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Chapter Eleven - Cyanide Sparx

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He didn't see the car heading towards him until it was too late. The cars collided with eachother before he had time to react.

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A/N Hey! So this chapter is more of a filler, but it's introducing a character that's gonna become a really important part in the story. Thankies to Lenorebear for reviewing the last chapter, if I could, I'd give you cookies ^_^ If you can, then please review the story, I love knowing what you guys think of it so far! I hope you all had a great Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate! Sorry if there's any mistakes or typos, and I'm sorry if I got any of the lyrics wrong when there's a song that comes up in the chapter so . . . yeah. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Eleven - Cyanide Sparx

"Send out all of our best Draculoids and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/s! I want them, NOW!" Dr. Isoda ordered them.
"Dr. Isoda, with all do respect, it would be impossible to find them now, we have our best men and woman looking for them, but we have no traces of-" Dr. Isoda slapped Dr. Parkley across the face, making her fall to the floor.
Dr. Parkley shook her head.
"No, Dr. Isoda . . . I do not wish to be exterminated."
"Good, then bring me Alexandria, Rosanna, Daniel and the Fabulous Killjoys. If I have them, we will be unstoppable, you are aware of that, Dr. Parkley. Just remember your place in the company and remeber mine the next time you chose to disobey me, understood?"
"I understand." She said, quietly.
"Good . . . what are you waiting for? Get to work."
Dr. Parkley got up off the floor and she started walking to her office. Dr. Parkley was Korse's assistant before he was destroyed. Dr. Parkley replaced Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Ray's jobs once they went back into the Zones. It was Dr. Parkley's job to find wanted Killjoys.
What Dr. Parkley hadn't told Dr. Isoda was that she knew where they were, she knew where the Fabulous Killjoys where, where Death Day was and where Acid Bullets was, she knew that they'd all been separated when the bombs hit, she knew what she was going to do, she wanted to become a Killjoy. She wasn't going to pretend to be a Killjoy so that she could trap the Killjoys, she was going to become and actual Killjoy, but she told Dr. Isoda that she was pretending so that she wouldn't be exterminated.
She would no longer be Dr. Parkley, she was going to become Cyanide Sparx.

"Zack, ssh, it's okay, baby. Ssh." Kobra, Static, Jet, Radio, Ghoul and Lo had been up all night because Poison had disapeared the previous night.
Also, Zack was teething, so he cried and screamed for most of the night and stayed up with the rest of them.
"Where could he have gone?"
"Anywhere, I guess." Lo said.
"Not helping, Lo." Jet said to Ghoul's girlfriend.
"I'm gonna send out another transmission." Kobra said, while walking into Dr. Death's room to get the equipment.

Poison carried on writing lyrics, he didn't know what time it was, but he knew that the sun had risen. He was still drunk, he'd been drinking all night and he'd not even stopped to go to sleep.
"The the world is ugly, but you’re beautiful to me.Are you thinking of me? Like I’m thinking of you? I would say I’m sorry, but I really need to go. I just wanted you to know that the world is ugly, but you’re beautiful to me. Are you thinking of me? Are you thinking of him? You could say you’re sorry, but I think you both should go I just wanted you to know. There’s an aching in my heart and there’s a burden in my eyes. I could get a new start, but I’d rather learn not try. I could find a new place. Maybe no one knows my name, but I think it’s just the thing. Oh are you happy now? Now that you got what you came for? Are you, are you happy now?Now that you got what you came for? Are you happy now? Now that you got what you came for? Are you happy now? Are you happy now? Now that you got what you came for-" He was cut off by the radio.
"If Party Poison's listening to this, GET YOUR FUCKING ASS BACK HOME NOW!" It was the voice of his brother that came through the radio.
Poison rolled his eyes and he started driving back to the diner. He knew that he shouldn't have been driving, but he didn't care anymore.
He didn't see the car heading towards him until it was too late. The cars collided with eachother before he had time to react.

