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To You I'm Useless, To Them I'm Priceless

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A band gets the chance to tour and open for MCR, but troubles follows the teens, what will become of them?

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Okay, just to say, i posted this be4, but now i deleted the boring bits, so yeah, the drama starts chapter 3, this is just the intro, :D, so please do read and review. :]

To You I'm Useless, To Them I'm Priceless chapter 1

"What??!!" Bryan head popped up behind the couch. "Shit! Seriously??" Wynter shouted after Bryan.

"Yes, I'm serious." Matt, their manager told them. Bryan and Wynter both jumped up and hugged each other jumping up and down happily while screaming like total fangirls. "What the hell?" Fai said when she and Ally walked in.

"Oh great timing you two, I was just going to tell you we're going touring with MCR." They looked calm, unlike Bryan and Wynter who was jumping up and down in utter joy. "Who?" Ally said.

"You know, the band that inspired Bryan and Wynter so much to start this band, My Chemical Romance." Fai explained.

"Oh, that band." Ally gave a knowing look and went to sit down on the couch with Fai following close behind.

Bryan was going to speak but Wynter cut in "Don't even bother Bryan, they don't care, on the other hand, I'm going to celebrate with ice cream and chocolate."

"wait wait, I'm coming with you!" Bryan ran out after Wynter.

"Okay, so what do we do now?" Ally asked after a minute or two of sitting there in silence. "Let's just go home for today, I wanna sleep, and I need it very much too." Matt said.

They walked out of the recording studio, Matt told Ally and Fai that he was going to tell them the details of the tour tomorrow and to bring Wynter and Bryan at 9 in the morning tomorrow. They then went their separate ways.

The next morning they all gathered at 9a.m. Sharp in the recording studio, they owned a small little recording studio, thanks to Wynter's parents. They might be thankful to her parents but Wynter was quite used to it, her parents used money to replace everything.

As usual, Matt was late, fashionably late. Matt was greeted with boos from the teenagers.

"Oh, shut up." Matt said as he took out pieces of paper from his file. "These are the tour details, there are examples of what you'll face during tours, which I specially included since it is your first tour and all, oh, and to burst your bubbles, no one overseas has ever heard of your band before, so you gotta work hard to open for MCR." they all beamed, Matt looked confused.

"Matt Matt Matt, how foolish of you to think we would be discouraged by that. We live for the excitement of being unknown, and seeing the faces of people who like our music or flipping off people who hate it!" Fai, their front-woman said with a mysterious tone.

Then the theme started. "Mysterious!" Ally shouted. "Unknown!" Bryan shouted. "Dark !" Wynter shouted. "Scream!" Fai shouted.
"Torn Ties and Cries!!" they all shouted as Matt bursted out in laughter.

When Matt stopped laughing. The studio just filled with uncontrollable laughter until one of them started coughing, and the rest of them stops to breath.

"Okay, since you're all starting on the tour next Monday, you can skip band meetups this week, just remember to come at 5 in the morning next Monday, if you're late, you're getting your own flight." Matt said while walking out of the studio.

"So, what do you wanna do today?" Fai asked.

"I know, we can go home and catch up on the sleep we never had last week." Bryan said. It was true, they spent all night up last week playing non-stop monopoly, which Wynter had so graciously won with her business skills.

"Smart. bye!" Ally said and walked out. The all said their goodbyes and went back home.

Throughout the week, they contacted their school about their tour, called their parents, yes, even Wynter left a message for them. They bought everything that was needed and a whole lot of things that was unnecessary example, Chips, chocolate, jelly beans, stuffed animals, colored pens, sketchbooks and one whole big stack of sticky notes. Wynter spent her money however she wanted, but being the smart businessy person, she invested a lot of them, which resulted in the funds for their band.


They gathered at the studio with their luggage and everything else needed (unnecessary stuff). Unbelievably, Matt came early, well maybe not unbelievable since he was their manager and all.

They went to the airport in Matt's car. As soon as they boarded the plane, Ally and Fai and Matt fell asleep. Bryan and Wynter whipped out their priceless marble chinese chess, an earpiece on each person, blasting MCR songs, and started playing their beloved chess.

Sadly, the plane ride was bumpy, so they were forced to change to the magnet Chinese chess set so it doesn't sway and fall off. Ally woke up and went to the toilet a couple of times, but that was all that happened on the plane ride towards new jersey.

(skip to the airport cuz I'm lazy)

Wynter did a bunny hop thing after walking off the plane, trying to get feelings back into her legs after more than 10 hours of not moving. Ally and Fai yawned and stretched their arms, Bryan just leaned onto Wynter's shoulders, too lazy to stand on his own 2 feet. Matt took out his phone and dialed some numbers. Then he was talking into his phone in his 'business mode'.

