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I Don't Love You [Like I Did Yesterday' *3*

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Taylor's Pov:

Fuck, tonight was going to be the first time I've seen Gerard, in over 5 years. I wonder if he still loves me? Ha, probably not. He's probably married to that whore now. Well, at least I was married to someone, who would actually stay faithful.

We were getting closer and closer to where the next show was going to be, and I couldn't get more nervous. I mean, what if he was still in love me, even if he had a wife and kid?.

I looked down at my stomach, and rubbed it. Helena kicked and moved around inside me. I smiled and looked up over at Billie. He was busy talking with the guys about tonight, but he looked over when he noticed me staring. He smiled, and walked over.

"How are my girls?" he asked, looking down at my stomach. He put his hand on it, and the baby kicked again, under his hand, causing him to grin.

"Were both fine, but I'm a little nervous about seeing Gerard again."

"Don't worry about it,if he messes around with you, I'll fuck him up, but I doubt he will anyways. I was on the phone with Mikey earlier, when you were sleeping, he told me Lindsey, his wife, is pregnant."

I looked at him in shock. "Lindsey? I knew it! Of course he'd go to that slut after we broke up, I bet you, that isn't even his baby!"

Billie laughed. "it's not that bitch, it's a different Lindsey, have you ever listened to the band, msi, before?"

I stared at him confused. "umm, yeah, a little bit, why?"

"Well he's married to Lindsey Ann Ballato, she's the bassist for the band."


"Anyways, is Helena all ready for daddy's band tonight?" he asked,keeping his hand on my huge stomach, where Helena was.

I giggled when I felt her kick. "Yeah, of course she is."

Billie smiled and kissed me. "Good."

I smiled, as Mike and Tre came over to us.

"Alright you two, break it up. Now is not the time to be all mushy and shut with each other."

"Fuck off,Tre." Billie said, kissing me again.

"You don't need to be so mean." he pouted,looking over at me,when Billie and I pulled away from each other. I laughed.

"Besides, Its my turn to talk to Helena " Mike said,looking down at my stomach. "May I?" he asked,looking back up at me. I smiled and nodded. "Sure."

He knelt down in front of me, and pressed his lips on my stomach, I giggled.

"Helena, your daddy is a meany butt. He whispered, talking to my baby. "I hope you're not like him, we really don't need a female version of your dad around."

I laughed, as Billie walked over and yanked Mike back on his feet, by his hair. He cried out in pain. "Aww shit, Billie,fuck!" he glared at my husband, rubbing his head.

Billie rolled his eyes, but smiled. ''You were telling my child, that I was mean, I don't want her hating me, when she's not even born yet.''

''But you really are mean!'' Mike argued.

''Yeah, but only to you two nitwits.''

''Hey!'' Mike and Tre said, glaring at their bandmate. I laughed. ''Oh, you guys. Stop acting like children, you are not really being good role models to Helena, right now.''

''Sorry.'' They all muttered, looking down at the floor, in shame.

I laughed. ''You men should get ready, we are almost at the next show. Take a shower, because all three of you stink.''

''I call dibs on the shower first!'' Tre cried out. Mike and Billie glared at him.

''No, I get the shower first!''

''No, I do!''

''Boys, please.'' I said, rolling my eyes. ''Stop acting like children. Billie gets to go first.'' I smiled,

''What?!'' Mike and Tre stared at me. ''No fair! Just because he's-''

I cut him off. ''Stop it.''

Mike and Tre rolled their eyes, crossing their arms, and stomped off, like 5 year old boys do, when their parents tell them to do something, that they don't want to do. I giggled and looked at Billie.

''What are we going to do with them?'' I asked, laughing.

Billie rolled his eyes, and shook his head. He leaned over and kissed me. ''I'll be out in 10 minutes.''


~ ~ ~

Billie hold my hand, as we walked up onto the stage. Tonight, was an outside show. The concert started in 2 hours, but the guys needed to set up and reherse a little, before the fans started showing up.

I looked around for Gerard and his band, but I don't think they were here yet. I looked back over at Billie, biting my lip. I was so fricken nervous!

''Calm down.'' Billie told me, laughing. ''It's going to be alright. Remember what I told you. If he messes with you, you tell me, and I'll fuck him up.''


''Sorry we're late.'' A voice said, from behind us. I froze. I knew that voice! Billie and the guys turned around to greet Gee and them.

''I brought my wife with me, she's a big fan of yours too.'' Gerard said, smiling.

''Yeah, you have no idea.'' I heard Lindsey, his wife say.

''Nice to meet you, then.'' Billie and the guys told her, smiling.

''TAYLOR!'' Frank screamed, running over to me, and gave me a giant bear hug, picking me up, or well, he tried to. ''Oh my god, you're so heavy!'' He grunted, putting me down.

''Nice to see you too,Frank.'' I said, smiling at him. He grinned. I turned to face Gerard and the rest next. My eyes almost shot out. Gerard had went back to the bright red hair again, I see.

Lindsey smiled, and walked up to me. ''You must be Taylor, Gee's ex?''

I laughed a little. ''Yep, that's me.''

''Nice to meet you, and oh my god.'' She squealed, her attention now down on my stomach. ''Are you having a girl or boy?''

''A little girl.'' I smiled, looking past Gerard, who was still staring at me, and over at Billie. He smiled and walked up next to me.

''Really? Aww! What did you guys decide to name her?''

''Helena.'' Billie told her, proudly. He shot Gerard, a little glance, and he finally snapped out of it, he smiled a little at me.

''Taylor.'' He coughed, nodding a little.

''Gerard.'' I said, biting my lip.

~ ~ ~

A?N: Crappy, I know. But hey, I'm sick, cut me some slack. Lol hope you enjoyed :3

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