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I Don't Love You [Like I Did Yesterday] *8*

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Taylor's POV

''Are you sure Gerard-''

I cut Mike off. I was getting so annoyed by them constantly asking me that question. ''Yes, Mike.'' I said, rolling my eyes. ''He didn't do anything wrong.'' I lied. I wasn't going to tell them that he had kissed me. They would beat him up for sure. As much as I want them to, because of the way he's been acting lately, his fans needed him.,,

''Jeez, sorry.'' He muttered.

I sighed. '' Sorry Mikes, it's just that you guys keep asking me, and it's kind of getting annoying, you know?''

''Right, sorry. I was just making sure he didn't do anything bad to you and little Helena. I won't ask again.''

I smiled. ''Thanks for your concern, Mike. I appreciate it.''

He smiled, and hugged me.

''Where's Billie?'' He asked, pulling away from me.

''Oh, he's still sleeping.''

''Sleeping? it's almost 12 o'clock! Why the hell is he still sleeping? We need to get ready for the next show in a few hours!''


''Do I even want to know, why?'' He asked.

i laughed, and shook my head1 ''I don't think you do.... ''

''Okay good.''

There was a knock on the bus door, and Mike went to let whoever was at the door in. ''Oh hey, Lindsey.'' I heard him say.

''Hey, is Taylor up yet?'' I heard her ask,

I waddled over to Mike. ''Oh hey, Lindsey. What are you doing here?'' I smiled, asking her.

She smiled at me, ''Just wanted to hang out. It's kinda gets boring over there, with only guys around.'' She laughed.

''I hear ya, sista.''

She laughed. ''Anyways, can I come in?''

''Yeah, sure you can, Mike move.'' I said, pushing him to the side. He huffed and glared at me. ''No need to push.''

I ignored him. ''So what do you want to do?'' I asked Lindsey, looking at her. She shrugged. ''I don't know.''

I laughed. ''Well, we can't go anywhere.''

She frowned. ''We can't?''

''Well I can't. I can't go anywhere without Billie's permission. Stupid, yes I know. I hate it too.'' I sighed, sitting down.

''Where is Billie?'' She asked, looking around.


''Still? It's almost 12 O'clock, for heavens sake!''

''I know.'' I giggled. ''I kinda tired him out, last night.''

Mikey shuddered to himself, and excused himself, so that he could go puke in the bathroom. Lindsey and I laughed. ''What a wimp.''

''You know, Frank is just like him, with Gerard and I.'' Lindsey giggled.

I bite my lip, but smiled. ''Oh really now?''

''Yeah, but he's way worse. Trust me.'' She laughed.

''What about Mikey?''

''Oh, he doesn't really care that much, just as long as we stay quiet.''

''Oh wow..''

''And it's kinda hard to be quiet, and what the hell happened to your face, by the way?!'' She asked, gasping.

''I kinda tripped over my shoelaces, when I was outside, last night. Hence, that is why I can't go anywhere, including outside, without Billie's permission, and supervision. It sucks.''

''Oh my god, are you okay? It looks like it hurts.''

''Of course I am, and it doesn't hurt anymore. It hurt like a bitch when I fell, I'll tell you.''

Her eyes then, shot down to my stomach. ''That's good, but what about the baby? Is she okay?'' She asked, putting a hand on my stomach. The baby kicked under her hand a few seconds later.

''Yeah, she's fine.''

''Good.'' She said, smiling, taking her hand off. ''So, I'm bored. The guys are playing guitarhero, and they wouldn't let me play, so that is why I came over here.''

'' I wish we could go outside.'' I said, sighing.

''Well, we could. You said, Billie was still sleeping right?'' She asked, smiling.

''Yeah... but, what about Mike? He'd tell Billie for sure.''

''Yeah, but he's too busy throwing up, to notice we're gone.'' Lindsey said, laughing. ''But, let's hope, that he won't come out for a while, and Billie waking up, because I'd be dead meat, for letting you off the bus.''

I laughed. ''Well, then maybe we shouldn't... I don't want my only girlfriend dead.''

''Oh come on, live your life a little. You're a big girl. You don't always have to listen to your husband, all the time, you know?''

''I know... but still... I am 7, almost 8, months pregnant with his kid...''

''It's your kid, too.'' She told me.

''You know what.... you're right..! '' I said, smiling. ''Come on. let's go!'' I grabbed her hand, and dragged her to the door. She laughed.

I pulled the door open, and the warm breez hit my face. I breathed it all in, and smiled. Lindsey looked at me and laughed. ''Don't just stand there! Let's go!''

''Alright, fine.'' I said, laughing. I stepped out carefully. ''Wow. It's such a beautiful day out!'' I smiled, walking around. ''I'm actually free!.'' I shouted.

''Taylor, shut up. You'er going to wake your husband up!''

''Oh, crap, oops!'' I said, covering my mouth, as Lindsey laughed at me.

''I'm just so happy! I hate being stuck on the stupid bus, all day, when it's such a beautiful day out! Fuck Billie, and his stupid rule!'' I cried, in joy, proud of myself.

''You see? You don't have to listen to that hot husband of yours, all the time.''

I laughed. ''Yeah!''

A few seconds later, I heard a too familar cough from behind us. We froze, and slowly turned around. Billie was standing beside the bus entrance, frowning at us.

''Hi, hunny!'' I said, smiling, walking up to him, about to give him a kiss. He gently pushed me away.

''Don't you ''Hi hunny!' me. What the hell are you doing?'' He asked.

''I'm outside, talking with Lindsey. Is that a problem?'' I asked,frowning.

''Yeah, it fucking kind of is.''

I sighed, and looked at Lindsey for help. She didn't say anything. Haha, thanks for the help, Linds! I shot her a little look, before turning back to my husband.

''What did I tell you?''

''That I couldn't go anywhere without your permission, and supervision, blahblah. but, Billie, you don't need to treat me like a child. I'm a big girl, no need to freaking treat me like a little 5 year old, yeah I might be pregnant, but that's still not a reason, to treat me like a little kid. I came out here, to have fun, and get some fresh air.''

Lindsey smiled at me.

''You're my husband, and I love you, but sometimes, you need to stop telling me what to do, where I can go, and such. It's quite annoying. I can speak up for myself. I can make my own decisions''

He sighed. ''Right, sorry. It's just that I don't want anything to happen to you or Helena.'' He frowned. ''I don't know, what I'll do if I lost you both.''

''Nothing's going to happen to us, Billie. Yesterday, was a accident. It's never going to happen again.'' I smiled and kissed him. I rested my head on his shoulder, as he wrapped his arms around me. ''I love you so much.'' I whispered.

''I love you too.'' He kissed my hair.

''You guys are too cute!'' Lindsey cooed, smiling. ''I better leave you two alone then. I'll see ya'll later.'' With that being said, she ran back to her bus.

''I'm sorry.'' He whispered.

''It's fine,Billie. I understand you doing that. I find it sweet. I love how you're so protective of us.'' I smiled, feeling his hand go down to my stomach. Hr rubbed it a little. The baby kicked, and I felt her move around a little.

''I love you.'' He said again,smiling.''

''I love you too,Billie. With all my heart''

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