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Sing it for the Chills

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they sing, Wynter and Bryan busts out their moves, Ally is outraged, and Fai is, whimpering?

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short chapter, next chapter is drama, i promise, i kinda didn't plan how i was supposed to write so yeah, the drama is delayed, like how my flight was delayed yesterday :P

We ran onstage as I looked over everything. There were people in Black Parade jackets, some in normal clothes some others in whatever they could piece together to look like a black parade jacket. I was wearing a simple black and neon green hoodie with black skinny jeans and a pair of neon green and black converse, my signature look. Bryan was wearing his dark blue Windsor hoodie and black skinny jeans with converse matching mine, yes, we're this close.

Fai was wearing a white style T-shirt with blue and pink words on it, dark blue jeans and neon blue dancing shoes, her long black and blue hair tied halfway. Ally was wearing a shirt that said 'Girls: Pink, Guys: Blue, sex: Purpling.' it always made me laugh whenever I read it. A pair of black jeans and Silver boots. Her shoulder length hair let down and shooting outwards, her fringe covering her right eye.

Speaking of fringe, mine was blocking my view again, I flipped it up, my mid-back length black hair swaying as I strum away on my baby. I was the 'backbone' for this song. "Hey people, we're from Malaysia, I'm Fai, that one's Wynter, the dude is Bryan and on drums is Ally, We're Torn Ties and Cries."

"This song is full of chills and cries, Run Cause You Can't Hide." I said into the mic.

Fai sang in her angelic girl voice to start, switching to mysterious in between somewhere:

The lonely crystal moon tonight
Every little moment fills my heart with fright
Unknown creatures whisper past my eyes
Coming from the deep, dark, evil monster cries

Flee with the new night
Hide from the light of the moon
Run, before sunlight
Quick, she is after you

Hurry now,the clock is ticking, you need to get away
She can find you in the darkest shadows in the night and day
Escape before the time beats you and witching hour's past
Oh god help me I just want to live again.
Doom for the dreams

Darkened corners watch me go by
Child laughters chill me, make me cry
I dont want to be dead by the end of day
Leave me now, fade away
The girl is a demon in the moon light

Scream to the night
Bow before the moon
Fall for the last time
Now, let her take you

Hurry now,the clock is ticking, you need to get away
She can find you in the darkest shadows in the night and day
Escape before the time beats you and witching hour's past
Oh god help me i just want to live again.
Doom for the dreams"

There was a pause there then when ally hit the drums, Bryan and I threw our guitar/bass into each other's direction, well obviously we had to move a little cause of the amps, but hell yeah, it worked, we switched guitars right before the damn hard guitar solo, but Bryan was skilled, he strummed right into the guitar solo right after he caught my baby, which was identical to his bass.

"Hurry now,the clock is ticking, you need to get away
She can find you in the darkest shadows in the night and day
Escape before the time beats you and witching hour's past
Oh god help me I just want to live again. "Fai sang, slowing into a whisper.
"I-want-to-feel-alive." Bryan and I screamed into the mic word my word.

"Alive as I awaken from this dream..." Fai ended the song with the last sentence. Then the cheering came, wow, I didn't expect this much cheering, we didn't even get this much on our first concert back in Malaysia.

Time to get off stage, we didn't have a lot of time on the concert, just to get the fans pumped up. I hope we got some fans here tonight.

"What the fuck were you guys thinking??!!" Ally yelled when we were backstage. "What the fuck did we do?" Bryan retorted, band fights were never good after concerts, everyone was tired, no one was thinking straight, I don't want to break up.

"When you guys fucking threw your guitars!! What if you missed?? Huh, what would you do then??" Ally yelled, the crew were all ignoring us, except for one. A girl with long brown hair, and these odd silver blue eyes, she was wearing a MCR band tee, simple jeans, converse and fingerless gloves. The fingerless gloves were a nice touch. I'm guessing she was one of those roadies that belong to MCR. We never had roadies before.

I looked over to Fai, she was quivering, why? Oh wait, crap. "Guys, stop it." I hissed at Bryan and Ally. They looked at me then their eyes softened from the anger, they knew full well why I told them to stop.

"Fai, you wanna go grab some ice-cream? I'm freezing like hell but I guess that's the fun of it." I forced a smile onto my lips, for my friends, i would gladly sacrifice. Fai just nodded as she put her head down and rubbed her eyes with the back of her right hand. I glanced at Ally and Bryan and gave them a glare before putting my arms around Fai and walking out.

The girl with the brown hair, which I found out she was name Emily, passed us our black coats, what a nice girl. I was looking around for an ice-cream store while holding hands with Fai, something that will comfort us both. Then I found a shop name 'shave an ice', seems interesting.

We had to shave our own ice and add in the syrup, it was fun, Fai smiled, she smile, I smile. Well not truthfully, but what the heck. We walked out of the store with our shave ice in hand, walking back towards the concert hall. It was pretty from the outside, it was lighted all around with colourful colours. I was already freezing considering I never bothered to put on my gloves. Can fingers fall off cuz of frostbite? I don't know, Im not used to this weather.

We walked back in and I found Ally and Bryan laughing, they must have made up, they were always like that, they would fight one minute, and make up the next. But I guess that was a good thing, I waved at Bryan, he walked over and when he wanted to open his mouth to tell me something, I shoved a spoon full of my Strawberry and Chocolate flavoured shave ice into his open mouth. The next thing was pretty funny, he closed his mouth and covered it with his hands, he swallowed then clutched the side of his head, eyes closing tightly. I was laughing at his pain now, Fai just giggled and Ally was.. Well, being Ally.

When he got over his brain freeze, "What'd you do that for?" He poked me in the ribs. "Just wanted to share this amazingly delicious shaved ice with you, and to think I was so nice to you, I'm never sharing my shave ice with you anymore!" I feigned anger and pouted.

He hugged me and whimpered like the cute little dog I always thought he was, I couldn't resist that voice, I gave in and ruffled his hair and gave a small laugh.

"Let's go out into the crowd and watch MCR, they're doing their second song now!" Bryan said, stupid me, why didn't I think of it, I've wanted to see them in concert since forever, and now I got the chance!

"Wait, I got a better idea, grab your camera, we're going into restricted area." I gave him a smirk then he immediately understood me. Bryan grabbed his Canon EOS 7D and I grabbed my Canon EOS 5D Mark II
and slung the strap on my neck and went out, I got Emily to get us two passes to the restricted area where only photographers can enter, and it was up front, pass the barrier, it gave an amazing view.

When frank looked at me confused how I got here, I smirked then he smirked in understanding, we have smirk language, fun. I took off the cover of my camera and started snapping away, it was really hard to get nice shots of them because they were moving around a lot, but I did manage to get some. After two songs, me and Bryan got tired of taking pictures, so we just stood there and enjoyed the show, they were up to the forth song now.

Now, they were playing my favourite song 'The Sharpest Lives'. I squealed in excitement, I know, squealing is definitely not my style, but it was my first concert and to top it off an MCR concert.

"Everyone, remember the band that opened for us, Torn Ties and Cries, well, I see their bass and guitar player here, and I heard from their singer that they're really big fans of us, and I'm gonna pull them up on stage, and you're gonna hear them sing. Got it?" Gerard said breathlessly into the mic. Wait what?? Pull us up on stage? Why'd he do that? And Fai, that traitor.

Oh, and the lyrics and Emily belong to Vengefulscout :)
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