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The kiss seemed to last forever, but It was still not enough! I found myself yearning to hold you close again when you pulled away, but, being the gentleman I am (wink, wink) I let you go. Stunned, you started to walk back to the door but half way there you stumbled, in a flash I was there, catching you.
"Th-thanks" you muttered, seemingly confused, "... My heartbeat is going to fast, it's interrupting the vibrations... I need my Mam..."
"I really need to see you again... W-will I?"
"I-I don't know, Mikey... I'll have to ask my Dad... You're the first person I've met who causes my heart to speed up this much through simple skin contact... And the things I've seen in the vision- I can't. You have to go." My stomach twisted, threatening to bring up my lunch.
"B-but,... Morgan... This is a travelling circus, you'll be gone by tomorrow... I'm so fucking confused! I need to know what you say in that vision! How the hell you get said visions!... And... And... I don't know!!!! Something, anything! What can I say to make you let me stay?!" I was distraught! Panic coursing through my veins... As much as the fans thought, I don't actually have athsma but at this moment it felt like I did. My past girlfriends hadn't made me feel like this before... Sure, in the heat of passion my pulse had raced this fast... But not like this. Gah! How do I explain it without sounding cheesy or repetitive?! "Morgan... idontthinkicanlivewithoutyouafterthispleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseletmeatleastseeyouagain?" My words jumble together as they rush past my trembling lips, eyes filling with tears.
"No." You, stumbling over, pushed me through the door and slammed it in my face. A thump and scratching sound indicated you'd slumped against the object parting us and slid to the floor.
Even through the thick wood I could hear you sobbing.

Sorry It's so short guys, just a filler 'till I get a better idea :s feel free to review
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