Bryan and Wynter smirked and turned around, the sticky notes filled with words were stuck onto their backs, one was connected with others to make a big smiley face.

Bryan high five-d Wynter. Then they heard people talking with an accent they were not accustomed to, you know, since they're Asians and all.

"Eh dudes! Stop laughing and come introduce yourself." Matt called to them.

"Sure, wait a sec yeah!" Fai called back. Fai and Ally let Wynter and Bryan walk infront so they could read what was on all the sticky notes.

Bryan and Wynter stopped dead in their tracks as they saw their idols standing on front of them, flashing them a smile. Bryan looked at Wynter as they communicated through eye contact, they decided to go with the 'hi, I don't know you, you don't know me' tactic.

They continued to walk forward with more calmness and flashed back their twin smile, a smile that would make them look like twins, it took some time to perfect that smile, but it was all worth it. Ally and Fai were walking on the same level as Bryan and Wynter now.

"Alright, now that you're all here, mingle and get to know each other." Brian, MCR's manager said.

Both the bands stood at a round circle in the middle of the airport, staring at each other, waiting for someone to talk, and talk someone did.

Gerard spoke up, "Let's do the introduction when we get back to the studio, agreed?" Everyone nodded. Matt and Brian sighed. they had the roadies pick up their luggage as they went back to the recording studio.

(Back in the studio)

"Okay, now that we're back, introductions, get over it, Matt and I will be in the office if you need us." With that, they walked off.

"Okay, let's just go round with names and instruments, then we'll split off in instruments, okay?" Of course everyone agreed, everyone was too lazy to make a suggestion. So they start.

"I'm Gerard Way, I'm the vocalist."

"I'm Michael Way but you can call me Mikey, I play bass." This was a considerably long intro, coming from Mikey.

"Frank Iero, I'm the rhythm guitarist and background vocals, you can call Frankie if you want."

"I'm Ray Toro, I'm the lead guitarist and background vocals."

"I'm Bob Bryar, drums."

"We're My Chemical Romance, from New Jersey." Gerard ended their intro with the awesome band name. It was the teens's turn now.

"I'm Faith Wing you can call me Fai, I'm on vocals and rhythm guitar and sometimes keyboard."

"I'm Alicia Xhi , you can call me Ally, I'm on drums."

"I'm Wynter Oh , you can call me either Wyn or Wynter, I play bass, background vocals/screamer and sometimes keyboard, made in Malaysia." Wynter smirked at her own joke, while Fai and Ally just snorted.

"I'm Bryan Leo , I'm on lead guitar and background vocals/screamer, Malaysia."

"We're Torn Ties and Cries, otherwise TTC since the longer is too much of a mouthful." Fai said.

"Alright, I wanna tell you guys first that I'm a vegetarian, just so you know." Fai's face lit up at that statement by Frank. "Great! I finally found a friend! I'm a Vegetarian too!" Frank and Fai high five-d.

"Hey! What are we? Jelly beans?" Bryan pointed out. "No, you're my meat loving friends, so it doesn't count!"

"hmm.. Fair enough." Wynter said.

"Okay, not to be racist or anything, you guys are Asians right? But you look nothing like Asians." Frank asked confused.

The teens looked at each other before bursting out in laughter. The boys just looked blur. "cough cough okay okay, let me explain why." Before Ally could continue to explain, Bryan spoke up.

"I'm born tan FYI, and before Ally tricks you, we have no idea why we don't look like asians, probably cuz our ancestors weren't I guess." Bryan was tired of explaining.

"Oh, that's understandable." Ray mumbled.

"Okay, first, we know that you guys have never heard of our songs before, so we brought our own little album here so we can break your eardrums with our horrendousness." Fai whipped out their debut album cd and put it into a cd player that was conveniently lying around. Unlike normal people, they don't freak when they hear their own voice.

"Okay, question, why are the vocals so male-ish?" Gerard asked. Fai smirked,"I think I'm male with a body of a female." "Lame!" Bryan and Wynter shouted at the same time. "Piss off! Don't ruin my fun!" Fai pouted.

"Well, since they're little kids, they won't be explaining anytime soon, that cause Fai's voice is guyish, so it turned out like, high-pitched guy voice, nothing like Justin bieber FYI. And that's a good thing cuz we wanted guy vocals." Ally said while flinging her left hand into a FYI hand thingy, an evil glint in all their eyes.

"Why didn't you just have Bryan sing? Since Fai has to play an instrument anyway." Frank said. "Are you serious? Have you heard him sing? No? Never! You're gonna die! Your ears will literally explode." Wynter said. "Hey! That's insulting!" Bryan complained. Fai and Ally was laughing now.

"Apparently, I'm tone deaf to them." Bryan said to Gerard. "Don't think like that, everyone can sing, just whether if it's good or not." Gerard whispered the last part.

