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Chapter 2

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I couldn't wait.

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I shook my head. “No,” I said slowly, my eyebrows coming together at a turtle’s pace. “I’m not. You are not taking me with you.”

Party Poison chuckled and shook his head, walking towards the chair I was tied to. “You’re coming with us, Frank. It’s not like we’ll kill you. Right guys?”

The blond man kept silent, staring at Party Poison, but Captain Fluffers spoke up, scratching his neck. “Well…” he trailed, wincing and rolling his neck, dropping his hand. “ Not exactly, Poison. We do kill people like him on occasion,” he said with a nod at me. “What makes this one different?”

The blond man raised his gun at me, shrugging. “It’ll be quick, Party,” he said in a deep voice. “No loss to us.”

Party Poison shook his head and walked behind my chair, putting his hands on my shoulders. “No, Kobra, we’re not killing Frankie here.” He took his hands off my shoulders and I felt the ropes binding me to the chair go slack. “We’ll just take him back to the house with us.” Party Poison walked in front of me and smiled, bending over a little to be eye level with me, something Korse loves to do. “You won’t hurt us, will you, Frankie?” he asked, pouting like a little kid.

I stood up, cracked my neck, and looked at Party Poison. “Party Poison?” I asked, to which he cocked an eyebrow in acknowledgement. “By order of Better Living Industries, you are unde—“ I stopped, gasping for air, blinking in confusion, as my body jumped back some. I felt something jar my body again, and I fell onto my knees, coughing and gasping for breath as I heard Party Poison yelling at someone for ‘hurting poor old Frankie.’ My god, I wanted to punch him so bad, to take him down, to seize the opportunity of a lifetime..

Hands yanked me off the floor, and I leaned back on whoever it was, coughing up what seemed to be a lung. The person I was leaning on began walking forwards, and I shuffled along, trying to stop coughing but I just couldn’t. The person walked outside and down the side of the mountain, making sure not to let me fall. We finally walked down the mountain and reached the ground, where I fell on my knees and finally stopped coughing, breathing heavily and gripping dust.

“Poison, look, it took him three minutes to stop coughing from two punches. If you think he’s going to be useful…” Captain Fluffers’ voice said, hitting my ears and forcing me up like a bullet, rushing over to the voice to punch the voice out of the man.

The blond one caught me and held my stomach tight as I kicked the air, snarling and cursing to make the angels weep. “In the trunk, Party?” he asked, his voice close to my ear, and I snarled at him.

“You guys are idiots if you’re going to put me in the trunk,” I growled, trying to pry the man’s arms off me, but he was surprisingly strong for suck a thin frame. “You can’t put me in the trunk without letting me go.”

Party Poison walked by me, whistling, towards the overturned Trans Am. “Exactly why you’re going in the front seat, Frank,” he said, then continued on whistling, stopping twenty feet from the car and looking at it, arms folded and one finger tapping his chin. “Kobra, Jet, sit Frank down and help me,” he said, still scrutinizing the car.

The blond one, Kobra apparently, set me down and walked over to the car with Captain Fluffers, where they joined Party Poison in grabbing the right side of the car and attempting to lift it. I looked at the ground around me, and faceplamed. I could be getting Party Poison and the two new killjoys right now! I stood up, and Party Poison looked at me from over the top of the car. “Frankie, m’boy, come over here and help us with the car, please?” he asked sweetly, pouting again.

I rolled my eyes and looked around for a gun, a knife, hell, a cactus would’ve work at this point. Nothing. I cursed and began hobbling over to the car, cursing as my leg felt new pain and as I could hear Korse now. ‘You didn’t achieve your goal, Frank.’ I shivered at that thought as I reach the car and stood, folding my arms. “Well?” I said crossly, scowling.

Party waved over at me and pointed to a spot by him, right by the front tire. “Get that spot. On the count of three, I want you to flip it with us, okay Frankie?” he asked, getting ready to flip the car over. I didn’t move. He looked back at me and smiled. “Frank, we could kill you. The sand would soak up the blood in this heat. Don’t you think this is easier?” I huffed and walked to the car, getting ready like the others were. “Okay guys,” he said, huffing and puffing as prep, “One… Two… THREE.”

We all lifted, and the car jumped up some, enough to flip over. I glared at Party Poison and began walking around the car, back towards to my un-hideout now, but somebody caught my arm. I turned, scowling, to see Party Poison frowning at me. “You go, we kill you, Frankie,” he said, perfect monotone. “It’s easy to shoot a slow moving target.”

