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I Love You, I Love You Gerard Way.

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Forgiving brothers, drug addictions and the not so straight Frank Iero...

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Frank's POV

I started to make my way back home, I was worried about Gerard. I got in the car with Mikey and started the car up instantly. As I was driving my stomach was turning and my heart was racing. Mikey obviously noticed this because he asked me what was wrong.

"I'm fine, I'm just worried about Gerard." I answered, half truthfully.

"Oh give it a rest Frankie. It's more than that, I know it is." Mikey responded, wincing as he pushed his glasses up his nose.

"Gerard's not like this because of Lindsey leaving him. It's my fault."

Mikey looked confused so I decided that now was the time to tell him.

"Gerard's in love with me. I think. That's what Lindsey said and I hope she's right because I love him too. More than the world." I realized that I had tears rolling down my already tear stained face and Mikey put his hand on my shoulder as I drove up their road.

"I know he loves you, Frank. It's obvious. Don't be afraid to talk to him about it, you two are perfect together"

Frank smiled at Mikey and took a deep breath, his insides were turning against him at that moment. Frank unlocked the front door and went inside to find it was completely tidy, not a train wreck like it was earlier.

Gerard's obviously sobered up.

Obviously, He'll be in bed now so I suggest you go up and-

My thoughts were disrupted by a piercing scream, one that I had heard many times before. I ran upstairs to Gerard's room to find him sitting up in his bed, sweat and tears running down his face. I shot over to him and jumped on the bed next to him, wrapping my arms tightly round him. I heard footsteps as Gerard sobbed into my hoodie. I looked up at the door to see Mikey biting his lip. I nodded at him and he tiptoed downstairs, making sure Gerard didn't hear him.

"I-I had t-that nightmare a-again" Gerard said, in between sobs. I held him closer and told him it was going to be alright. When Gerard was a child he was sexually abused by his dad and told poor 6 year old Gerard not to tell anyone. When his Dad moved out, Gerard became closer to me at the age of 8 when I was just 7. I helped him through and by the time Gerard was 12 he knew he had to tell someone. He told me and Mikey so every night he would have nightmares about it, we now knew what they were about. Gerard hadn't told his mother then and waited till he was 15 to tell her. That was the breaking point for Gerard. His nightmares became worse, he'd started cutting and he had to have therapy. His father had been put on death row and it was too much for him. After treatment Gerard seemed fine, the nightmares were less frequent and he wasn't cutting anymore but there was something still wrong with him. I tried getting it out of him but he still wouldn't tell me. I gave up after that, he needed time and I was prepared to give it to my best friend.

Gerard finally fell asleep in my arms, his breathing faint but strong. I looked down at Gerard and kissed his forehead. "I love you, I love you Gerard Way. More than the world" Frank closed his eyes and wrapped his arms tighter around Gerard's body. "I love you too, Frank Iero" Gerard said, opening his eyes. Frank opened his eyes also and smiled at Gerard. Frank lent forward and kissed Gerard passionately and said one more thing before drifting asleep next to Gerard.

"You're a heart attack in black hair dye, but you're my heart attack in black hair dye"

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