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why dont you blow me a kiss before we go?


On a trip to the circus Mikey thinks it's love at first sight... But how will he handle her 'problem'? (Btw the rate is for future chapters if needed :D) x

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Not so sure what you will think about this one... Please review and tell me if it's too much xx

Mikey's POV

I was on my way home, to the house I shared with my brother when we weren't on tour, when I saw it.
The circus.
I'd seen the brightly coloured posters all over, inviting you to come and see the amazing, British circus. I was guessing many people would be going as this was the first British one in a while, plus the acrobats on the posters were fit, but it hadn't really interested me...
Until now.
The field was ablaze with activity. On one side a HUGE, red big top tent was set up, people were appearing from and disappearing into it's velvety walls. The other half was cluttered with those caravan-things and kids weaved around them, laughing away.
Slowing the car, I opened the window and gaped in awe, a few large vans that looked like cages sat away from the caravan village. One shook violently and a large roar erupted from the depths of it. I gave a low whistle, wow that sounds awesome!

I scrambled out of my car and legged it to the front door, slamming it behind me.

"GERARD ARTHUR WAY!! GET YOUR LAZY BUTT DOWN HERE!" There was a crash from the direction of the elder Way's room. Two sets of footsteps pounded down the stairs but only one person stepped into view.
Gerard's white-blond hair was looking extremely dishevelled, his t-shirt neck was twisted and the top button of his skinnies undone. I raised an eyebrow. 

"Bloody hell, Mikey! You scared the living shit outta me! What's up?" Gerard blushed viciously as I looked from his undone pants to his face.

"Had some fun, brother dear?"

"N-no. Err... I don't know what you're talking about." I laughed at his stuttering and pushed past him at the doorway, looking around the corner for my brother's latest lay. 
My jaw dropped when I saw who it was.

"FRANK?!" I cried. He smiled sheepishly and chewed at his lip. I thought 'Frerard' was just a stunt to shove in the faces of the homophobes.
I never realised it was more than that.

"P'wah" I needed to sit down, my head was spinning as I tried to take it all in.
Frank was in a similar state to Gerard and they both tried to sort themselves out as I sat with my head on my knees.

"So... What did you need?" Gerard asked nervously, I looked at him through my fingers. 

"There's a circus in town, I wanted to go and see it... Hold on," I looked at the clock on the wall,"it starts soon! Call Ray, I'll get changed." I stood quickly and dashed up the stairs.
My room was a bomb site as I waded knee deep through the crap to get to my wardrobe. Pulling on a different hoodie and smudging on some eyeliner, my brain buzzed with the thoughts of my brother going out with Frank... I felt happy for them, I really did, but I felt kinda sick. Not from the fact that they're both guys but... It was just strange thinking about my brother and another member of our band.
I suppressed the thoughts and rushed downstairs once more.

The four of us wandered about the campus in a daze. The public were limited to an area outside of the big top but it was one freakin' sight! Acrobats jumping around everywhere, men on stilts, magicians, clowns, loads of acts to entertain you while the main acts set up... Even cotton candy.
After ten minutes the acrobats cartwheeled their way to the entrance of the tent and started giving tickets in exchange for $5. The young girl giving us ours was wearing a skin tight, bronze leotard rimmed with silver, her eyes widened as we approached and she stuttered out the price before asking for an autograph. We signed the leotard, Frank signing in a highly... personal area, and took a seat in the tent.

