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Note regarding the next chapter.

by CosmicZombie 23 reviews

Not exactly bad news, but please read, guys.

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Hey, really sorry for doing an A/N, but I'm sure you guys are wondering why I'm not updating, and I just wanted to update you so you don't think I'm ditching this story or something.

Anyway, as you all know, I got glandular fever a few months back, and for any of you that don't know, it can take months to recover from and you get exhausted really easily if you overdo things. So yeah, what with trying to catch up with a years worth of schoolwork, finish three projects and keep updating my stories over the last few weeks, I've kinda overdone it.

okay, that's a slight understatement. I feel fucking shit. I've been in bed for the past few days and this is the first day I've actually managed to get downstairs.

So...yeah. I have got the next chapter partly written, and hope to get it up soon (in the next couple days) but I can make no guarantees. I'll also be updating my other story, Trying To Escape The Inevitable as soon as I can, but for the same reasons, it might be a little late.

Really want to post a xmas oneshot I've thought of, but will have to see how things go- might end up posting it after christmas instead :/

Thanks so, so much for all your amazing support- it means the world to me, seriously. Only three chapters left of this story now D; but I have an idea for a new funny frerard story to do after this if any of you would be interested in reading it?

Anyway, shall shut up now and go die in my bed. Uggh, I hate feeling ill.

Should have the chapter out before christms, but if I don't MERRY CHRISTMAS, GUYS! Hope you have the best christmas ever- you deserve it for being such amazing readers.

Love you all!

CosmicZombie xo
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