“Who the fuck do you think you are?!” I asked loudly, yanking my arm away. “Party Poison: kind male, known to refrain from shooting others besides Draculoids,” I recanted, shaking my head. “What the fuck?!”

Party Poison shrugged, looking monotone himself with the face he was wearing. “The records can be wrong, Frank,” he said, still monotone. “Didn’t say anything about my inability to face defeat or my light bipolar case, did it. Now get in the car or I will kill you right here.”

I shook my head and took a trip step backwards, my eyebrows together. “What the fuck?!” I asked again, confused as a cat in a closed box. “You’re insane!”

Party Poison rolled his eyes and grinned at me, showing a perfect row of white, sharp canines and flat front teeth. (A/N: yes, I looked. But not in the FLW music video. They made him have shitty teeth that music video) “Frankie, Frankie, Frankie…” he said, then lunged forward and sent me to the ground, his body landing on mine and pinning me down to the dirt. “You’re coming, one way or another. You can’t stop this.”

I struggled against Party Poison. “I. Don’t. Wanna. Come!” I yelled, gritting my teeth and bucking my hips to kick Party Poison off my body. No such luck. “I want to arrest you!”

He shook his head, still grinning. “Nope. You’re coming with me, and you’re going to like it, okay, Frankie?” Party Poison stood up and folded his arms, looking down at me. “Well? Come.”

I gave him the middle finger and stood up slowly, leaning heavily on my right. “Just, give me a moment…” I said slowly, thinking of how far my hideout was from here. Shouldn’t be too far away, Franki-FRANK, my mind yelled at me, scolding myself for saying Frankie. I smiled convincingly back at Party Poison and stood up straight. “I gotta—“ I turned around and started running like a mad man, laughing and ignoring the pain in my left leg. Then I fell, AGAIN. Damn it.

I looked back at my leg and saw a bloody mess. Last I checked my right leg was fin—“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU—“ I groaned out, sitting up and gripping my right foot. “WHAT THE FUCK?! FUCKIN’ HELL, THIS HURTS LIKE A MOTHERFUCKIN’ BITCH!”

Party Poison walked over to me, pulled me up to a standing position by my shirt, and put my arm on his shoulder. “Now you can run again and get shot again, or you can come with us. Which will it be, Frankie?” he asked, his foot suddenly pressing on my right and making me scream out in pain, gripping his shoulder for support. “That’s what I thought.” Party Poison started walking towards his Trans Am, where Captain Fluffers and Kobra were waiting, Kobra even whistling. “Kobra, Jet, stick Frankie here in the front seat, please,” he said, handing me over from himself to Captain Fluffers, or Jet, and going to the driver’s side.

Jet looked at me with somewhat disgust and dragged me to the passenger’s side of the car, throwing me in and climbing in the back seat behind me, possibly kicking me for fun and not on accident. Kobra climbed in the other side before Party Poison, and then Party Poison got in, quickly turning the car on and pressing the gas.


“Gerard, you know you’re an idiot for sticking this Frank guy in the front seat.”

“And you call him Frankie. You already have the hots for him?”

I heard a slap. “Shut up, you two, before I shoot you too.”

I shot up from leaning on the windowsill, glaring at Party Poison. “Gerard, you murderer. You wouldn’t kill your friends, would you?”

Party Poison chuckled as the other two gasped and patted me shoulder. “Oh Frankie, you dirty eavesdropper. I hope you realize you’re going to have to be hurt now.”

I felt myself draw a breath in. So similar to Korse… I shook my head in the slightest degree and looked out the window to see a house getting closer to the car every second. “A house? Those still exist?”

“They do, Frankie. And I hope you realize you have no idea where you are.”

I opened my mouth to protest then realized I truly did not know where this was located in the zones. “Fucker,” I whispered, not moving as the car stopped and scowling. You’re probably in the middle of nowhere…. FUCK! I hit the dashboard, angry with myself, angry that I fell asleep. I didn’t even know how long we had been driving. Stupid, stupid, stupid… I wanted to whack myself in the head, to gnash my teeth, to shoot somebody. I didn’t even know what day it was. The fuck is this?! You fucking idiot!

