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Secrets and Surprises


Morgan is full of secrets and surprises isn't she? Plus kinda important note :)

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"B-b-b-blind?!" My mouth was gaping, eyes wide and hands shaking uncontrollably. My mind went blank, all thoughts and memories wiped from my brain. I expected my attraction to you to disappear, like a string being cut... But It didn't, I could still get lost in those misty eyes... Still kiss those perfect lips for hours on end.
It's amazing how easily my heart had given itself away, without my permission.
I'm done for.

Smiling, you giggled at my astonishment.
"May I?" You asked, raising a delicate hand to hover just in front of my face while your foot tapped it's rapid pace.
"Um...Sure" I muttered, cringing slightly as your feather soft fingertips flitted across my skin: it felt like a butterfly beating it's wings. I looked deep into your eyes for any sign of emotion but they were as unpredictable as a storm cloud, it could release everything it has, or simply pass by and move on. Gerard tapped me on the shoulder and moved closer, whispering something. Sometime ago the ringmaster had up and left, sorting out some circus-y problem and Ray had seen an old friend. That left Gerard, Frank, You and I. I would say that I knew gerard hadn't noticed my attraction to you, but that would be a lie. He'd noticed alright and he found it high-larious. Me? Not so much.
After a minute or so you removed your fingers and reached for where my hand was resting on the brown wood of the table, without saying a word you took it and led me up and into your cabin. I was confused as hell and kinda scared, but when I glanced at Gerard, he was to busy trying to devour Frank's face to help.
Douche bag.

Once inside the cabin, still deathly silent, you released me and walked over to an old, worn vanity table and scrabbled around for something. Somehow knowing what you were searching for I stepped alongside you and picked up the hair bobble, your blindingly pink head turned to me and you raised your palm.
As I went to lay the bobble in your awaiting fingers, a burning sensation crept up my arm and into my chest, as it pushed the air from my lungs my tunnel vision of you faded and another image appeared. It was... Me? But older and with blonde hair? Kinda crazy really, my blonde hair was gelled back from my face I strummed my bass but it was the mass of primary colours I was wearing that really shocked me, since when do I wear colours?! WTH?! Fuck, I was so confused, where did that even come from?
Anyway, back to the story:
The first thing felt as I returned to consciousness was the wood floor on my back, then something soft and warm pressed against my lips, warm air blowing into my lungs and fingers pinching my nose. Opening my eyes I was face to face with you, as soon as you felt the flutter of my eyelashes against your smooth cheek you lumped back and helped me up, cheeks flaring with heat. I rubbed the back of my neck, still feeling your lips against mine.
"What happened?" I asked, confusion rising amongst the euphoria.
"You passed out" you replied, edging closer to me, so close our chests were touching, and raising your hands to my shoulders, now it was my turn to blush. "You... Er... Stopped breathing and I had to give you mouth to mouth..." You giggled nervously and then pulled me into a hug. Surprised, it took a few moments before I wrapped my arms around your waist and buried my face in your beautiful locks.
"Thank you" I whispered, having the strange feeling that I hadn't needed the CPR. "By the way... Any idea why I passed out?" At this you pulled from my embrace and scampered around the room, fingertips tracing the wooden walls until you found the panel you were looking for and removed it. Your pale, nimble fingers, super sensitive to make up for the blindness, fumbled in the wall cavity and pulled out a folded piece of thick, parchment paper. I unfolded it and nearly passed out again, it was a mirror image of... Well... Me. But the me from that weird vision thing. The lines were pencil but thick and indented, the facial features were identical and my hair was long and blonde, slicked back like I saw. Over a yellow and black t-shirt I wore a red, leather, high-necked jacket, trimmed with black, a '03' on one arm and a logo with a cobra head on the breast pocket part of it. The drawing showed me straight faced with a pair of black ray-banz on.
"W-what is this, did you draw this?" You nodded and tapped the paper.
"It's you" no shit, sherlock, "I see this often; when I listen your music, brush past posters and sometimes even in dreams... I believe it's you in future, my Mam was a psycic... Trained in the art of seeing, I guess I've inherited a mild ability."
"Fuck" I mumbled, really? Primary colours? "Well then... Did you see this?" I asked before I pulled us together, my lips crashing down on yours. I'd expected a struggle, an escape attempt; but you just hung limp for a few seconds before kissing me back, ferociously. What? You might ask. Why? We'd only known each other a matter of minutes, but, as I said, it seems my soul had found it's missing piece, my fractured spirit had found it's bandage... My sick heart it's cure. Cheesy, but true.
I was so into you.

A/N: hi, readers. I have NO idea where to take this story, I like the situation but don't know what to do! I'd appreciate any suggestions or ideas... Please?!
Oh! And btw, XxPerfectTomorrowxX, if you're reading this, you NEED to do a sequel to 'Almost' or I think I might die. Thanks
Peroxide Bride x
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