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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3:
Nevaeh's POV:
Dinner was awesome! The Way's were so damn nice! Reunion Tower was so cool! I mean, sure we've been to Dallas alot but we've never been here! Jessie, J'KayKAY and I struggled to keep our cool while Nix and Kass kept their cool. Like always. It was so cool being able to look out over the whole city!
After dinner we dicided to go back to our homes in Fort Worth but then I remembered we still havent talked about the tour details. We were already walking back to the hotel where our cars were.

"Um. so uh what about those tour deatils?" I asked Gerard.

"Oh yea! I forgot about that! Dallas is just a really distracting city. You mind if we talk about that when we get back to the hotel. I might get distracted.." He muttered the last part while he walked off to look in a window of a shop.
When we got back to their hotel Bandit was ready for bed, so she went to sleep. We all sat down at the dinning room table, this wasnt some cheap hotel. It was a five star hotel and it was beyond nice!

"So where do I start.. Well there will be 3 bands on tour. MCR, MSI and you guys." All our mouths droped and our eyes poped. Did he just say MSI and MCR?? HOLY SHIT! "Sorry I forgot to mention it before.. You'll be the opening band then MSI then MCR." Gerard informed us.

"Uh, im kinda embarassed to ask but do you guys mind preforming with us? That would kinda be a dream come true.." LynZ asked us.

"Oh hell yeah! Anytime you want! We love you guys!" Jessie said a little to loud. We shushed her. "Sorry." she whishpered.

"It's fine.. But I really hope My Chem gets to go on stage with you guys to sometime." Gerard told us. "We're big fans of you guys.."

"Of course you guys can! You dont even need to ask us!" Nicole told them Of course they could preform with us whenever they wanted!

"You guys this is a dream come true! Thanks for letting us come on tour with you!" I told them.

"We're just glad you said yes. We really are big fans on you guys.." LynZ said.

"Oh and I dont know if you guys know or not but Frank and his wife, well ex wife Jamia are divorced. It was pretty recent so he's still a little depressed." All our face just screamed shocked. Poor Frankie. "Yea.. he caught her in bed with some guy. I've never seen him so hurt before.. So if he's acting werid just know why." Gerard told us.

"Well what about Chery and Lily?" Nicole asked. I was still in shock from what I had just heard to ask.

"Well they have joint custody over them.." LynZ told us. "They still dont really know what's going on. They're still to young to understand."

None of us really knew what to say. Im guessing that's why it was so quite. "I guess I should have waited to tell you guys that last.. You all seem really down now." Gerard told us. "But uh. Well Bandit will be on tour with us along with Ray's wife Christa and Mikey's wife Alicia. Christa's pregnant and wants to be with Ray constantly. Of course Ray doesnt mind nor do we, she's awesome. And Alicia just likes the feeling of being on tour."

"And Jimmy said Chantal, his wife will be comeing to some of the shows but wont be on tour. Just visting.. And Steve and Kitty are comeing alone." LynZ informed us. "You guys will probably have your own bus.. There will be two extra bunks on our bus and 5 on the MSI bus just in case.. But you'll probably have your own."

"Alright.. that's cool" We told them.

"Um, im not really sure if there is anything else to tell you.. LynZ did I miss anytthing?"

"No, I think that's it.. But uh while im thinking about it.. You girls wanna go shopping with me tomorrow? Gee's takeing Bandit to have a Daddy and Daughter day and im gunna be all alone. And I kinda need new stuff for the tour.. I wont be able get everything I need in other countries.. You up to it?"

We all said yes.. Who would turn LynZ Way down? No one. That's who. We decided to leave and go home. We were all gunna spend the night at our apartment again and go pick LynZ up at noon.
The next day was so fun! We all bought more new clothes and a couple of pairs of shoes and boots and heels. Alot of it was just stage clothes, we also got a ton of make up. We needed enough to last us through the whole tour. At the end of the day we had about 10 bags each, and had no idea how we were gunna fit in our 2 cars with all these bags so we called a taxi and Jessie and I rode back to LynZ's hotel room with all our bags. Nicole and LynZ's bags barely fit into our prius. It was kinda funny watching them put all those huge bags in that car.
The next few days were really fun! We all hung out together all the time. They meet some of our friends and family when we went to Fort Worth for a day. Soon it came time for us girls to pack our bags for the year and a half of touring around the world. God, we were so excited! Going to sleep was hell that night. We all had so much on our minds. Our families picked us up early the next morning at around 4am. They were really excited for us but still sad cause we were gunna be gone for such a long time. We said our goodbyes and boraded the plane.
When we landed it would be the start of a whole new chapter in our lives.

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