knew he wouldn't help him to Bert's hotel if he did anything like that.

"Please Gee. I just want to go and get her out of there"

Gerard studied Frank's face and then rolled his eyes.

"He's staying at the Hilton, in Newark, the one near the airport...’ Frank let go of Gerard as soon as he told him, and turned to walk away. 'Frank, if anything is... Happening between them. Don't get involved" Gerard told him, almost hesitating whilst he spoke.

"What do you mean?" Frank frowned.

"I just mean dude, that what happened between the two of you... It happened a few years ago. And I mean, Addy left you, right after..." Gerard slowly told him.

"Gerard, I'm not going cos of that. I just don't want her catching something from Bert or getting pregnant" Frank finally answered, and then with that turned, and headed for the exit of the club.

There was no way in hell he was letting Addy sleep with Bert.
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