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Never gonna finish this... and I'm deleting this chapter. It's too cheesy.

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An entire day of doing nothing passed by. He had no life. He wanted no life. He didn't want to do anything but escape this hell he had created for himself. 
        Jimmy walked down the streets, back home, giving every single person he passed worried looks. He wasn't dangerous, he wouldn't hurt anybody, but he sure looked like he would. His jet black hair, black eyeliner, tattooed arms and his completely black outfit made most people run for cover when they saw him. He liked that. He liked seeing fear in people, he knew people didn't want to be around him. 
      He opened the door to the house, immediately facing his mother, who had her arms crossed and a cigarette sticking out of her mouth. "Jimmy." she sighed, shaking her head, "I know for a fact you were not at school. Again. This is turning into a problem."
        "It's not that big a deal." he said, shrugging nonchalantly.
         "Jimmy I want you to do something with your life." she said, nearly begging, but he just looked at his feet, then violently pushed her out of the way and ran into his room, slamming the door behind him.
         He threw himself onto his bed and collapsed, closing his eyes and forcing himself to fall asleep until tonight. She would be gone tonight. Tonight would make it all better. 

        "JIMMY OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR." he heard through his dreams, and then a large pounding filled his ears, making it impossible to sleep any longer. 
        He opened his eyes and smiled for the first time in weeks. "Jackie!" he hollered like a child, and a woman with long blond hair and dark brown eyes smirked at him through the window. Jimmy ran over as quickly as he could and tried to open the window, but Jackie just laughed and shook her head. "No, no! Jimmy the door! Go get the door!" she giggled but Jimmy was too excited to pay attention, and he forced the window open. 
       "Jackie come in, you're gonna catch a cold." he said, gripping her hands as the cold night air filled his room. She laughed and shook her head, climbing in through the window.   
      "You could have unlocked the door for me!" 
      "But this is more fun," he laughed, pulling her in. "Jackie, where have you been?"
       "The city," she smiled, intertwining her fingers in his. "It's amazing, Jimmy you need to come with me." she pleaded, just staring into his eyes. 
      "I'd love to." he murmured, kissing her for the longest time as tears ran down her cheeks. She chuckled as they broke away and she wiped the hot tears out of her eyes. "What's wrong?" he mumbled, and she paused.
      "I... I can't go back home, Jimmy. I just can't do it." Jackie cried, her smile fading. "I ran away for a reason."
       "Stay here," he insisted, placing her hair behind her ear. "Live with me. Run away with me."
        "I want to." she said, and he kissed her again, gently touching her hips as she giggled. She began unbuttoning his shirt, and Jimmy smiled and broke away. "What's wrong?" she breathed, looking puzzled.
      "My mom's out of town tonight." he said, grinning at her.
       "Exactly! It's a perfect time to do it!" she exclaimed, beginning to take off her own shirt. 
        "Well I though we were going to do it after... ya know... the welcome-home party..." Jimmy said, smiling at Jackie as her eyes widened. She stopped getting undressed and gaped at him, beaming. 
      "Really?" she asked, and he nodded. "No fucking way! You're amazing," Jackie cried, falling into Jimmy's arms. "I missed you. You smell like cigarettes." she cried, laughing.
       "Want one?"
       "I quit."
       "No way." Jimmy said, looking down at her.   
       She nodded. "I don't want my time with you to be shortened."
       Jimmy paused, thinking that over. "Cheesy much?" he chuckled, and she nodded again. 
       "Yeah, but it's true."
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