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Chapter Ten - Found

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She wanted to be in that moment again more than anything, she would've done almost anything to be in that moment again with Gerard.

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Chapter Ten - Found

After Acid had finished explaining to her perants about what'd happened after they died in 2014, they were looking at her with shocked expressions on their faces. They were particularly surprised about the fact that she'd almost married Korse and the fact that she'd died . . . twice.
They'd gotten to where they lived. Her perants lived in an underground place where they had around thirty rooms with about forty Killjoys.
"So . . . you were going to marry Korse?" Her mom asked.
"Yeah, I was, but Gerard remembered. If he didn't, then I'd be Korse's bitch, maybe even have kids with him by now. Bandit wouldn't even be alive."
"I still don't like it when you swear."
"I'm twenty, dad." She said with a smile.
"But the last time I saw you, you were still a kid."
"If you're surprised about me, then you're in for a real shock when you see Death again."
"Who's Death?"
"Vaimey. Her Killjoy name's Death Day, Death for short." Acid and Death didn't have Killjoy names until after their perants had died.
"How has she changed?"
"Well, for starters she's fifteen now, when I died, she got shit loads of tattoos done and she dyed her hair dark green."
She smiled. "Yeah, she did."
"What about this Daniel kid? Are they together?"
She sure as hell wasn't going to say that she'd slept with him. "They were . . . a thing at one point, but they're best friends now. I'm pretty sure that Daniel likes her, but he's a good guy."
"They were a thing? Is that slang for people who've had se-"
"I'm begging you not to finish that sentence, dad."
He rolled his eyes.
"Look, I know that you still see me and Death as little girls, but we're not little anymore. I'm a mom now and Death's only got a few more years left of high school."
"She still shouldn't have gotten tattoos." Her father muttered.
"I know, but she's Death, she's got one hell of a personality. She doesn't give a fuck about what anyone thinks about her. She's my little sister and I love her. I'm kind of used to the tats now. She's got one with my Killjoy name when she thought I died."
"She did?"
"Yeah, she did. She's got a matching tattoo with Daniel." Not long after Better Living was taken down, she got a matching tattoo with Avenger.
The room was silent, Acid could tell that her perants didn't like Avenger, dispite the fact that they had never met him before.
"How's Leo dealing with Sarah's death?"
Her mother frowned. "Not well. None of us are, really. Steph's taking it bad."
"Who's Steph?"
"Steph is Sarah's little sister."
"When Steph and Sarah found us, they were nineteen and twenty three. Sarah was like a daughter to me. Sarah and Steph reminded us so much of you and Vaimey, we took them under our wing and they became like daughters to us. Sarah found Leo and after about eight months of them being together, Sarah found out she was pregnant. Sarah was only twenty six when she died." Her mother started tearing up.
"I'm sorry. I wish I'd gotten a chance to meet her properly."
"You would've liked her."
There wasn't a chance of Better Living finding her because the cameras in the Zones hadn't been active for years and they still needed to activate them, so they wouldn't be aware that a Killjoy had died. Whenever a Killjoy died, most of the time, they'd bring them back to life so that they could become Draculoids.

Acid lay on her new bed while she looked through some photos before the bombs. Acid didn't have the photo album anymore, Death still had it, or at least she thought she still did if she was still alive.
One of the pictures was of her, Iris and Vaimey at Zack's first birthday party. Vaimey had her tounge out, Iris had her eyes crossed and Lexia had the tip of her tounge touching her nose. She smiled at the memory. Zack's first birthday was a happy day for everyone two reasons. One, Zack turned one and reason number two, it was also one year since Better Living had been destroyed . . . at least, they thought it'd been destroyed.
She looked at the next picture, it was the first scan Lexia had when she found out she was having Bandit. She remembered the memory and smiled at the picture.

