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Last Night of Our Mostly Wasted Youth

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"If you say so."

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Once school starts up again Frank and I spend time apart. I’m finishing up my home school stuff and he’s busy trying to finish up late home work and study for exams. We are both looking forward to Prom though.

Aunt Donna is more than excited about me going. On Wednesday she lets me skip doing school work and takes me into the city to find a dress. Although I don’t really enjoy this I do find a dress I’m quite proud of. I hope Frank will like it.

I’ve gotten into the habit of only taking off Frank’s charm bracelet when I take a shower. It has also been decided that I will not add any other charms. I just feel like this is a part of Frank that is with me even when he can’t physically be there. I want to keep it looking exactly the same way as the day he gave it to me.

On Thursday Mikey issues my final math test of the year before taking me to get my permit. In truth I don’t remember half the stuff I read in the little driver’s book. This doesn’t matter. I pass the test and am set to start taking drivers - Ed in summer. I’m still in shock that I actually managed to pass. Mikey treats me to an ice cream cone.

Bob comes around on Thursday afternoon because he’s curious as to what my Prom dress looks like. Although I refuse to put it on I still show it to him making him swear he wouldn’t go over to Frank’s house and tell him about it.

Together Bob and I convince my shut in cousin to go to Prom. I paid Frank to buy him a ticket. After he hears this he can’t say no. The three of us spend the next hour trying to iron Mikey’s white button up and find a tie that doesn’t look stupid. I just wish he had a proper date.

Donna comes home from work with a box of side walk chalk. For some reason this excites me more than it really should. Feeling very much like a child I grab hold of Mikey and Bob dragging them out front with me. For the next few hours we draw random pictures in the alley, tracing the outline of each other. It’s actually pretty fun.

Bob leaves at five, informing us that if he isn’t home for dinner his mother will have a fit. After a round of hugs and more promises to not tell Frank or anyone else about my dress Bob gets in his car and drives away. I’m really glad that Bob is still willing to be my friend.

“So this is really happening, huh?” Mikey says as we sit under the dinning room table eating through a pizz.

“Yup, you Michael James Way are going to a school dance. Prom to be more exact,” I laugh.

“This goes against everything I believe in.”

“It’ll be good for you and if you don’t enjoy it you can always drive yourself home,” I answer with a shrug.

I’m very excited about Prom. It will be the first dance that I go to with Frank being my boyfriend. It’s all very exciting. Prom will be out very last night of being children. After that night we will have to take on the adult state of mind. As Prom being our last night of freedom I begin to formulate a plan in my head.

“If you say so,” Mikey answers before getting up and disappearing to his room.

I spend a long time sitting under the table silently repeating a chant Liz taught me a few years back. It’s some Wiccan chant about circles. For some reason it’s helping me keep my mind clear tonight. As I lay out my plan in my head my stomach does a few flips. Prom will be the best night my youth.
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