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Chapter 1

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Um.. Im not sure if I know how to summerize. So.. yea....

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My sister and I will be writeing this story. We've never really written anything like this (fanfic) before so go easy on us, we're beginners.

Chapter 1
Nicole's POV:
My names Nicole and im 19. And im in a band with my 18 yr old sister Heaven a.k.a. Nevaeh (Na-Vay-Ah) and a few of our friends Jessie, Kassie and J'Kayla. Our band is called Welcome To The Breakdown, we're pretty good if you ask me. We just release our 1st album this week. And the best thing of our lives happened to day. Gerard Way himself called us and asked if we wanted to go on tour with his band My Chemical Romance! And of course as soon as he asked we said yes, My Chem is the best band EVER! And we were headed to Jersey in a week and a half. Not only were we going to be doing what we loved, we were going to Jersey and everywhere else. It was a world tour after all. But we were going to do that with My Chemical Romance!!
It was hell trying to go to sleep that night.. I mean, who can sleep knowing they're going on tour with My Chemical Romance?!

Nevaeh's POV:
Oh my gosh! I am so excited that we were going on tour with My Chem! They're the fukken best! I couldnt wait to start shopping tomarrow! We were all gunna buy tons of new clothes and a bunch of other crap to look our best. We needed to re-dye our hair and UGH there was just so much to be done!
'I hope im not the only one obsesseing over every detail..' I thought to myself. 'Nah, knowing Nicole and the other girls they probably wont get any sleep tonight..' And with that I fell asleep with a smile on my face wondering what the next year and a half had in store for us.
The next morning I ran over to Nix' room and jumped on her.

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" I shouted

"Fuck off Heaven!" she grumbled at me. How rude?!

"Dammit, wake up Nicole! We gotta shower and go shopping!"

"For what?!"

"Uh, for stuff! Duh, dumbass!" I said in a "Duh" kinda voice.

"Dude, I understand wher you are comeing from, but im tired. And it's not even 1 o'clock yet! So leave me alone!"

'Bitch.' I thought to myself How could she not wanna go shopping?? It was so damn fun!

"Ok, fine. Im gunna go shower and call the girls. By the time im outta the shower you better be up and ready for yours. We have alot to do in a small amount of time, so get your lazy butt up!" I told her as I walked outta her room and to mine to grab some clothes. And when I got out of the shower and called the girls over she was STILL asleep! UGH!

Nicole's POV:
This kid was not gunna get off my back. She was yelling at me from her room.

"Dammit, Nicole!! WAKE UP!" She screamed.

"Leave me alone!" I groaned.

"Wake the hell up! The girls our on their way!... Come on bro! We all wanna go shopping.." She was begging. Ugh, I knew I had to get up but I just didn't want to. I just wanted to sleep. But shopping sounded really fun so I got up grabed me some clothes and went to take a shower.

"Thank God! It's about time!" Heaven said in a smartass tone.

I turned around with a smile. "Fuck off, Sissy." And shut the door behind me.

Author's Note: I hope you liked it. I hope it's not to shitty. Please rate and reveiw and let us know how we're doing. Be critical but not mean. Thanks for reading:)
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