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I Don't Love You [Like I Did Yesterday] *7*

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Merry Christmas eve everyone! Hope you have a happy and safe holiday! :-)

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Gerard's POV.

"Gerard, leave me alone!" she screamed, running away from me,as I started chasing her.

"Tay-" I started, but was cut off when taylor tripped over something. Shit! I flung myself down on the ground, beside her, just as her face collided with the ground. I heard a sick crunching sound. I heard her let out a little sob. 
'Fuck.' I muttered.

"Fuck!" she cried out,into the ground.

I decided to flip her over gently, to see if she sustained any serious injuries, I know she broke her nose, because of the loud crunching nose I heard, a few seconds ago.

"Taylor, baby, I'm just gonna flip you over gently, alright?"

She didn't answer, but I took that as a yes anyway. I carefully flipped her over. I studied her face first. It was cut up pretty badly.

Blood was pouring out of her nose, her nose broken, and her cheeks and forehead were scraped up pretty badly. She had her eyes closed.

I bit my lip, and I took a tissue out from my pants pocket, and wiped the blood away. I tossed the bloody tissue. My eyes scanned all over to see if the fall did an other damages to her body. I looked down at her stomach first, since the baby... I bit my lip, and placed my hand onher swollen belly.

'Please be okay' I closed my eyes, and hoped that Helena was okay. I felt a kick under my hand s few seconds later. I smiled and bit my lip. Hey, that was pretty cool.

'Helena, beautiful." I whispered,rubbing her stomach a little. I looked back up at Taylor. Her eyes were wide open now, tears coming out of them, as she stared down at me.

"I-Is she alright?" she asked.

I leaned up and wiiped away her tears with my sleeve. I smiled down at her, and gently kissed her lips. She flinched a little.

"Helena is fine. Now, are you fine? What happened? Did you like trip on a rock or crack or something?"

She relaxed a little, and sniffed. " My shoe, I think it came untied. I think I tripped over my shoe lace, I don't know. I couldn't see."

I looked back down at her feet. She was right.  "Here, let me fix it for you." I said, tying her shoe.

"Thanks." she whispered.

I looked up, pushing my hair out of my face, and smiled up at her. "Anything for you. Now, let's go get the guys, so we can take you to the hospital to fix that nose."

"I broke my nose?!" she squeaked.

"I'm afraid so, but dont worry. It's very easy to fix." I slowly helped her up to her feet. I wrapped an arm around her waist, to support her as she collapsed against me.

"Fuck, Billie." she whispered. "He's going to freak!"

I rolled my eyes. "I'll explain everything that happened, to him." 


We started walking back to the bus, when all of a sudden a panic looking Billie burst out of the door. He frantically looked around until he spotted us.

'Shit' I cursed.

"Taylor!" Billie cried out, running over to us. He pulled her away from me, and glared at me.

I rolled my eyes.

He looked down at Tay, and his face slowly started turning a dark redish color. Taylor noticed, and tried to calm him down, but he exploded.

He stepped away from her, and got up into my face. "What the fuck did you do to my wife?!" he shouted. "I'm going to fucking kick your ass!"

Mike and Tre ran out.

"Woah, what's going-" Tre stopped midsentence when he looked over at Taylor. His jaw dropped.

"What the hell happened to Taylor?!"

"If you let me explain, I'll tell you." I said, pushing Billie back away from me. He looked dead scary, and I'm not shitting you. I was afraid for my life right now, but I couldn't let them see that I was.

Mike glared at me. "YOU! You did this to TayTay! You son of a bitch!"

I glared at him, when he used my nickname for Taylor. Why was she allowing them to call her that? I was only allowed to call her that.

"I am 5 fucking seconds away from killing your ass, you better start explaining." he hissed, venomously.

"Billie, please-" 

I cut her off. "Well, I will, once you fucking let me!"

"Better get to it then." He hissed, fists clenching.

"Right, as I was going to say, I came out for a smoke, when I happened to see Taylor, so I went over to say hi, but I accidentally scared her, so she decided to run off, afraid that I was a old pervert dude or a rapist, when her shoe came undone. I tried telling her, but she already had tripped. I ran over to see if she and the baby were okay. The baby is fine by the way." I said, looking up at him.

"Is this true?" he asked Taylor. Mike and Tre still glaring at me.

Taylor bit her lip, and nodded. "Yeah."

"Well, I'm sorry Gerard. I hope you can forgive me, man. I just get very protective of her and Helena. Thank you for helping her." He said, calming down.

"It's fine." I muttered. " Should we take her to the hospital? I think her nose is broken."

"Nah. I can put it back into place. Come i
On, babe, let's get you cleaned up." he said, wrapping an arm around her. She did the same.

"Okay." she whispered.

They disappeared into the bus, as Mike and Tre stood still staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

They looked at each other, and shook their heads. I cocked my head, confused. They went back on the bus.

"Gerard! There you are!" Lindsey cried, running over to me.

'oh great' I muttered, I smiled at her, and leaned over and gave her a kiss.

"Hey hun"

"Don't you hey hun me. You get you butt back on the bus, mr.way."

God damn, she was annoying. I rolled my eyes and gritted my teeth. "Yes, Mrs.Way."

She smiled and grabbed my hand and dragged me back to our bus.

- -

Taylors POV

"Are you sure he didn't do anything to you?" Billie asked me, as he was cleaning up my face.

I sighed and shook my head. "He didn't Billie."

"Is the baby okay? Did you fall on your stomah?" he asked, putting down the washcloth and bent down so his face was pressed against it.

Helena woke up to her daddy's voice, she kicked and moved around. I smiled, but winced, because I had a cut on my lip.

"Yeah, but not that hard. Just my face. Helena is fine."

"I can feel that." he laughed, smiling at me. 

I smiled back.

"Anyways." he said,standing up.
"How would you feel if I went back to black hair?" he asked, picking the washcloth back up, and dabbed my face with it gently.

"I wouldn't care. I don't care if you dyed your hair pink or something." I giggled. " I'm going to miss you being blond though."

"Really? Then maybe-"

"Billie, it's your fucking hair. I may be your wife, but I have no control over it. You can dye it back if you want to. I'm not stopping you."

He laughed and put the washcloth back down. "I fucking love you, you know that?"

I giggled. "Yeah."

He smiled, and kissed me. "well we probably should get to bed. We have a show tomorrow afternoon, and then were outta here."

"I have to take a shower."

"Oh, well can I join you ?" he asked, smirking seductively.

I giggled and nod. "Sure."

"Fuck yes! I fucking love shower sex!" 

I laughed and slapped him. "Shut up. Were not having sex. Not tonight."

"Aww, fuck. Man, I Had my hopes up, damn it." 

I laughed. "Sorry. Do you still want to take a shower with me? I might let you touch me a little." I winked.

He grabbed my hand."Yes. Im so in. Come on, let's go.""

I laughed as he pulled me into the bathroom. You know what happens next... :)

A/N: Long ass chapter lol. Hope you enjoyed. Oh, and merry christmas (EVE!) can you believe Christmas is tomorrow? Wow. Hope you guys enjoy it! :) xoxo. You better review, I typed this all on my iPod and it was a pain. Stupid auto correct.
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