“Frankie? Wanna get out of the car?” I heard Gerard’s voice ask, and I bit my tongue, willing myself to stay silent. “C’mon Frank, you need your wound dressed. It’s hot as Hades out here too, and I don’t think you want to burn to death. It’s quite a painful way to die.”

“Why not? Seems like a perfect suitable death seeing as I didn’t even follow the damn direction we drove in, let alone how far and long,” I grumbled, gritting my teeth roughly. “You should already be in Battery City.”

I felt Gerard’s hand on my shoulder, and my scowl deepened. “Frankie, you have to get out of the car. Now.” I didn’t move, and the grip on my shoulder tightened to a painful degree. “Out of the car, Frankie. I don’t want your blood and dirt in my car. That would take too long to clean.” I bit my lip enough to draw blood. The grip tightened even more, making me cry out, and pulled me out of the car, shoving me onto the ground. “Frankie, m’boy, thank you for getting out of the car,” Gerard said, squatting over me with a sickly sweet grin. “Now that you’re out,” Gerard slammed the car door shut with a kick, “get into the house. Now. Before I blow your brains out.”

I spat up at Gerard, hitting his face. “Make me.” I was having way too much fun with this.

Gerard just shrugged and pulled his ray gun out and aimed at my head, still smiling. “I don’t like getting my hands dirty, Frankie, but blood’s washable. Get off the ground and into the house, pet. I’m sure if you want to bring me to Korse, you need to be alive.”

I frowned a little. Damn it. I sighed and stood up slowly, Gerard’s gun in my face. “Happy, love?” I asked sarcastically, giving Gerard the middle finger. “I was fuckin’ fine lying on the ground.” I pointed at the gun with my still-raised middle finger. “Get. This. Damn. Gun. Out. Of. My. Face.”

Gerard grinned and lifted the gun in the air, firing a shot. “We have two hours. Get in the house, Frankie.” I stared up at the sky, following the beam, earning myself a kick in the shin. “Now.”

I picked myself off the ground again and limped inside, taking my time. Two hours until what, though… Fuck, Frank, what happens? I blinked once at the porch stairs, shaking my head. “I’m not climbing thos—“ I felt myself being carried up the stairs by my waist, walked inside, and being set down on a chair. “That works too.”

I looked up around me and saw Kobra, Captain Fluffers, and Gerard all staring at me, all with different expressions. Captain Fluffers had sympathy on his face, Kobra had knowing on his, and Gerard was still smiling that sickening smile. “1 hour and 55 minutes. Get talking Frank,” Kobra said, hands in his pockets, shades on. (A/N: The Classic Kobra Kid) “We don’t have long.”

I raised an eyebrow at Kobra. “Me? Talk? Well the weather’s quite nice, isn’t it, I mean such a beauti—“ I fell forward, hitting the wood floor with a sharp thunk.

Captain Fluffers picked me off the ground and set me in the chair again, still sympathetic. “You should just talk, Frank, it’ll go faster,” he whispered under his breath, sounding worried almost. He stood back up in his pose, arms folded. “Talk, Frank. And not about the weather.”

Gerard walked around me, trailing the gun against my jaw. “C’mon, Frankie, m’boy, I don’t want to hurt you… Just talk, pet…”

I chuckled darkly, smirking. “’Pet’? And you’re going to hurt the one you have the hots for?”

Gerard removed the gun quickly and hit me upside the face with the butt of said gun. “Jet said not to talk about the weather, Frankie, I suggest you don’t,” he nearly growled in my ear, breathing heavily. “I don’t want to hurt you, as spoken, but I already have, now haven’t I?”

I shook my head, smiling a little. “You could do your worst and it wouldn’t be mine,” I whispered back, now grinning. “You don’t have Korse as a boss.”

Gerard shrugged, stood up, and walked out of the room. “Jet, Kobra, tie him up and stick him under the tree. If he won’t talk, we’ll leave him here for the time being until our 1 hour and 53 minutes is up.” With that, a door shut, and I was left in the room with Jet, apparently, and Kobra.

Kobra frowned at Jet when Jet didn’t move. “Should we stick him under the tree or just leave him in the car?” he asked, in that deep mousy voice. “The tree is pretty harsh…”

Jet nodded, scratching his neck. “But Poison can see from the windows in the back if he’s tied up or not…” He looked at me, walked over to me, and put his hands on my shoulders. “It would have been so much easier if you had just talked, Frank…” I felt a sharp pain to the right side of my head, and the world went black.


