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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7:
Nevaeh's POV:
I woke up around 12:30-ish. I got to see if anyone else was up, and everyone was in the front hangig out even Lil B was playing video games with the guys. I didnt see Nicole though.. Or Frank. Hhmm.. Werid. After I ate a granola bar and got a bottle of water I went to look for Nix.. She hand to be on the bus cause we were still on the rode. I checked her bunk and it was empty. I checked the bathroom and still no Nicole. I even checked Frank's bunk cause he was nowhere to be found either. Werid. Then I checked the 'closet' and BAM!! There they were on the floor sleeping like babies. It was cute they were all on the ground hugging each other, face 2 face. I wish I had my camera! I laughed when I saw Frank's morning wood against Nicole's uh.. area. They were so perfect for each other! Same height and everything! Except Nicole was like a shade darker than him. I was about the shade of Jimmy Urine.. Im sure we would have been whiter if we werent half hispanic. The white in us kept us pale-ish.
I couldnt get over how cute they looked! Nicole was wearing her white fluffy green and pink polka dot pajama pants with a white tank. Poor baby even wore her ugg boots to sleep. Even though she had no makeup on and her hair was a mess she still looked adorable! And OH MY GOD her boobs were almost poping outta her tanktop!! I laughed. And Frankie looked adorable to in his black t shirt and red pajama pants. Then it came to me. These to need each other!! Who cares if Frank is 15 yrs older than her?? I they end up loveing each other what would it matter? Man, I had to get them together but how??
Then I thought to myself.. 'Why the hell are they back here all snuggked up?' OMG WHAT IF THEY GOT TOGETHER LAST NIGHT?!?...Nah, my sister is not a slut. She wouldnt hook up with a guy after knowing him only like 2 days.. Even if she had a huge crush on him, she wouldnt do that..
That's when Ray walked in behind me.

"Wow. This is a sight." He whisphered as he went to grab something from his drawer.

"Yeah.. it is. Shocking really."

"I didnt think Frank would hook up with anyone for awhile.. Let alone a kid. She's not even 20 yet, right??"

"Yea.. but I dont think they hooked up.. She's not a slut. She's only been with one guy since she was 14 and they didnt do it til they were like 16.."

"Well she said she's a fan.. Maybe she had a fan girl moment and did."

"I doubt it.." I said I couldnt take my eyes off of them.

"Well you know her better than me so your're probably right.." He said as he walked out til I said..

"They're kinda cute together.. Dont ya think??"

"Yeah.. they're the same height to, huh?"

"Nah, he's 5 4.. she's 5 3. Dude! If they both like each other will you help me get them together?! They're so damn cute! Pleeease?!" I asked him.

"Uh, well only if they both like each other than yeah.." YES! He agreed!

"Well the girls loved him since she was like 14, so I think that'll be easy"

"Let's just hope Frankie boy here feels the same way" Ray said as he walked of. I followed him to the front to think about how we were gunna pull off Get-Shorty-And-Shorter-Together..

Nicole's POV:
I know I was still sleeping but I felt something pokeing me down there and HOLY SHIT WHO WAS I HUGGING?! I opened my eyes to see Frank's face half a inch from mine. I gasped and pulled away. Frank opened his eyes in shock.

"Holy shit! Im sorry!.. I didnt mean to wake you up." I whisphered. We were still pretty close but our arms were to our sides. I still felt somethinf pokeing me so I looked down and OH GOD it was Frank. He must of noticed to and pulled away.

"Fuck! Im sorry! Uh.. fuck.." he said as he sat up and put something over it.

"Chill bro. It's natural." I was still laying down streching out my limbs.

"Um, Nicole.. Could you not do that? You arent helping me situation.." He said looking at my body. Not my face at all. I laughed.

"My bad, bro.." I said as I stood up. "Im gunna uh.. go up front. You should take care of your uh.. "situation." I said as I walked out. I swayed my hips purposely just to mess with him. I heard him moan and I laughed. Maybe I shouldnt have done that. He might get the wrong impression. Ugh, well it was to late now. Fml. Why did I always gotta do stupid shit??
I went up to the front to find every one awake and hanging out. I took a seat at the table with Mikey, Alicia and B. B was drawing what seemed to be a flower and Mikey and Alicia were talking and eating brakfest.

"Hey! It's about time you woke up!" Alicia and Mikey said in unison. I just smiled and kinda laughed.

"Whatever.. Last night was intense."

"Mmmmhhhmmmmmm!!!" again they said it together.

"Forreal! Im still tired! I stage dived and did a backbend plus singig! Dude, Im dead!" I laughed as I took a piece of Mikey's bacon. "Hey that was mine!" he whined.

"Was." I said as Alicia laughed,

"Ugh!! Im trying to draw and you guys are bothering me!" Bandit yeled. God, that kid was cute.

"Sorry B!" All three of us said.

A little bit later Frank joined us and went to sit on the couch.

"So Frank.. how was your night??" Gerard was teaseing him already. He probably saw us sleeping on the floor or something.

"It was fine I guess..?" He answered. He was still tired is what I could tell from his voice.

"Just fine or really fine?"

"It was fine. Geez what's your problem?" Uh-oh. I think he made Frank mad.

"Well I kinda saw you and Nicole in the back sleeping with each other.. I was just teaseing you. Calm down." Dammit. Why did he have to say that?? It's not like we did anything.. I rolled my eyes at his comment.

"We didnt do anything! So shut the fuck up!" Everyones eyed poped. Damn. Frank must have been really pist. "We just fucking met! We talked, and fell asleep! What makes you think I'd sleep with some random slut when Im going through this shit?! Fuck you Gerard!" Did he just call me some random slut after we talked and I comforted his crybaby ass?? Fuck him!

"Dick." I said lound enough for that bastard to hear me and walked to my bunk. How dare that fucking bastard call me 'some random slut'?!?! I talked with that fucker til at least 3 in the morning, and he wanted to call me a slut?? I should hit that prick in his fucking teeth! Dammit!! Im crying. Why the fuck am I crying?? Probably cause im fumeing. Ugh! And remembering last night dosent help either.

Author's Note: Ok, I couldnt sleep so I wrote another chapter. I really hope you guys like it.. It's gunna get better. I promise! Please Rate and Reveiw! I dont care if you say it's complete shit of not! I just wanna know how we're doing! You can suggest some ideas to if you want! Lol! I might put another chapter up if I cant sleep.. Thanks so much for reading!!! XD
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