"So, that's our baby?" Lexia asked.
"That's our baby." Gerard replied, looking at the screan with his wife to be. They were both silent for a minute.
"Okay, is it just me or do they totally look like a sea monkey?"
Gerard laughed at his girlfriend's comment. "We're looking at our baby for the first time and the first thing you think of is that they look like a sea monkey?" He smiled.
"They do look like a sea monkey!" She argued with a smile.
"I love you. I love our sea monkey baby, too."
Lexia giggled. "I love you, too . . . and our seamonkey baby."
He kissed her softly, but it wasn't long before their eyes where glued to the screan again.

Acid carried on smiling.
She still thought it was crazy that Bandit had been the little 'sea monkey' in her belly.
She looked at the next picture. The next one made her want to cry. It was Gerard lying on the couch sleeping with Lexia wrapped in his arms. She was sleeping on top of him and you could see a small baby bump. She wanted to be in that moment again more than anything, she would've done almost anything to be in that moment again with Gerard.
The next picture was a picture of her and Gerard on their wedding day. It was their first kiss as husband and wife.
The next picture was of Vaimey and Lexia. They'd gone away for a weekend, just the two of them, to New York. Vaimey was wearing a Statue of Liberty crown and and Lexia was wearing an I heart NY shirt. She prayed that her sister was still alive, she wouldn't be able to forgive herself if she wasn't alive anymore.
She looked at a different picture. It was of Gerard holding Bandit not long after she'd been born. Gerard was just looking down at Bandit, but it made Acid's heart melt every time she saw it.
She was inturupted by looking at pictures by her mother who walked through the door.
It was around midnight and there was only a small light on in the corner of the room.
"Just came to check on you." Her mom said. "Are you okay? You look like you've been crying."
She didn't even realize that there were tears on her cheeks before she touched her wet cheek.
"What's wrong?" Mother War asked, sitting next to her daughter on her bed.
"Just looking through some photos I had with me."
Her mother looked the one she was holding in her hand, it was the one of Bandit and Gerard.
"Is that him?" She asked.
Lexia nodded. "Yeah, it is. It was taken not long after Bandit was born."
"Do you have any others?"
She grabbed the other photos and showed them to her mom, she showed her one of Lexia and Vaimey when they were in New York.
"I know you can probably tell, but that's Vaimey now. We went to New York to have some girl time."
Her mother smiled at the picture.
"She's beautiful, just like her sister."
She smiled at her mom and showed her another picture. "This is me, Vaimey and a friend called Iris. It was taken when my nephew turned one. Iris and her husband-to-be, Mikey, had a baby, Mikey is Gerard's younger brother."
The next one was on their wedding day, it was just Gerard and Lexia smiling at eachother.
"He really loves you," Her mother said. "You can see it in his eyes."
She smiled sadly. "I know he does. I love him, too. Do you think I'll ever find him?"
"That's another reason why I came here to talk to you. What was Gerard's last name again?"
"Way, why?"
"There's a woman here with the last name Way."
"What's her name?"
Acid's eyes widened. "That's his mom. Where is she?"
"I don't know, but-" Before her mother could finish, Acid stood up and walked towards the door.
"Where are you going? It's midnight."
"To see where Donna is, she might know where Gerard is or if he's alive."
She ran down the dark corridor and until she got to the dining hall. There were only a couple people left in there, but she noticed her mother-in-law almost straight away.
"Donna!" She shouted.
Donna immidiately looked up and saw Acid.
"Lexia? Is that you?"
"B-but you died."
"What are you talking about?"
"Mikey called me telling me that Gerard was devestated because he went home to find that your apartment had been burned down. They found a dead child, Lexia, they thought it was Bandit."
Her heart sank. "When was this?"
"The same day that Battery City was burned down."
"I woke up in a glass building, Bandit was with me. I didn't know how I got there, the last thing I remembered was falling asleep."
"Lexia, he thinks your dead. He thinks that you and Bandit are gone."
"Is he alive? Do you know where he is?"
Donna shook her head. "I don't know, Lexia. I was taken away by someone before I could try and find Gerard and Mikey."
"I swear, if he does something stupid because he thinks me and Bandit are gone . . ." She didn't finish. She didn't want to imagine what he could've done to himself by now.
"I'm sorry, Lexia. I wish I knew."

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