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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4:
Nicole's POV:
When we landed we were so excited! We flew with the Way's so we all kinda called 3 huge taxis for all our luggage and stuff.
When we got to the venue where the first show would be we went to find the tour manager and tell him we were here. Gerard told us everyone else had arrived yesterday so we would be the last ones.. When we finally checked in with Tony our tour manager he told us that Welcome To The Breakdown would have to share busses with My Chem and Mindless, we were totaly fine with that we just hoped the others would be too..
Gerard told Nevaeh and I we could stay on their bus and Kassie, Jessie, and J'KayKay could stay with MSI. We were all fine with that. I actully kinda thought the girls would be pist that Gee said my sister and I could bunk with them but they were A-OK with it. When we went to take all our bags to the bus someone was yelling and everyone else was laughing. It was actully kinda frightening for a moment.

"Ha! Christa's hormones must be stong.." Geraed said right before we walked in. Everyone was sitting around laughing at her yell at Ray, he was in the "kitchen" makeing her food from the looks of it.

"OH MY GOSH RAY!! Im starveing and your're takeing to long!" Christa yelled out loud. Which kinda made me giggle. and then.. "OH MY GOD! IM SUCH A ASSHOLE! Here I am yelling at my husband who loves me and takes ccare of me and im beeing a a total bitch!' she sobbed. She was huge! She must have been atleast 7 or 8 months.. And the poor girls hormones are all over the place.

"Babe dont worry about it! It's fine! I dont care if you yell at me! I still love you no matter what!" Ray said trying to calm her down.
"NO! Im a asshole!" she said as she got up and made her way to him. They huggedat tightly as they could with her baby bump being in the way. It was so damn cute I couldnt help but smile.

"No, you're not. You're perfect." Ray told her. Everyone in the room was watching them and we all said "Aaawwwww!!" at the samew time. "Ugh, shut up.." Ray moaned.

"Uh, guys this is Nicole and Nevaeh Vasquez from Welcome To The Breakdown, they're gunna be staying with us for the rest of the tour so be nice." Gerard said.

"Oh my God!! Hi it's so good to meet you!" Alicia said walking towards us. She quickly hugged us both and introduced her self to us. Not that we didnt already know who eveyone was but it would be rude to interupt. We met eveyone who would be on our with us except Frank. They said that he went to a comic book store and would be back right before soundcheck.. So we probably wouldnt get a chance to meet him til after the show.
Heaven and I decided to unpack our stuff so there would be less clutter. Everyone else was already unpacked except fo Frank. Eveyone was saying he hasnt really talked to anyone since yesterday. Poor guy must stiil be upset about his divorce. I felt so bad for him. I knew what it felt like to be crushed in that way. My ex fiancee cheated on me and I caught him in our bed with another girl. I had never been so hurt in my life. I kicked the girls ass and his. He may have been bigger and stronger than me but when im pist I shouldnt be messed with. I gave them both alot on injuries. I didnt really talk about, it brought back alot of memories. When I saw that he cheated on me I lost all the love I had for him. Cause he obviously didnt have that same feeling for me so why should I have that feeling for him?? I knew exactly what he was going through. It happened to me about a 3 and half months ago.. I tried to forget him but it was hard. When my family found out they were pist with him but I didnt care. I told myself I wasnt gunna care. That I would get over it and live happily ever after. And I intend to do so. Im over him now. It took a month and a half but im back to normal now. He still tried to get in touch with me but I never wanted to see his stupid face again. Thinking of these memories hurt me pretty bad but I guess that's only natural. I was so zoned out I didnt even notice Heaven was talking to me from the bunk above mine.

"Nix, are you even paying attention to what Im saying??" I heard her ask.

"Sorry Veah, I zoned out.."

"It's fine, just get dressed. We got soundcheck in 3 minutes. Look your gosh damn besytt, young lady." She ordered me.

"Yes, mother.." I told her as I got up to go get my clothes. I was gunna wear black skinnies and a white blouse with black chains hanging from side to side with my new black spiked heels. They kinda looked like some Lady Gaga shit but it wasnt crazy high heels just regular steletos.. By the time my hair and make up was done it was time to go.
My girls looked so damn hot! Nevaeh wore hot pink skinnies with a black spaghetti stap tanktop with black heels. And her hair and make up was amazing!! Kassie wore a band shirt and some black skinnies with boots. The girl was such a rocker. Jessie looked AMAZING! She wore some really really short dickie shorts (which I didnt even know they made,) lime grean vans and a lime green tanktop similar to Nevaeh's. And J'Kayla wore blue jean skinnies with a white tanktop and some old black converse. These bitches looked fine!!
After soundcheck was My Chem's turn they were great after they went off stage they opened the doors and let the fans in. They were already cheering. It gave me one of the happiest feelings I have ever felt. I knew what we were doig was right. It was ment to be. And when it was time for us to be on stage.. I was a whole other person.
We took the stage and began to play our 1st song. The crowd was going crazy. Not alot of them were singing along but they looked really into it. We played 3 of our songs but we were ment to do 3. So durring sound check we decided to do DESTROYA by My Chem as soon as they realized what song we were playing theywent insane! Half way during the 'Check check' part I heard him start singing. Gerard and the rest of My Chem took the stage with us. I kinda froze up when I realized it and so did all the girls.. good thing the guys started to play.

"EVERYONE! GIVE IT UP FOR MY. CHEMICAL. ROMANCE!!!" I yelled into the mic. And I started walk off stage but Gerard's voice stoped me.

"Um excuse me ladies, but where do you think you're goin?... We want to prefrom with you guy. That alright?" He asked.

"Oh hell yeah!" We all said in unison. My voice was heard above the others though considering I had the mic and the girls were already playing.

"WOAH!! Dont believe what they say! We're dead flies in the summer time! They leave us all behind with duct tape scars on my honey!..." Gerard and I sang together. All I had to say was Dream. Come. True.
After that song we wee about to walk off stage but agin Gerard stoped us by askeing if we would play withthem durring their set. Us knowing ALL of their songs said yes. And let the boys lead we started off with Na Na Na, and the crowd was going wild, singing along and jammin out! This was so damn cool! Then when the 'Kiss me you animal' part came on I blew a kiss to the crowd, turned my head slightly and BAM!! Frank kissed me. Tounge and all. I was completely shocked, but I kissed back. The crowd was fucking lounder than ever! When we broke away I began to sing again like nothing ever happened.. We play through their whole set. I still couldnt believe what just happened.

Author's Note: I hope you guys liked it. Sorry if it's shit. Like I've said my sister and I have NEVER EVER wrote a fanfic and we're trying. Plese rate and review, so we can know someone is reading it.. Hell, if you dont wanna do that find us on twitter @Mesha221 and @devkay_barrow We'll talk to you, Lol! Just let us know what you think. Stay beautiful. Keep it ugly:)
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