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the sharpest lives

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Mikeys cutting himself and gerard being the baddass he is is demanding he get out of it ...only in the sweet brotherish way..

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(Gees POV)

"I cant believe it. I cant believe Mikey would do something like this." I said. Ilooked at the picture of Mikeys cut up arms in the message Ray sent me. Why would my baby brother do this? What made him so upset he felt the need to do this ? Cutting himself? I thought he was happy .... or at least as happy as he cou7ld be with his life.

I knew he should have moved in with me , I knew he shouldnt have stayed with our parents. "Ive got to talk to him. This cant happen anymore. Ever." I said to Ray. Ray had known about Mikeys cutting for a few days and when he had been rushed to the hospital after collapsing from loss of blood . he decided to tell me.

"Whats his room number? Ill be there in a few minutes." I asked Ray.

"Hes in room 12. See you when you get here." he said hanging up . I got in my car and started to drive.

Wyhen i finally got to his room a n urse stopped me. "Excuse me. Only parents are aloud inside at this point run along." She said in her preppy voice. I whiped out my knife and stuck it to her stomach. Her eyes filled with fear.

"Listen Barbie , thats my brother in there and Im Gerard Fucking Way" she flinched. "Ahh there we go you recognize who I am now dontcha?" Fuck yeah she did im the fucker wholl beat ur damned ass and exterminate it too if you dont move. Im the baddass with his name on this whole state. The preppy nurse girl stepped outta my way and left after checking out my ass. I sigh and step into Mikeys room.

There he lie , motionless and almost as pale as I am. He rolled over in his sleep and hits a moniter ( proboly thought it was his alarm clock) then mutters and starts to snore. I walk over to the security camera and turn it off. I dont want anybody but those i trust to see me in 'bigbrother mode'

I sat down and ruffled Mikeys hair. He yawned then smiled and opened his eyes. I pulled his and my favorite toy from our youth out of my pocket : a poohbear in a little meese costume that we named meesey.

Mikey laughed and reached for the toy like a little kid. I gave it to him and he pressed it against his face. " So Ray told me somethijng...." I said. Mikey froze and his eyes watered. I sighed and patted his head.

"I-Im sorry Gee. I just.... I dont...."Mikey said.

"Do you want to come live with me ? You can start over. A new state new school new friends...." I said. God i hoped hed say yes. He leaned his face into my hand.

"Yeah Gee. I wanna start over." Mikey said.

"Good....Mikey?" I asked.

"Yeah?" he asked playing with meesey.

"Your gonna stop now right ?" I asked.

"Yeah Gee imaa try to stop. I promise." Mikey said.
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