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Trouble comes more than once in a lifetime

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parents are always a big influence in kids life, how about these teens?

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Finally, here is the drama, well, it's quite long, but i'm already half done with the next chapter, so yeah :D

Gerard was already reaching his hand out for me, I slung my camera around one arm and to the side, Bryan did the same, and we got on stage, it was weird being in center stage, I mean, we had stood on center stage before to sing, but that stage was so much more smaller than this. "This is Wynter and Bryan, say hi." he said lazily.

"I heard it from Fai, she doesn't sing all the songs, so I know you can sing, don't lie." Gerard whispered into me and Bryan's ears. Fai told him, undoubtedly for the sake of getting us pulled up on stage. Oh how deep our friendship is, thank you so much Fai...

Then the song started, we sang some and Bryan sang some, we let Gerard sing the starting part cuz
we liked to hear his voice on the starting part, it was awesome, up close and personal, the best.

"So did you guys like their voice? Cause I think they're fucking amazing! "Gerard screamed into the mic, I poked him gestured to the entrance to the back stage, they only have one song left to do, so I guess we'll just wait backstage. Gerard saw where I was gesturing to, he turned back to the crowd and said "Well, they're gonna go back now, make sure you check them out okay?" A wave and scream of 'Awesome!' came from the crowd and I smiled and pulled Bryan backstage.

"That was freaking awesome!!" Bryan hugged me once we got backstage, "I know right, that reminds me, let's go find Fai first."

I saw Fai standing there smirking at me, I walked to her and hugged her. "Fai, you WILL explain to me why you told him about our switchings."

"I'll tell you later when they're done with their set, but for now, you can just thank me that I told them." Fai replied.

Bryan and I showed Fai the pictures we took, a lot of them wasn't really clear because they were moving around a lot. There was one that I got really clearly of Gerard singing while facing Mikey. That one was just plain hot.

"You got some skills there kid." Ray's voice said from behind us. They weren't as sweaty as we had thought they would be, since it's cold and all. "Thank you." Me and Bryan said simultaneously.

"Gerard, you better explain when we get back kay?" it was more of a statement than a question, be he nodded anyway. "Wanna go back now? We're done anyway, let's go sign some stuff then get back home." Frank said.

We all went out and sure enough the fans were lined up, the only separating them and us was a barrier. We just walked since I don't think anyone would want us to sign, the guys were signing away, with their crazy fast hands.

"Bryan, you cannot call all the way back to Malaysia just to say hi, sides, he already called you yesterday didn't he?" I told Bryan, we were discussing him and him being obsess with seeing his brother.

"He did, but he just came back, I wanna hear him, I haven't seen him since 3 years ago." Bryan pouted, which was pretty cute, considering he looked cute. "Well-" I was cut off by a couple of girls looking shy, they looked like they were trying to ask for something.

"Anything we can do for you girls?" Bryan asked. "Um.. C-could we get an autograph?" the girl spoke so quickly that if it wasn't for me being a person who was used to speaking quickly, I wouldn't have heard it. "Sure, no problem, what's your name?"

"I'm Chantelle, and she's Chanel." The girl with the ebony black hair said, she's quite short, I'm happy, I don't wanna sound rude, but thank god I'm not short. I'm 5'3 ,I think Bryan is 5'5, Ally was around my height and Fai is 5'2.

Anyway, I signed a white T-shirt that already had a lot of other signatures on it, "So are you like compiling everyone's signature on this shirt? That's creative." She smiled, "Yeah, and maybe we could sell it on EBay one day and make lots of money, it's gonna be so damn expensive with all these signatures."

"I'm impressed, why could you think of that?" Bryan smirked at me, idiot. I ignored him and said bye to the fan, we went back to the van and Fai and Ally was already there, we told them what happened and they freaked about not getting to sign it. "One day, one day we'll get back at you guys, we'll get all the good stuff and you guys can just rot in you room." Ally pouted.

"We'll see." Bryan said. We drove back to MCR's house and figured out we didn't have the keys, and matt didn't get it either, so we had to wait for around half an hour before they came back, and it was freezing outside. "Bout time you guys came back, and Gee, explanation." I needed to know.

We got in the house and me, Bryan and Gerard went into Gerard's room, well, it was a basement but yeah, room. "So, how'd you know?"

"Fai told me, it's basically impossible for her to get such a deep voice, so I figured it must be Bryan, and you saying his voice suck, is bullshit." Gerard said. "Yeah, bull shit Wyn." Bryan smirked.

"Oh, shut up Bry, so you now know that we don't have fixed positions. Any questions regarding that?"

"Well, the thing I don't understand is why? Why do you have unfixed positions, isn't it easier to just fix it?"

"It's like this, we get bored easily with the things we do, so we need thing to entertain us, switching roles is the perfect way to do it." I told him.

"I guess that doesn't make much sense, but oh well." Gerard said. "When is the next gig?" I asked him.

"I'm not sure, you have to check with Brian, but I'm sure it won't be soon, if it was, I would have been informed." We walked back out to the living room, everyone was just lazing around the couches, talking casually. "There you are! I wanted to ask you how the heck did you pull off throwing your guitars!" Frank almost yelled.

"It's called 'Twin Set', it took almost a year for us to practice it, even before we made this band, back when we were still being crazy in my basement." I told him, grinning like mad.