"What do you mean he was in a car accident?" Poison felt dizzy and he everything looked blurry to him.
"It's exactly how it sounds, Blondie." It was a womans voice, but Poison couldn't tell what she looked like since everyone was a blur to him.
"For fuck's sake, don't call me Blondie!" He could tell that it was his brother speaking.
"Look, all I did was bring back Party Poison after he fucking drove into my car." He could see the woman a little clearer now, he could tell that she had short black hair and almost ghostly white skin.
"Guys, he's waking up!" Lo said.
Everyone looked at him. Kobra was ready to tare his head off since he'd been out all night, not even leaving a note saying where he was going and then driving into someone's car.
"Fuck you! I don't have to tell you everything!" He was still a little drunk.
Kobra sighed angrily.
"I'm just gonna flip through some channels, okay?" Static said to her husband. Kobra nodded and his girlfriend walked over to the radio and started surfing through some channels when one caught her attention.
" . . . and we've got two more Killjoys found by Delusional Death and Mother War, Acid Bullets and her daughter Bandit, remember, if you find any other Killjoys, send us a transmission telling us that you've found more people. If you find anyone dead, send the transmission."
Everyone was looking at her and the radio.
"D-did th-they just say Acid and Bandit?" Poison asked.
Static just nodded.
"Who the fuck would say that? That's a fucking sick joke!" He shouted. "Give the radio to me."
When no one gave him the radio, Poison stood up, still feeling dizzy. He fell over almost straight away.
Kobra helped him up and he lay back down on the couch.
"Careful, you need to rest a few days." The girl whit short black hair and pale skin told him.
"Who are you?" He asked.
"Cyanide Sparx."
"Cyanide Sparx?"
"Yeah, that's what I said, you want a fuckin' medal?"
"Fuck you." He murmured.
Static tried to contact the radio station, but she couldn't reach them.

"Atleast you know that Lexia and Bandit are okay now." Avenger said to Death, trying to comfort her.
"I know, I just miss her. I'm gonna try and contact them, okay?"
He nodded and let her try to contact them.
She stood up with a sheet wrapped around her naked body, they'd been sleeping with eachother, but Avenger never asked her if they could be anything more than the occasional fuck, he was afraid that she'd think that he wanted to be with her and break off what they already had. He knew that to her it was probably nothing, that it was just sex, but every time he slept with her, his feelings grew stronger. He thought he sounded pathetic, but he couldn't find it in himself to tell her how he felt about her.
The first time that Death had slept with him sober was three days ago, she walked into his room with tear-stained eyes and smudged make-up, he asked her what was wrong, but she didn't answer him, she just kissed him and they ended up sleeping together.

Radio woke up alone in her bed, she wondered where Jet was, but then she saw the time and she knew that he'd be out with the rest of the Fabulous Killjoys. Ever since she'd told him that she had cancer, he'd been over-protective. Radio and Jet agreed that they'd wait to tell everyone that she had cancer, Radio was mainly worried about how Lo would react to the news.
Radio got changed into a pair of black jeans, a dark green tank top and a black leather jacket. Her blonde curls fell to her waist and she walked out into the diner to see that Jet was still there, talking to a girl who she didn't know. She knew she was being a typical jealous girlfriend, but she wanted to know why this woman was talking to her boyfriend. The girl she was talking to was incredibley beautiful, that made her even more jealous.
"Radio, what are you doing up?" Jet asked.
"Jet, it's almost one in the afternoon, if anything I should be asking you why you let me sleep in this long."
"You know why, Radio."
"I don't think we've met before, I'm Radioactive Spider, you can call me Radio"
The woman smiled at her. "I'm Cyanide Sparx, but everyone calls me Cy."
Radio smiled. "Nice to meet you, Cy."
"Where abouts in the Zones are you staying, Cy?" Kobra asked her.
"No where. I pretty much lived in my car until Poison crashed into me, so I guess I'm homeless now. I lost the people I was staying with back in Battery City." She had a story that she'd memorized if they asked her any questions.
"Do you want to stay with us until you get a new car? We've not got any rooms left, but we've got a couch and food if you want to stay." Grace offered.
"Is that okay with you?" She asked Kobra.
"Yeah, I guess."
Cyanide smiled, this was what she'd been hoping for, she was being welcomed into their home, all was left was to find Death and Acid then they'd be reunited again.
Cyanide wasn't going to tell them that she worked for BL/ind, she knew that was probably a death sentence, so she wanted them to trust her first, she wanted them to get to know her.
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