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To Prom We Go

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As I stand in my room in a tuxedo with a white shirt and silver tie I think back to the very first dance I’d ever taken Amber to…we were in sixth grade. That seems so long ago. I really can’t believe tonight is senior Prom. I have this really pretty corsage to give Amber. We’ll dance and I’ll kiss her like two people who really are in love. I smooth my hair down before I head downstairs to face my mom.

As soon as I hit the hard wood floor of the living room a picture is taken, blinding me for a second, “Jesus, mom.”

“You didn’t think you’d get away with it, did you?” she asks.

I just laugh nervously, shuffling my feet on the ground. I was really hoping to avoid my mother tonight.

“Oh honey, you look so handsome. Spin around. Let me see it.”

I sigh, put on a bored expression and do a circle.

“Oh your dad did a good job on finding you the right tux.”

“He took it to a tailor for me. He said if I was going to wear a tux I had to do it right.”

“Your dad reads too much GQ,” my mom says as she smoothes out my lapel. “You’re so handsome. I’m so proud of you.”

“Well… I’m gonna… go retrieve Amber.”

“Okay, but I want pictures. Make sure you get pictures, okay?”

I salute her, “I definitely will, bye mom.”

“Bye honey, have fun.”

“Will do.”

I head out the back door and turn on my car before going to get Amber. I ring the door bell, feeling just a little bit strange using the front door. The front stoop is unfamiliar territory.

Donna answers the door wearing a big smile, “Look at you! Come in. She’s still getting ready. You guys are going to look so great. I’m so excited for you.”

I just laugh nervously as Mikey, dressed in a suit with a red tie, comes over to me. He just stares at me for a minute before putting his hand on my shoulder, “Now remember, if you hurt her I’ll kill you. Keep your filthy hands off her at all times and uh…well you get the idea.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I answer.

“Amber honey, Frank is here!” Donna calls up the stairs.

“Coming!” she shouts back.

That’s when everything else stops mattering. At the top of the stairs stands my girlfriend. She is wearing a pretty white dress with silver straps and a V neck. It stops just past her knees and is made of some wispy fabric that flutters around her legs and makes me gulp. She has on diamond earrings and a silver snowflake necklace. Her red hair is curled around her face. She is wearing makeup and silver strappy shoes. Amber looks amazing.

I smile nervously at her and she returns it.

“Donna said I had to make an entrance,” Amber says once she’s reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Well you’re not supposed to tell him that,” Donna said.

Amber laughs, shrugging her shoulder, “I’ve been ready for an hour.”

“Well now you’re just taking all the fun out of it.”

I smile and reach out to take Amber’s hand, assuring myself that she is actually my date and I’m not dreaming.

“It’s okay,” I tell her. “My mom said I had to buy you one of these.”

I show Amber her corsage. It is a white rose with little silver ribbons. She could either pin it to her dress or wear it on her wrist. We decide to go with the wrist because the only place she’d be able to pin it would be on her breast and I’m sure Mikey wouldn’t want me touching her there.

“Alright, alright, at least let me get pictures,” Donna says pushing us together and lifting the camera.

Amber and I just do as we are told while Mikey snickers. This ends quickly when he is told to stand with us. We just laugh. After a few minutes Donna is content and lets us leave. I escort Amber to my car while Mikey goes around back to get his own.

When we settle into my car Amber immediately pulls the corsage off of her wrist, “Sorry it was itchy.”

I just nod, “Its okay. It was difficult to hold your hand with it on anyway.”

Then I reach over and stroke her cheek, pulling her face to mine to kiss her, “You look fucking stunning tonight.”

Amber’s cheeks turn a light shade of pink, “So do you.”

“Goddamn I can’t believe I get to kiss this girl every day.” I kiss her again. “Sorry, I was thinking out loud.”

“I like when you think out loud.”

We go back to kissing and I refrain from voicing what else I’m thinking about her dress.

“Alright, we gotta go. Donna keeps peeking out the window.”

“She’s nosy. C’mon.”

Amber pulls away and we both put on our seatbelts. I start the car, smiling over at my girlfriend.

“Off to prom we go,” I sing.

Amber laughs, doing a half enthusiastic fist pump, “Yay.”

Note: Next chapter is prom :) I'm pretty excited. Haha. I've been listening to more recent music to get in the right state of mind. The chapter should be up tonight. Get excited.
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