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You're a heart attack in black hair dye

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Just a short frerard two/three? shot PLEASE READ A/N!

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A/N - Hey guys! My laptop's gone dodgy again so I'm writing this on my wii for you sexy people! Oh and have you guys read the milk fic with Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie? It's gross but I'd like to know your views of it. If you want to read it then I'll post the link,
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Frank's POV
Today was a weird day, I'll tell you that! Gee was acting all weird but when I asked him about it he just shrugged me off. He shrugged me off! After all that I decided to talk to Gerard's ex fiance, Lindsey; no one knew why they broke up, but it must have been bad because Gerard winces at even just a hint of her name. The thought of anyone hurting my Gerard brought me to tears. I love him with all my heart, he's my best friend. But that's it, and what I heard from Lindsey made me question everything I thought I knew...

I walked the 10 minute walk from mine and Mikey's (and recently Gerard's flat, to Lindsey's place two blocks away to get the answers that I so longingly searched for. Gerard has been breaking apart a tiny bit more each day but he didn't realise that he was mentally scarring Mikey and I. He didn't seem to care that when he comes home drunk and high every night, it's me and poor Mikey picking up the pieces. The thing is, last night Gerard couldn't have done a more traumatic thing to Mikey.
I shouted at him to stop but he wouldn't listen. He couldn't listen. Mikey was only trying to help him but instead, we ended up in A&E for the whole evening. Gerard had punched Mikey in the face, it hurt me so bad. I heard a crunch as Gerard's fist collided with Mikey's face. I turned away and fell back against the wall, tears were streaming down my face. I couldn't stop them. Gerard looked at Mikey (Who was still recovering from shock and a fractured nose) and came over too me. He quietly whispered in my ear 'You're a heart attack in black hair dye. You just don't know it yet' I had no idea what he meant so I got my car keys and drove Mikey to the place I hated more than school. The Hospital.

Why won't Gee listen to me? Why won't he realize that he's throwing everything away for a reason that he won't even tell his brother and his best friend. I feel so sorry for Mikey, he's done nothing wrong and deserves that from Gee? I don't think so. I can't say that I don't love Gerard because I do. More than the world. Since my sister disappeared, Gerard and Mikey have been like brothers to me more than anything and I don't want to see either of them hurt. Seeing Gerard hit Mikey like that hurt. Not physically but mentally. To see the two people you care most about about get hurt then it's difficult to cope. Gerard wasn't hurting himself physically but menta- Actually. He probably is hurting himself physically. Oh god. I want to see if Mikey's alright but I want to back and see if Gerard's alright. It's only a broken nose. I'm sure Mikey won't mind. Well, here goes nothing.

Did you like my update then? It's only a short paragraph onto the end of the first chapter but hey, Can't hurt can it? I thought you needed something as I hadn't updated in a while. You guys deserve it! Oh and please R&R because If I get no reviews then I probably won't update this. Okay, thanks fags!
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