"Brian said we had a concert tomorrow, in new jersey, right here, you guys are opening for us, I can't wait to hear you guys live." Ray said.


Lol, tomorrow we have a concert, well not ours, but we get to open for MCR , how cool is that? Extremely, except that i'm fucking nervous as hell here! What if I fuck up? Omg that would be embarrassing, oh well, let's just see how it goes.

While I was talking to myself it seems like Bryan was trying to get my attention, better give him some now. "Huh?" I told him. We were in the extra room in MCR's house, that's still awesome to think.

"I said, which guitar are you gonna use tomorrow, I want us to twin and use 'The Move'." he told me. "But I thought 'The Move' was only for special times, I don't think we even have it perfect yet." I'm worried about it.

"Don't worry, we can go to the site later to practice cause Matt said we could, he said it would be better to plan out what we're going to do tomorrow." I lifted my eyebrows.

"I thought no one was supposed to know about that move before we really busted it out, I'm not gonna agree to let the guys or Ally and Fai see beforehand ya know." I'm so not going to let them see it beforehand, it would ruin the fun.

"I know, we rent a car, go practice, they go back early, then we stay and practice, or would you rather just do it in the recording studio, they have a big space there."

"The recording studio would be better, I don't want the crew to see it either, its our little secret Bry Bry." I told him.

"Sure Wy Wy." We touched our noses together, it's a sign we made for keeping secrets, and it freaks people out. Just then someone came into the room. "Hey- Uh, I'm sorry, I think I walked in on something..." Mikey said, then I heard the door close in a bang.

I looked at Bryan and he looked at me, then we both started laughing, he fell onto the floor clutching his stomach.

About three minutes later our laughter died down into small chuckles. "We should probably explain to Mikey." "Yeah, we should."

We walked out of the room and we heard loud laughing, must be Ally and Fai. And it indeed was, seems like Mikey told Ally and Fai what he saw.

"Hi Mikey." Mikey turned slightly red . "Don't worry, you didn't interrupt anything, it was just a promise thing we do." I smiled at him. I saw him release a breath as he visibly slumped his shoulders. Bryan went over to poke Ally when his phone rang. He picked it up.

"Hello?" "Oh hi, I'm fine, how bout you?" "Oh that's great! Can't wait to see you soon, but wait, I'm on tour now." "Oh mom told you? Oh okay, bye, love you." And he hung up.

"Your lovey dovey bro talks again Bryan?" Ally smirked, it was always amusing to tease Bryan about him and his damn hot brother and their mutual interest at kissing, the first time I walked in on them, it was the most hot/awkward moment ever. Though I wanted to enjoy the show I walked out. Now I really regretted, should have stayed and watched.

"Yeah, my boyfriend called to say he was pregnant and it was mine." Bryan said sarcastically, wow, that didn't even make sense.

"Um... Hi?" Mikey announced his still-presence in the room. "Oh sorry Mikey, kinda forgot you were there, force of habit, sorry." I told him.

"Okay, so I'm gonna repeat, we were NOT making out, we were doing some friend things, which none of you are gonna question." Bryan said. "What'd you guys promise?" Ally asked. We stared at her " Didn't he just say no one's gonna question?"

"He did, but I still wanted to see if you would answer me." "NO!". Me and Bryan went back into our shared room.

The next morning we woke up at 4 in the morning, seriously, 4 in the morning, how much earlier could we get? When me and Bryan went downstairs, the others were already sitting there drinking coffee.

I think Mikey offered me some, I refused, I wasn't a coffee person, too bitter. I went and made some Milo, and a pot of tea, yes tea, they're addicted to coffee I'm addicted to tea, no big difference, they both contain nicotine anyway.

We went to the gigantic as hell hall to practice, I didn't know, I was still blurry, I only played all the notes on time out of habit. We finished early, so we went back first, we didn't have much to practice for anyway, being the opening act and all.

As promised, after lunch, I went with Bryan to their recording studio, permission from Brian and Matt, and practiced the twin set move. It was a hard move, but it gave us and the audiences a thrill, at least that's what we're hoping. Me and Bryan were really close friends, and the reason behind it is a very sweet story, not the romance sweet, ew no, the friend sweet.

I was born into a family where my parents love their job more than me, but I guess it was okay, compared to abusive parents. They gave me money, lot of them too, I spend it on whatever I want, I make money through stocks. But I was lonely, no parental love, then I met Bryan who was attached to me even before he found out about my family, he was what you would call a true friend. And plus, bryan was really silly, it's always fun to be around him.

We spent the remainder of our after noon practicing, then we had to rush back to take a bath and change and go to the concert hall, within 2 hours.

Now we were standing backstage, ready to run up front after the announcer announced us. "Let's give a warm welcome to My Chemical Romance's Opening act, Torn Ties and Cries!!" I could hear only a few people clapping, way to go self esteem!! Well here goes nothing.
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