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ch 3

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gerard meets frank.....lets make a deal.

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(gees pov)

I walked to the park and waited for the man who wanted to be my partner. Plopping on a bench I watched geese swim in the lake Mikey used to love. I thought about the memories Mikey and I had had here when a short man walked up to me.He had black hair ,a lip ring, he wore red skinny jeans, a white dress shirt with the sleeves pulled up and a black vest with black and red hightops. "Hi. Im Frank Iero." he said. I sat up, woah.... Frank was a midget. I stuck out my hand.

"Gerard Way. So whats all this about?" I asked.He sat down on the bench next to me.

"Well. Id like to make a deal with you. This place has....sentimental value for me. My uncle now lives here and Id like to insure his safety. Also Ill be moving in him soon so I dont want you to think Im up to anything in your territory." Frank said. I nodded I could understand that. Id do the same for Mikey.

"I see. Frank I like you, you have smarts and you use them, alot of the fuck tards around here think they can get by with strength. I agree to keep your uncle safe, if we have wekly meetings . My house. Id like to work with you Frank. Lets go and start those meetings now." I said getting up.

"Alright." he said getting up and following after me.


(Franks POV)

I walked up the drive to Gerards. God his house was huge, it looked like something from ancient Greece.Im a bit more low-key myself.

When we walked in I heard a "Welcom home Gee!" coming from another room. Woah sexay voice. Its probobly his boyfriend. In fact a boys head popped from around the corner. Awwhh this kid was cute, he had mousy brown hair, and glasses that stayed on the very tip of his nose.

"Hey mikes! Frank, my baby brother Mikey. Mikey, Frank a new partner." Gerard said. The boy walked from around the corner. Holy mooseshit. This boy was beautiful.

Oh I knew 1 thing for sure from the moment I saw him : I have got to date him!


(Mikeys POV)

I looked at the boy infront of me and quirked an eyebrow at Gee. Partner? This guy looked like he could be a sluth not a partner. I should know what a sluth looks like, when I wasnt living with Gee he sent them after me. He said it was purely for my protection. Protection my ass, he wanted to make sure I didnt do anything stupid.

Gee took Frank and went to the den and I went up to my room. I didnt want to hear about his 'business deals.' I lied in my bed and thought about the day. I moved in with Gee, Im changing schools and come to think of it I met a super cute boy. The boy who I cant stop thinking about, the boy named Frank. I walked over to my dresser droor and pulled out my knife. Gee would be so dissapointed. But my parents would already be dissapointed that Im gay. Thats why this started. I guess it doesnt matter.

I slid the knife across my arms and tears fell into the open gashes. The pain left me, after all I had finally been punished for what I had done. I knew I shouldnt have done it but I just couldnt let it go.

Twalked over to my bathroom and washed the blood off myarms. I got rid of all the evidence and went to take a nap.

I started to think about tommorow. Would I have classes with Gee? Would I have classes with Ray? I knew he transfered to our school but neither of us knew our shcedual was. Would Frank be at my school? Would we have classes together? I guess Ill find out tommorow.

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