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Smothered By Love

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Whilst the new addition to the family is being smothered by love from her, Sophia hides something that may ruin her new found happiness with Javert

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With a five week old baby in his life, Javert struggled to still be a merciless police inspector. Becoming a father had a strange affect on him, not that Sophia was complaining at all. She blossomed in motherhood, revelling it. Much to her family’s despair, she fed Adele-Renee herself, despite her only ‘being a girl’. It was almost as if it was acceptable to feed a son, but not a daughter.

There was a wet nurse for little Adele, but only when Sophia and Javert had to leave the house on some form of social occasion. Her name was Minette LeClerc, a blonde woman who had just had a baby herself. She was a kind woman, but Sophia would not allow Minette to feed Adele.
“You’ll have to let go of Adele some time,” he told her over dinner one night.
She sighed, “I know, Etienne...but I love her too much. I don’t want to be a mother who only sees her children once a day.”
“I gathered, but d’you have to smother our daughter with your love?” At that moment, a little cry sounded from upstairs, just seconds later Sophia had risen from her seat and was about to walk over to the door when Javert took her by the wrist.
“Just let Minette get her, Sophie,” he told her.

That night as he watched Sophia from the doorway undress, his body was responding to hers. He had not made love to her since she found out about her pregnancy and he was wound up in tension. He wanted her. She was everything he desired in a woman. But she was too obsessed with the baby...he sighed. He walked into the bedroom and wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her soft neck.
“Not tonight,” she said softly, unwinding her from him, picking up their daughter from the cradle. He sat on the bed and watched her fuss over the baby.
“Tomorrow, Sophie.”
“Tomorrow, you will hand Adele over to Minette.” Sophia sighed and sat down on the bed. He joined her and wrapped his arms around her.

Despite revelling in motherhood, Javert could tell she was hiding something from him.
“What is the matter?” he asked as she pulled back the bed sheets.
“Nothing,” she said softly.
“Nothing’s the matter.” She sounded close to crying. Before he could think of something to say, she burst out into tears. He embraced her and she sobbed into his chest, making the material of his nightshirt damp with her tears. He waited patiently but the tears flowed so quickly.

After some time, she looked up at him.
“Will you tell me now?” he asked.
She nodded, wiping her eyes with her hand, “after...Adele’s birth...the next day, whilst you were at work, the doctor came to see me...I had not started bleeding like I was meant too...and...and...”
“Go on,” he said, holding her closely, softly.
“He told me that I had been injured in the birth....that I won’t be able to have any more children....” she could not say any more without bursting into tears
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