I shook awake, rather violently, and fell over to my side, not feeling a thing but watching the world tilt as I fell. Fuck. I blinked a few more times, the looked at my surroundings. I was outside, looking at a house, or the house, I don’t know, and laying against the dusty ground. You must be under the tree. Huh. I see no shade. I looked out of the corner of my eye, straining to see anything, but then I saw something move in front of my view. Red hair. Lovely.

“Morning, pet, you’ve been out for a few days now,” Gerard said, smiling. “You’re lucky the Dracs missed you. You must have blended in, even though your leg’s a bloody mess.”

I wanted to yell, to kick, to drag Party Poison, Gerard, to Battery City. But I couldn’t move. “Hmmph,” I tried to get some form of words out of my mouth, and no such luck there either.

Gerard patted my face and pulled me upright again, squatting in front of me. “Frankie, pet, you know I didn’t want to leave you out here or hurt you, but you wouldn’t talk. Do you want to try again? We’ll restart this whole thing.” Gerard stood up and extended a hand out towards me, in a handshake notion. “Hi, I’m Party Poison, lovely to meet you…?” He shook his head and squatted down in front of me again, scrunching his nose. “That wouldn’t sound right, though, would it? I mean, I know your name, and you know mine. Restarting would mean I would have to drug you… and I’ve never been one to drug people.” Here Gerard put a hand under my chin and raised it to his level. “Though you are making me want to do things I don’t normally do, Frankie pet…” he purred, getting so close to my face as to be able to breathe on it. “I have the feeling you would want those things too, pet…”

I didn’t move, though my eyes did go a little wider. I tried to shake my head quickly, but I couldn’t move. Nor could I speak. So I couldn’t stop Gerard leaning forward and pressing his lips to mine. Nor could I stop him from pushing me back so I was leaning on something while he pulled my chin closer to his. And I couldn’t stop myself from trying to kiss back.

“Party, we need to take him back already,” a voice called from the house, and Gerard pulled away from my face, smiling his big smile, still as sick. “Man, were you just making out with your hostage, Party?” The voice got closer, and I noticed it was Kobra. “C’mon, Party, that’s low, even for you.”

Gerard waved his hand at the wrist and stood himself up, letting out an ‘ah’ as he did so. “I was not making out with the hostage, Kobra, that means he would have to be kissing back, now wouldn’t it?” he asked, then winked down at me. “Besides… Frankie here just needed to know how I treat my hostages.”

Kobra raised an eyebrow and shook his head. “We just need to rewrap his leg. If you want to go at it with him when he can move, fine. But make out with him when you’re not in public, please?” He asked, then walked behind me and scooped me up, myself just watching the world lean on its side again. “Get a room or something…”

I felt heat on my head, and out of the tops of my eyes I saw Gerard playing with my hair. “But have you heard? Voyeurism is the rage all of the sudden, and I’m always one to go with the trends, Kob.” He began tugging on my hair or something, because I saw the world jerking slightly in a rhythm. “And judging by the amount of porn you guys have, this would be fine.”

My knees dropped for a moment and I heard a thump, with Gerard laughing, a natural laugh that I actually wanted to listen t—WHAT THE HELL FRANK. YOU WANT TO TAKE HIM TO BATTERY CITY, NOT SWOON OVER HIS DEVILISHLY GOOD LO—FUCK! “We don’t have porn, Party, you know that,” Kobra said, sounding somewhat lying. “If we did, it would be lying around.”

I heard a scoff, and my head was tugged back as my legs were lifted again. “Jet’s not too good at hiding things, Kobie. I’m shocked at the amount you guys have. Where and when did you get that much?” I felt my body jolt and my head ram into something, while Gerard still laughed. “I thought you wanted me to get a room, Kobra, I didn’t know you were into live stuff.”

Kobra growled, and dropped me on the ground, the world falling fast as I fell on hardwood. “Just go get the stuff to fix his wounds. And tell Jet to get his ass in here.”

Gerard laughed and I saw him sashay out of the room. WALK. I MEAN WALK. God damn it, Frank. Focus on your goal right now. I rolled my eyes and looked up at Kobra, who had his arms folded, shades still on. Something he must like doing. Huh. Goal is… Get the hell out of whatever I’m in. Then take Gerard to Korse. I smiled in my mind and shut my eyes, humming, something I could still do. Then I felt a set of hands picking me up and putting me on a chair. “Frank, you do realize that we might have to kill you, right?” I heard Kobra ask, and I opened my eyes to see him in front of my face. I gave a ‘hmmphph!’ in response, but since he didn’t know what that meant, Kobra tore something off my face, leaving it stinging but I could talk. “You got yourself into this.”

