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I Don't Love You [Like I Did Yesterday] *4*

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Taylor's Pov.

We stood there, staring at each other, awkwardly, not knowing what to say to each other. Lindsey, Billie, and the guys stood silently watching us, until Billie coughed, breaking the silence.

''Well, we better get ready, the fans will arrive soon, and we still need to practice, Tay,baby, you and Lindsey go to the side of the stage, so you girls, don't get in the way and such.''


Mikey attacked me, before I could finish speaking. I laughed, and hugged him back. ''Oh hey Mikey, nie to see you again, too.''

He laughed, and pullled away. ''Yeah me to, I missed you. We all did, espicially Gerard.''

''Shut up, Mikey.''

Mikey laughed and shook his head. ''Anyways, how's things with the baby?'' He said, smiling down at my belly. I smiled and rested my hand on it. ''Great, she's very healthy. What about Ali and Nicole, how are they?''

''They're great. Nicole's almost 6 now,can you believe that? They grow up so fast, I tell you.''

''Yeah, they do.'' I smiled, rubbing my belly. ''Yeah, they do.''

''Okay, you two, that's enough chit-chat. You can gossip all you want, later. Mikey, I need you, come here.''

Mikey laughed. ''Talk to you later, enjoy the show.'' He said, walking off towards Billie and them. I sighed and waddled over to where Lindsey stood.

She smiled at me. I smiled back, a little.

Helena gave me a hard kick again, and I gripped my stomach tighter, and Lindsey must've noticed and she was looking at me concerned.

''Taylor, you alright there?''

I looked at and nodded. ''Of course, I am.'' I smiled, and Helena gave me another hard kick. I gasped out in pain. ''Fuck.'' I moaned.

''Taylor, are you sure?'' She asked again.

''Yeah, I'm s-''

Another sharp kick,

''Oww.'' I moaned louder, holding onto my stomach tighter. Helena was frantically moving around inside me 'baby, please calm down.' I whispered, a tear rolling down my cheek.

''Taylor, I'll go get the guys if you want, you really don;t look okay. Is it the baby?'' Lindsey asked worriedly. ''Are you having contractions?''

I shook my head, and held my stomach tighter, as the baby gave me another hard kick. ''N-no.''

''I'll go get the gu-'' I grabbed her hand, and pulled her back, before she got the chance to walk away. ''I'm f-fine, Helena is just giving me hard kicks right now.'' I told her, still holding onto my stomach.

She relaxed a little. ''You sure?''

''Yeah.'' I smiled, and released my stomach, as soon as Helena stopped kicking and moving around. Lindsey smiled. ''You okay now?''

''Yeah, she stopped.'' I said, looking other at the guys. Billie and Gerard were talking to each other, while Mikey, Mike, Frank and Ray, tuned up their guitars. Tre just stood there, listening to Gerard and Billie's conversation.

''When are you due?'' Lindsey asked, smiling at me.

''Near Christmas.''

''Wow, really?''

I nod. ''Yeah, she's going to be my christmas present, to Billie.'' I smiled, rubbing my stomach.

''That's so cool. He will defo love his present then.'' She laughed. ''I'm also pregnant.''

I looked up at her, and smiled. ''Oh, really? That's cool. How far along?''

''4 weeks.''

''Have you told Gerard, yet?'' I asked, biting my lip.

''Yeah. He wants a girl, but I want a boy.''

''Well, I'm sure you guys will be happy with whatever you're having. Who knows? You could be having twins.''

I watched as Lindsey's face paled. ''Twins? t-two babies? I'd have to push out 2 babies?'' She asked, starting to freak out a little, as she looked down at her still flat stomach.

I was about to say something, until Gerard came running over to us. ''Linds, you alright? What happened?'' He demanded, while looking at me.

I rolled my eyes. He thought I did something to her. I liked Lindsey, so why would I? He thought I'd be jealous or something?

''Gee, relax.'' Lindsey laughed, calming down. ''Taylor, didn't do anything.''

''Then why did you look like you were going to pass out?'' He asked, still looking at me. I rolled my eyes, and looked away.

''It's nothing. Don't worry about it.'' She said, giving him a kiss on the lips. He pulled her in to him, and deepened the kiss. I looked ahead, as the couple beside me, started making out. Did he actually think, I'm jealous? I looked back, and he had his left eye opened, and it was staring at me.

I rolled my eyes, and looked away again.

They pulled away, and as Gerard was about to walk past me, he whispered something to me. ''You're so jealous.'' He smirked, before going back to the guys.

I scoffed, and crossed my arms. The nerve of him. I was not jealous of Lindsey and him! Couldn't he see that I was pregnant and happily married to Billie? No, don't think he does. Guess, I gotta make it more obvious.

''How long have you guys been married?'' I asked, staring over at Gerard.

''2 years.'' She smiled.

''Really? That's nice.''

Gerard turned his head towards me, and smirked. He waved a little. I rolled my eyes and looked back at Lindsey.

''Yeah, I just love him so much.'' She gushed, grinning. ''I really can't wait until I have the baby.''

I smiled a little. She was so happy with him. Lindsey was a great girl, I hope Gerard doesn't fuck it up, and cheat on her with that slut, like he had done with me.

''How about, you and Billie?'' She asked.

''5 years.''

'''5 years? That's good. You guys must really put up with each other, to stay together that long.'' She giggled, smiling at me,

I laughed. ''Yeah, we still have our fights and shit, but we always make up an hour later.''


I smiled, and looked back over at the guys. Gerard was still smirking over at me, as he was setting up the mic and stuff. I sighed, and looked over at Billie. He smacked Tre on the side of the head, and I giggled.

Tre glared at him, rubbed his head, and walked away from him, muttering to himself. Billie shook his head, and went back to tuning his guitar. Wonder what Tre did.

I felt Helena kick again, not as hard as before though, thank god. I smiled, and rubbed my stomach, feeling her kicks underneath my hand.

''Can I?'' Lindsey asked, biting her lip.

I looked up, and smiled. ''Yeah, of course.''

She smiled, and reached her hand down and placed it on my stomach. Helena kicked under her hand. She gasped.

''Wow, that's so cool! I can even feel her move around.''

I smiled. ''Yeah, it's pretty amazing. I can never get tired of it, neither can Billie. He just loves talking to her and all.''

''That's so cute.'' Lindsey gasped, covering her mouth.

''He even kisses it.'' I smiled.

''Aww!'' Lindsey squealed, a little too loudy. She covered her mouth, and I looked over and notices that Mikey, Gerard, and Billie were staring at us. We both blushed, and waved. They looked at each other, and shrugged.


I laughed.

''I like you, Lindsey. You're pretty cool.''

She grinned at me. ''Thanks, I'm glad. I like you too!''

I smiled. ''So wanna be friends?'' I asked, sticking out my hand. She gladly took and shook it. ''Friends.'' She said, grinning.

''This is the start of a beautiful friendship.'' I said, laughing.

She laughed and agreed with me. ''Totally.''
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