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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2:
Nevaeh's POV:
We shopped all day and left at closeing time. Our ankles and our feet were killing us from walking around all day long. We got a couple of new outfits each, they were pretty exspensive. As soon as we got to our apartment, Nicole got a phone call from Gerard saying he wanted us to meet him tommorrow at the DFW Airport. He said he wanted to talk to us about the tour details. He wanted all of us to come. He said he was going to be staying in a hotel somewhere in Dallas and wanted us to meet his wife LynZ and daughter Bandit. At that moment Nicole and I were jumping around smiling ear to ear. We called the other girls and we told them to pack some clothes for tomorrow and to meet us at our apartment. They slept on the couches while Nicole and I slept on our beds.

Nicole's POV:
We got up extra early the next morning, knowing we had to go meet up with Gerard and LynZ Way and their daughter Bandit was our motivation to get up. We woke up at probably 8 so we all could shower.. Wakeing Jessie up was the hardest part of the process. It was like trying to wake up a dead person. But eventully she got up and showered while we were all getting ready.
The best part about all of us we were all like sisters. We've been best friends since I was in 1st grade, we knew everything about each other. Im the 3rd oldest, the 1st is Jessie she's like 3 months older than me. Then Kassie she's 2 months older than me. Then after me was Heaven, she's a year younger and J'Kayla was a year and a half younger than her. And because we were like sisters we never fought. Yeah, I know sisters fight but we didnt. Never had.
When we were ready it was 11:30-ish so we piled into 2 cars (cause Heaven and I shared a prius and the other 3 girls had bigger cars than us so they all rode together) When we got there we were beyond nervous/excited! They were gunna be here in 5 minutes. Thank God we wernt late! As we waited the girls were makeing sure their make-up was just right. I was actully kinda calm. Werid. I should be bounceing off the walls.
Five minutes later we saw their plane land and people were all over the place! Thank God we knew exactly what they looked like. Gerard was wearing black skinnies, boots and a band t-shirt. LynZ was dressed similar to him and Bandit wore jeans and a green t-shirt with some design on it. I didnt really know what she would look like but man!! She looked just like her mom and dad! She was such a beautiful kid! LynZ looked as amazing as she always does and so did Gerard. All 3 of them had the blackest hair. I was so jealous! Everytime I dye my hair it fades back to brown within 2wks, it was so damn annoying! Theirs was natural.
They must of spotted us cause they were walking towards us so, instinly we got up and made our way towards them. When we got close enough LynZ said "Oh my God! It's so good to finally meet you! Im a big fan! I love your album!"

"Thanks, we're all really big fans of you guys too! MSI and MCR are the best bands we've ever heard!" Jessie told them.
Gerard and Lynz introduced us to their daughter Bandit(cause we all already knew who each other were.)

"Bandit honey, this is Nicole the lead singer. Jessie and Kassie are co-lead gutairist, that's what Uncle Frankie and Ray does." He informed her. "And J'Kayla's the drummer and Nevaeh is the bassist like Uncle Mikey and Mommy."

"Dad. I know who they are. We listen to them all the time. I've heard their CD a billion gazillion times!" She was so cute!! "It's nice to meet you guys. Im a really big fan.." She said to us shyly.

"Well honey we've been fans of you since we found out your mom was gunna have you. So dont think we're weridos, mkay?" I asked her.

She giggled. "Okay."

"Thanks for meeting us, we kinda wanted to talk about details of the tour and maybe go out for dinner later. We love going to Reunion Tower when we come to Dallas. The food is shit but the view is awesome! You guys down?" Gerard asked. We all agreed.

"Okay, so um, do you guys mind giving us a ride to our hotel? We were gunna get a taxi but I kinda have a million questions to ask you." LynZ asked.

"Yea, that'll be fine. Come on" I told them.

When we got to their hotel they invited us up to hang out. This was the greatest day yet! When we went up Bandit couldnt stop asking to go swimming in the indoor pool so Gee and LynZ decided to take her. She was so excited, it was beyond cute! They asked if we wanted to go hang out by the pool with them while Bandit went swimming so went went with them. This was so cool!

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