The place was massive! The seats circled the centre, barr several entrances for the performers. Two huge poles sat across from each other in the centre, a ladder running the length of each one and a tight rope connecting them; a cannon was parked at the side and Several hoops on stands were stacked in the corner.
Our Front row seats offered us a great view of the Ringmaster as he stepped from the largest entrance. He was wearing the typical outfit of a red jacket with gold buttons, black trousers and a top hat, he even had jet black hair and one of those weird curly moustaches like Dali. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Welcome... To Circus Brittania. Our circus has been together for many a year adding acts on our tours across Britain until we began to visit Europe and now America. Some of our acts are no different to others you may have seen, yet... We have performers that will blow your mind with their skills. Thank you and enjoy." He made a grand, sweeping gesture with his arm and exited. 
Okaaaaaaaaaay, weird speech.
Gerard giggled softly beside me and I spied Frank placing hand high up on my brother's thigh. I shuddered.
The first act were a pair of clowns...literally. Paper white faces with tears rolling down their cheeks and striped pants, it was hilarious. The whole crowd were rolling in their seats as the clowns rolled around the centre. 

The next acts were blurs as the night wore on; acrobats, a strong man, a lion, dancing elephants and countless magicians and clowns. The last act of the night was led on by the Ringmaster himself. She was a young woman in her early twenties, wearing skin tight, black shorts and a low-cut, black top that revealed strip of toned stomach. Her bright, bubble gum pink hair hung to her hips.
I'm describing you.
I leaned forward in the hard, plastic chair as the Ringmaster guided you to one of the poles and raised your hand until it wrapped around a rung in the ladder. With each rung you climbed your hair and ass swung in unison, I was deeply attracted to you with your straight, sharp nose, high cheekbones and perfect, rosebud lips. Once you'd reached the platform you stood for a moment, rapidly tapping your bare foot, before taking a deep breath and stepping onto the tightrope. It wasn't all that high but it was the thinnest rope I'd ever seen and the things that acrobat did on it was mind blowing.
You easily walked to the middle of the rope where you leaped in the air and flipped, landing once again on the rope. You performed a backwards walkover, landing in splits and dropped underneath the rope where you hung by your bare hands. A few more stunts like this, then your cheerily skipped along the rope to the centre and stepped off it. Women screamed, kids cried and I covered my eyes with my hands, peeking through my fingers early enough to witness you land on your feet with cat-like grace. The audience erupted into applause while the Ringmaster-dude dashed back to this amazing person. 

"Thank you. Thank you everybody. This is Morgan, my daughter." That's when I noticed: Your eyes were the most beautiful grey I had ever seen, you didn't even have pupils. Like storm clouds laced with silver. That's when I think I truly started falling for you. 

Gerard's POV

I'd noticed my brother's interest in you. If you ask him now he'll say I didn't... But I did. The moment you walked through the velvet curtains, his interest was peaked. I analysed the way he leaned forward in his chair, his brow furrowed, lips pursed and nose wrinkled slightly. It was adorable! My little brother had a crush. 
Knowing you now... He deserved you; the very best.
But at the time I was uneasy. Many of Mikey's past relationships had been based on lies and manipulation, the girls were looking for money and fame, targeting on the less noticed of the band. His fragile heart had broken so many times it seemed that as soon as the organ had patched itself up: it shattered again. I felt it was my duty to protect my little brother's delicate feelings.

At the end of the show the audience were allowed to visit the performers caravans. The four of us visited the strong man first. And boy was he strong! Somehow the guy managed to lift all four of us up at once. 
From out elevated perch we were easily seen by the other visitors and soon we had a crowd, climbing over each other to get autographs.
We signed a few but refused to do anymore.

"You fail! Your music's crap anyway!" One guy shouted, throwing something at us and just missing. The strong man pushed his way through the crowd and we followed in his wake.

"Thanks, mate" I clapped him on the shoulder, wincing when he mirrored my actions. Only ten times harder.

"No problem" he chuckled before walking back to his cabin.

We visited a few other acts; the acrobats (who were mighty fit and very flirty), the stretchy guy (who made a move on one very straight Ray. We laughed. Ray didn't) and the bearded lady. 
When the crowd started to thin: we don't remember. It seemed that all of a sudden the place was deserted. The path we were walking on stopped at a caravan. It was shaped like a can and made from painted red and yellow wood.

