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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6:
Nicole's POV:
I was haveing a shitty day. I was so exausted from crying like a dumbass last night AND Veah OF COURSE made me talk about it to her.. She was understanding but I really didn't care to talk about it to her (I was over it,) I only did it cause if I didnt she would never get off my back. It was 15 minutes til showtime and I was really tired/really pumped! I was so excited cause MSI was gunna come on stage with us on our last song and we were gunna play Bitches, which was one of the best songs ever written!
It was so cool being able to play with MSI! Jimmy was full of energy it made me feel even more tired watching him run around on stage. We were going so hard! LynZ even came up to me and asked if I wanted to stage dive with her and of course I did! It was so fun, besides people touching your ass, tits, and other privite areas.. That was kinda werid. Someone even took my ponytail holder outta my hair, that was kinda funny.. Thank God I left my shoes up on stage in a safe place. I woulda died if someone took those. Them Mf'ers were expensive!
After the show My Chem went on and asked me to come up there with them when they played I Never Told You What I Do For A Living, so that ment I couldnt shower til after that. Which was a Epic Fail!! I was so ready to get cleaned up! I reaked. When it was time for me to go on Gerard asked me to come out and I did, he also whispered in my ear if I would do a back bend (Like LynZ) if I could when the 'Down we go' part came on. And I did it was fun. I was singing along the best I could while doing that, the shits hard.. I must have been as read as my lipstick when I got up cause Frank, Gee, and Mikey laughed at me, Ray was to far and to into the song to pay attention. That was the last song of theirs so we thanked the crowd and walked off stage. Now I was beat.

"Uggh!! I need to shower!" I yelled out as I went to find Kassie cause she had my clothes. "KASSIE! Where are you?" I just couldnt find this kid. "KAAAA-" I was cut of when someone bumped into me, and of course I fell. Ugh.

"Shit! Im so sorry!" It was Frank, he tried to help me up.

"It's fine. I wasnt watching where I was going.." When I was up we were face to face. God, he was so cute! He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. I had to get away from him, I stunk and this was getting awkward. "Uh, I gotta go find Kass. I'll see you later." I told him as I walked away.

"Uh, alright" He yelled out at me. Man, I just wanted to be all over him! I swear, nothing could turn me on like a My Chem song and loking at Frank Iero's face! Ugh. When I found Kassie she was already walking on her bus.

"Kassie! Wait up! I need my clothes!" I yelled as she turned around and smiled.

"I was gunna wait for you but it's kinda hot in there.. Here" she said handing me my stuff. "You better hurry.. Busses pull of in 3o minutes" Shit.

"Alright!" I yelled out at her as I went to go shower.

Whhen I was out I felt so much better! Smelt better to. We only had about 10 minutes left til we pulled out and I was already wanting to go to bed so I went straight to my bunk not talking to anybody until I heard someone crying in there bunk. So naturally I need to see if I was able to make them feel better. I hated when people cried. It made me feel like shit. When I found the right bunk I could see that it was Ray and Christa's bunk, I knew it was Christa crying cause Ray was still showering when I got out. So I kinda knocked against the wall of the bus to see if she needed anyting or someone to talk to. I know It seems really annoying.. But I wanted to help.

Knock. Knock. Knock.
"Um.. are you okay?" I asked quietly. She opened the curtain to see who I was I guess.

"No! Im not okay! Ray hates me! I know he does! It's cause im fat, huge and gross! Who could love someone as nasty looking as me?!" She sobbed. Man, this baby was makeing her hormones CRAZY!

"Well did he tell you that??"

"Well.. no. But I know he does! Just look at me!" She said as she looked up and down at her body while laying on her side. It was kinda funny, but I couldnt laugh. "Im a ugly fat whore!"

My eyes bluged when she said that, poor baby was putting her thorugh hell "Honey, you are not a ugly fat whore. You are a beautiful pregnant woman. And im sure Ray doesnt hate you. You're his wife. He loves you."

"You dont know that!"

"Did he tell you he didnt??"

"No." She said quitely.

"Okay then... Christa honey, do you need anything? I'll go get it for you."

No, im fine. I just want Ray." She said begining to sob again.

"Well sweety he was in the shower when I left the venue but I can go check if he's out if you want" I offered.

She checked her phone. "No, he'll be here any second. We pull out in a few minutes.."

"Well alright.. " I said as I began to walk back to my bunk.

"Will you stay with me til he comes back??.. I dont wanna be alone."

That took me off gaurd. "Uh.. sure." And I went to sit on the floor in front of her bed.

"Thank you, Nicole. Im sorry you had to deal with me crying like that.. That must have been awkward." She apolagized.

"Aw, honey! You dont have to apolagize.. I dont mind! I've known alot of pregnant women in my life.. It's only natural for you feel that way."

"Ray says it's hormones.. I always tell him to shut up when he does. I hate that im a bitch to him cause of these damn hormones.. I feel like he'll get fed up and leave me."

"Well babe, I doubt that'll happen.."

"Hey, dont call my wife 'babe'! She's aaall mine!" Ray teased as he went to kiss Christa, I looked away it was awkward.

"Uh, i'll just be going then." I said as I got up to go to bed. I was so ready to crash!

"Nah, It's cool. You can stay."

"Well im kind of exausted.. We can hang out tomorrow if you want."

"That'll be cool. Night Nix." Ray and Christa told me.

"Night guys.."

I jumped into my bunk only to bump into Frank. Werid.

"Um? May I help you sir?" I said jokeingly. What the hell was he doing in my bunk.

"Uh.. Well I was kinda wondering if your offer about talking about uh.. stuff still stands?" He was kinda embrassed to ask I think. I guess I understood why. I wouldnt know how to ask that either.

"Uh, sure I guess. Where?"

"Here if that's ok."

Um well it's a little to small for me to sit up and it'll look werid if some walks in with us laying together" I laughed.

"Oh, I didnt think about that.. We can go to the closet area if you want"

"Yeah, that'll be cool." I said as I got up to walk back to the 'closet'. When we got there it was kinda awkward. I didnt really know what to say.

"Um so what exactly did you wanna talk about?" I asked.

"Well.. Kinda about my uh.. divorce and yours if you wanted.. Maybe we could talk about it." He said looking down. I saw a tear fall from his eye. I wiped it away.

"Honey you shouldnt cry over someone who hurt you like this. It took me awhile to figure that out for myself."

"How long?"

"About a month and a half.. more or less" Man, this was a touchy subject.

"How long were you married?"

"I was engaged. We had been together since I was 14. He cheated on me with some slut and I eneded it. Havent talked to that bastard since."

"Im sorry, that must of sucked." He said.

"It did. It made me want to give up on everything my dream and all. It was probaly the darkest point in my life." I said quitely. Tears were comeing down my face. I didnt want to cry but it was hard not to.

"Honey you shouldnt cry over someone who hurt you like this." He told me.

"I know." I whisphered. We talked for hours that night, we laughed, and cried.. And just kinda sat there in silence for atleast a hour and a half until we fell asleep.

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