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Because talking to yourself is... Normal?

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Gerard starts to regret his actions...

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Gerard's POV

"I never meant to hurt Mikey. I love him more than anyone or anything in the whole world, Why did I hurt him? Oh I hope he's alright... He has Frank. He'll be fine..." I spoke aloud.

I was worrying so much about Mikey. I didn't mean to hurt him.

It wasn't Mikey I'd hurt the most. He understood. It was Frank.

Lindsey was the only one who understood that I loved him. I loved Frank Iero.

He hates me. He hates everything about me

No, Gerard. Listen, he loves you.

Bullshit. No he doesn't. He's straight, remember.

And that's what he thinks you are.

He spoke to Lindsey. I think he knows full well you're not.

The heartwarming smiles, the way his hazel eyes glisten in the bright twinkling sun... sigh

You're pathetic Gerard. He'll never love you

You mean you?

That's you as well dumbass

I miss him.

It's over, Gerard. Frank will never love you after this. Get over yourself

I know.

Good boy, now go find Frank and Mikey and apologise.

I should probably sober up a bit first...

Oh. Yeah.
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