I frowned and stuck my tongue out at Kobra. “I didn’t need you guys following me into my old location. Nor did I need Gerard shooting my foot. I’m going to be on crutches for weeks now, not to mention all the time I could be using wasted,” I said, scowling. “Korse is going to be so pissed…”

Kobra patted my shoulder. “Well, Frank, you could always give up being a BLIND guy and open your eyes. I have a feeling Gerard would like you here not as a hostage.” He stood up, smiling. “We could always use aim like yours.”

I scoffed and averted my eyes, still not able to move my head. “Please. Me? A killjoy? I’d rather die first for BLI before joining you group of thieving fools.” I looked at Kobra. “Is Gerard always like that, though?”

Kobra shrugged, folding his arms. “Perhaps. He’s not always this… this… what’s the word… crazy. Shifting. It’s kinda odd. What you just saw with the porn remarks, which,” he leaned in, “I don’t have at all but he’s thinking that Jet’s stuff is mine too, asswipe…” He stood back up. “That’s normal Party Poison. He likes torturing you, Frank. Sorry.”

I frowned, thinking about that smile of Gerard’s. “Does he always smile like that?” I asked quietly, gazing at the ground. “It’s like he has that rehearsed….”

Someone cleared their throat, and I looked up and Gerard leaning in a kitchen doorway, where I must be. “Rehearsed? Acting in a play, Frankie, pet? Because I know you need help with acting.”

I bit my tongue back, my thoughts processing faster as my eyes began a squint. “Don’t be an ass, Gerard, and hurt me. You wouldn’t.”

Gerard shrugged and pulled out his gun, grinning slightly as he lazily aimed for me. “Try me, love.”

Kobra stood up in front of Gerard, back to me, and put his hands out, blocking Gerard. “Party, if you’re going to shoot Frank here, then do it outside. Or get a room. I personally like that idea much better, then we won’t have BLI closer on our asses than we already do.” Kobra put his hand on Gerard’s ray gun. “Think this through, Gerard,” he whispered, quietly but not quiet enough.

Jet walked in the room, ignoring Gerard and Kobra, and looked at me, medical supplies in his arms. “Frank,” he said quietly, setting the supplies down on a table that I noticed I was sitting by. “Just your left leg and your right foot, correct?” he asked, getting a little bowl of alcohol ready with cotton balls beside it.

I nodded, watching Kobra and Gerard argue quietly. “This happens much?” I whispered to Jet, my eyes suddenly meeting with Gerard’s. I gasped and looked down at the ground.

Jet shook his head, taking a cotton ball laden with alcohol and touching it to my leg. “This is what happens when Poison gets a hostage, Frank. Things happen. Be glad he likes you. You could be offed already.”

I shivered slightly /at the touch of the cotton ball, people, jeesh/, and reviewed my goals again. Get out of here. Get Party Poison. Bring him to Korse. “Gerard wouldn’t in the house, though, would he?”

“That’s something I wouldn’t know, seeing as I’m never watching a murder that takes place, if any.” Jet began wrapping my leg up with gauze. “Not something I exactly want to see, y’know? I’m not one for watching murder, but I can give a mean death.” Jet smiled up at me. “Not often, but I will.”

I looked down at the ground as Jet began wrapping my foot, Gerard and Kobra still arguing until footsteps left the room and I heard a sigh. “Jet, we need to take Frank back to his hideout. Knock him out so we can go,” Gerard said, and I looked up to see him rubbing his eyes, scowling. Jet didn’t move. “Quickly, Jet Star, we need to go.”

Jet Star, apparently, stood up, cracked his fingers, and I felt a pain in the side of my head I was getting used to before shit went black again.

I'm sorry. I couldn't wait until Christmas, when I was supposed to post this. It's like that nice ching of money in your pocket you get, and you know you can't keep it, that you have to spend it? It's that feeling that I had. Hell, I even reviewed this... three times? before finalizing it. I couldn't wait.
I'm sorry, unicorns_are_real and the other person I talked to about this, but I could not wait to post this. I couldn't. It was inhumanely impossible.
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