"Should we be here?" Ray asked, ever the sensible one. Frank just laughed and skipped up the steps before knocking on the red door.
When he returned to my side, where I felt he belonged, his tattooed hand slipped into mine. A burst of electricity shot through me, making me shiver and Frank gently squeezed my hand.
There was a creak as the door opened.

Mikey's POV

A pair of midnight eyes stared at us from the doorway, then the red door swung open fully and a loud voice boomed;

"Welcome! May I ask what your business is here? In the restricted area?" The Ringmaster twirled his moustache.

"W-we... We didn't realise it was restricted. Sorry! We'll be going." Frank grabbed my brother's arm and twirled to walk away. 

"No no! Stay! Why would I turn away great musicians?" He asked with a sly smile. "Sit" he gestured to a rickety picnic table by the cabin. 
We sat.

"So, was our circus to your liking?" The four of us were too scared to speak, there was just something about this guy that was unbelievably intimidating. 
Finally I found the nerve to speak up;

 "It was great, sir. We thoroughly enjoyed it" I was momentarily surprised at my formal tone before the Ringmaster was speaking again.

"Which was your favourite act?" He leaned forward on his forearms and looked each of us in the eye.

"The Tightrope walker" the words poured from my mouth before I could stop them. I clamped my legs together as the memory came back to me and another... Feeling arose.
Gerard threw me a knowing smile and the two guitarists looked confused at why I was blushing so ferociously. 

"I-I didn't see her when we were visiting the other performers and I wanna say I thought she was amazing" I smiled slightly and Ringmaster joined me.

"Well, being my daughter, Morgan lives in a caravan near mine. but I'm afraid she doesn't-"

"I don't what?" A voice, heavily laden with a North-eastern British accent, came from the doorway of a caravan near the Ringmaster's.

"Morgan, dear. I was just explaining how you don't do viewings" You stepped from the doorway and onto the wooden steps, now wearing a tight Bowling for soup t-shirt and a pair of ripped skinnies... I was speechless once more.

"It's fine, I'm bored anyway" I expected you to come and sit down but you just stood there, tapping your foot repeatedly until your father sprung into action and guided you down the steps, the band looked at each other in puzzlement , what the hell?
But, ignoring that, we began to compliment her talent. Later we would notice that your head spun towards us before we even began to speak. Spooky.
Eventually the guys started a conversation with your dad and we were left. As I took a breath to speak your head whipped in my direction, your eyes focusing on my face so hard it was like you were burning a hole in my head.

"Umm... So what music are you into? I see you're wearing Bowling for soup t-shirt" I asked carefully, watching your expression change from blank to unbelievably happy. 

"Oh! Well that's what they say... I can't really tell. But, yeah, I love BFS as well as black veil brides, avenged sevenfold and of course My Chemical Romance! They're the best! So many times they've saved my life... If I ever got to meet them I'd... It'd mean so much..." You sighed and your eyes glazed... But I was confused.

"Morgan... Do you know who I am?"

"Oh god! My manners are so bad! I'm so sorry I never asked for your name" you looked so guilty it pained me not to laugh away and take you into my arms.

"Mikey. Mikey Way, nice to meet you." I held our my hand but didn't even acknowledge it. Your grey eyes widened and your glossed lips opened as your jaw dropped. Then you got angry, eyes scrunching, cheeks flaming and jaw clenching you slammed your fist on the table, causing me to jump and every head to turn your way.

"Are you kidding me?! Why do people do this?! It's just sick! I can't help this!" She gestured to herself and wiped away the tears leaking from her eyes. "It's not my fault! So stop these sick jokes! This is what's caused me to do the stupid stuff I've dome in the past, like cutting or overdosing! Just stop! Don't you think my life is hard enough?!" You screamed and slammed your fist down again, I was so fucking confused.

"What are you on about? I am the real Mikey Way, black hair, bass, albino-haired brother and all!"
You looked... Puzzled yourself. Then your eyes widened once more and 
My naivete dawned upon you.

"Oh! Mikey? If that really is you... Haven't you noticed?..."


"I'm blind"
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