Frank was going to speak up when the doorbell rang. "I'll get it." Fai stood up and went to the door. As soon as the door clicked open we heard a sound that sounded like someone had cracked someone's bone. We all stood up abruptly and ran to the door. "You Bitch! You wanted to run away huh?? Like your father did? Huh bitch?? Answer me!!" A female voice which could only be identified as Fai's mom screamed out, Gerard and the guys stood in horror and shock as Fai's mother threw another punch at Fai, this time cracking a few of her ribs.

Me and Bryan quickly went and picked Fai up and pulled her back, away from her mother, Fai was coughing and wheezing uncontrollably from her broken jaw and ribs. I quickly dialed for the ambulance and lifted her on to the couch. Her mother was trying to get in, but Gerard and Ray had blocked her and Bob was holding her back. Ally stormed towards Fai's mother and slapped her, "Get the fucking hell out of here! I called the cops, if you don't go, you're gonna be in jail for a long while." She told Fai's mom, it was no joke, if she didn't leave now, she would be caught and sent to jail for a long long time.

Fai's mother shook free of the guy's hold and ran out. Fai grasped my arm wanting my attention. I looked at her in the eye, she was shaking her head frantically, she didn't want her to, she didn't want her mother to be in jail.

I looked away, stood up and punched the nearest wall, hearing my right knuckle bones crack, I didn't care at this point. How could she still think so positively of her mom after what she did, after what she went through in her childhood??!! I didn't care anymore, I went straight up to my room and slammed the door shut, I heard the ambulance come and go, assuming everyone was gone, I broke down, I freaking cried. I had never cried in a long long time, and this wasn't the small sobs, these tears were filled with sadness and anger.

I brought my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them and buried my head between my knees, my knuckle bone was starting to hurt like a bitch now, but nothing matters anymore. I cried, filling the quiet room with small breath intakes and sobs. I didn't even hear the door open, I felt skinny warm arms wrap around my quivering body. I didn't bother to look up, I didn't care who it was, but I fucking needed those arms, even though I knew I didn't deserve it.

"You know it wasn't your fault, you can't blame yourself for something that happened entirely because of someone else." Mikey said softly. "You won't understand." I managed to croak out.

"I do." He replied. "I know how it feels like to see someone close to you get hurt, and you not being able to do anything about it, we all know how it feels." He soothed his arms on my back, being like the brother I never had.

"I just- just hate myself so much-" "Don't. You had already done plenty by being by her side when she needs you most, and I'm sure she needs you guys even more to support her and help her get through this now." I looked up at him, trying to find some kind of lie in his eyes.

None, there were no lies, he told the truth, he knew what a person needed to get through this, he had to know, he had experienced this. I wiped away my tears, and stood on shaky feet. "Come on, the rest are in the hospital, I'll bring you there, and I'm sure you knuckle needs some attention too." he chuckled. I winced when I flexed the muscles on my right palm, it hurt like a bitch.

The ride to the hospital was silent. When we arrived, a nurse directed us to a room with a couple of bodyguards outside. I didn't want to go in yet, I tugged on Mikey's sleeve and pointed to my right knuckle, he quickly brought me to a doctor. I sat in silence as the doctor patched up my knuckles, and went out and back to in front of Fai's room.

Mikey knocked and opened the door and walked in, I followed close behind him. I looked up and saw Fai, bandages on her ribs. She was asleep, Ally and Bryan were the only ones there, "Where's the rest?" "They went down to starbucks." Mikey said, knowing full well where his brother would have went. He left us alone.

"Ally, how is she?" I whispered as I sat down on the chair beside the hospital bed. "She had to go for operation so the doctors could patch up her ribs, her jaw wasn't a big deal, just had to crack it back in place." She said sadly, "How's your hand?" she added at the end. "It's fine, not like it's the first time." I told her, none of us looking away from Fai's slowly rising and falling chest.

"You know it wasn't your fault," She told me. "I know, but why?" She knew full well what I was asking about. "I don't know." She sighed.

"I know." Bryan whispered. Me and Ally both looked at him, waiting. "Because she doesn't want to see someone she owes her life to end up in jail, if I was her, I would feel that way too." Sure he would, he knew what it felt like to have family. On the other hand, me and Ally, we didn't have such luck, end of story.

We fell asleep beside Fai, giving each other comfort.

When morning came, the nurse woke us up, being nice enough to asked if we would like to go down for a while for some fresh air. We did, we had to cool down our emotions, we walked in silence. When we felt we were calm enough to go back up, we did.

We called Gerard before we went up, seems like they went back to settle some things about the tour and talk to Brian and Matt about the details, apparently, they weren't informed about what happened yesterday. After he hung up, we walked through the doors, and god was it frustrating, the automated door wouldn't open when I walked in front of it. I had to try 3 times to get it to work. Stupid glitchy Automated doors.

I stopped dead on my tracks when I saw who came out of the elevator, smirk as wide as a Cheshire cat's smile. Ally cursed behind me and Bryan just stood and glared Fai's mother. "What are you doing here bitch?" Ally hissed. "I have a name you know, Joyce, ring a bell?" she continued to smirk. "What the fuck are you doing here??" I repeated Ally's question, venom dripping in every single word.

"Can't a mother visit her own child? And she seemed so emotional too." She flicked her stupid manicured hand at us, then walking off with the stupid fucking smirk still attached to her face. But that wasn't what mattered now, what mattered now was Fai, what the hell did that old lady want with Fai?

It snapped in place, we looked at each other, then we quickly ran into the elevator, the same things going through our minds, 'Please be okay Fai!!'
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