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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5:
Nicole's POV:
When we walked off stage my energy was all over the place! I was so exausted but I was beyond pumped! We've never put on a show like that before! The fans were A-FUCKING-MAZING!! And on top of that.. Frank kissed me. I've been in love with that man since I was 14 or 15! And not that creepy fangirl love.. Well yea, it was.. Kinda. I hadnt even properly met him yet! Wow, I feel awkward now.

"Geez Frank! I thought you were gunna swallow her face!" Ray teased.

"Yeah, man! You're gunna scare her away! And she's to awesome to not have around! The girl can wail!" Mikey added.

"Aww! Thanks Mikey! Nice to know you think I sing good!" I was flattered.

"Frank, if she runs away it's your fault!" Gerard said. Messing with him of course.

"Sorry, Nicole. I was kinda going for Gee..But you were there so I uh.. yea.."

"Frank you dont need to apolagize. It's fine, it was only for the show. I totally get it. I've made out with J'Kayla before on stage.. It was funny." I said kinda blushing remembering that night.

"Well still.. I should have warned you or something." God, why cant he just get that it was ok.

"Really Frank.. I didnt mind." I said looking down at my feet. Now I really felt awkward. Thank God for Gerard changeing the subject!

"Oh man! You guys just missed LynZ do a backbend! I know that's yalls favorite part of the show!"

"Damn! I love it when she does her backbend," Nevaeh said. "It's so damn cool!"

During MSI's set we all took the oppertunity to shower, cause we smelt awful! We had another show here tomorrow so we didnt really need to hurry. After the show we all decided to hang out on the My Chem bus and chill. It was fun, we were drinking (except Gerard of course) and haveing fun.. We couldnt stop talking about the show.. The guys were saying that was one of the best crowds they've seen in awhile and MSI agreed. I was beyond exausted and my throat was kinda hurting so I decided to go to bed. I was already in my pajamas but I needed to brush my teeth so I went to the back where all our clothes were and I was surprised to find Frank back there with a beer in hand crying his eyes out. When he heard me walk in he tired to wipe his eyes but I told him he didnt need to hide his tears infront of me. Poor guy. I already kinda had a idea why he was crying.

"You okay? You're crying so im guessing not.. Wanna talk about it?" I asked him as I took a seat next to him on the floor.

"I dont wanna talk about it." he said quitely.

"I think it would be best. I know when I cry and when im upset I dont wanna talk to anybody.. But when I do I feel better.. I know what you're going through.. And it sucks.. Swallows too." I told him hopeing he would wanna talk.

"You have no fucking idea what im going through!" he said angryly. "You dont know what it feels like to have the love of your life cheat on you! And find em in your own bed fucking each others brains out!" Well gee.. thanks for makeing remember.

"Yeah I do.. Cause it happened to me a few months ago." I said a little shakey. I didnt wanna cry infront of him. (In fornt of anyone) But when he said that all those memories came back.

"Whatever.. You're just saying that so I'll talk to you about it.."

Now I was irritated. "Where the fuck do you get off thinking I would make that shit up?? That was the worst thing of my whole shitty fucking life and you think im just saying that?? Fuck you! I was just tryna help you!" Yup, I was definitly crying now. "I dont know why I even tried. You obviously just wanna dwell on the past.. Whatever. Im out." I said as I grabed my tooth brush and toothpaste so I could leave from there.

"Im sorry. I shouldnt have been an ass to you like that.. Im just tired of people trying to talk to me when they dont even understand what im going through." I didnt responed to what he said. The memories were overwhelming me and I just wanted away from there. As I opened the door to walk out he whisphered another 'Sorry.'
I didnt even brush my teeth, I went straight to my bunk so I could cried myself to sleep.

Nevah's POV:
Holy shit.. Who the hell is she yelling at?? I thought to myself. Everyone else was dead silenet. Probably wondering what the hell was going on.

"I'll go check on her." I said and got up to go see what was the matter with my sister. I found he in her bunk crying, so I layed beside her and hugged her.

"Go away" she groaned.

"Well not until you tell me why you were yelling."

"I was yelling because I can. Now kindly get off my jock strap and go fuck yourself." Wow, she must have been pissy.

"Who pist in your ceral??" I asked her.

"None of your damn business. Now go away!" Bitch.

"Fine but we are talking about this tomorrow." I said as I kissed the top of her head. "Night. Love you."


~Next Morning~
Nicole's POV:
I didnt sleep well at all. I cried myself to sleep, and tossed and turned all night. It was hell. I probably only slept 3 hrs. I dint even wanna get outta bed. It was 11:30 and I could that someone was awake. I really needed to pee so I got up outta bed and went to the restroom.
When I waked out I bumped into Frank. I was still a little pist at him but I was already kinda over it.

"Sorry." He whispered.

"For what?" I asked him I was ready to drop it. Like nothing ever happened.

"Well for being a dick last night and for bumping into you.."

"It's fine im over it. Can we just start over or well offically meet?"

He smiled and held his hand out. "Of course. Hi, im Frank Iero."

I giggled and shook his hand. "Im Nicole Vasquez, nice to meet you."

"Pleasures all mine."
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