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Chapter Tweleve - If He's Okay, Then I'm Okay

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She got shot in her ankle, making her scream out in pain and fall to the floor.

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Chapter Tweleve - If He's Okay, Then I'm Okay

A month after Cyanide Sparx had been with the Fabulous Killjoys, she'd been helping Party Poison back on his feet again, it was obvious that he was depressed, so she was trying to help him. She'd gotten him writting songs again, when he thought that Acid and Bandit died, he'd not written any songs, she'd not made much progress, but she was still pleased that he could write songs again now.
He'd written two songs, one was called The World Is Ugly and the other one was called The Kids From Yesterday. He'd started writting The Kids From Yesterday not long after Bandit was born, but he'd not finished it, but he started writting it again for his daughter. Kids was the song that he used to sing her to sleep with, but it only worked when he sung it. He'd only sung her the chorus when Bandit was born, but he wanted to finish it.
Poison and Cyanide were outside the diner while Poison smoked.
"Do you believe in life after death?" He asked randomly.
"I like you believe that there is, I mean, if anything happened to us, you'd like there to be something after this, right?" She asked.
"I guess . . . I like to think that Bandit and Lexia would be waiting for me."
"They're probably watching over you."
"You think?"
"Why wouldn't they? Bandit's your daughter and Lexia was your wife, they both loved and still do love you."
"I thought about suicide when they died, but then I realized that I wouldn't want Lexia to do that if the roles were reversed, and I sure as hell wouldn't want Bandit doing that if she was older and understood what happened."
She nodded.
"What about you? Do you have any family?"
She looked down, this was always a painful subject to talk about. "Yeah, I did. I had a little boy and a husband." That was the truth, no lies there.
"What happened to them?"
When she was quite, he realized that he'd struck a nerve.
"I'm sorry, you don't have to-"
"It's okay, Poison. My husband became a Draculoid," Again, no lie, he did become a Draculoid. "and my little boy . . . he was taken away from me. He was called Jeremy after my grandfather, but I've not seen him for years. He was only two when he was taken away from me."
"Shit, Cy, I wish you would've told me, I wouldn't have-"
"It's okay to tell me about it, I know what your going through, if anything I want you to tell me about it so I can help you. I know what it's like to go through that alone, you have family that loves you who want to help. I want to help you, Party Poison."
He just looked at the floor.
"Look, I need to be somewhere right now, but I'll talk to you later, Poison."
"Okay. Cy?"
He hugged her. "I'm sorry."
She knew that he meant about her son and husband. "It's okay. It's not your fault. I know who's to blame and who isn't."
She pulled away and she got into her car.
Party Poison watched her drive away. He cared deeply for her, he knew how badly it hurt to have the ones you love taken away from you, he wanted to be there for her, even if it happened years ago, he knew that she wasn't over it yet. He wanted to help her, just as she wanted to help him.

Acid decided to go out into the desert for a break, she'd left Bandit with her mother and Donna. Ever since Acid introduced Donna and her mother, they'd gotten on famously. They both loved Bandit and they wanted to be around her whenever they could.
Acid needed some time to clear her head since the last time she'd been alone was . . . well, she couldn't remember the last time she'd been alone in the past month.
She'd only gone to Zone two since she didn't know where else to go.
She pulled over in her car and she got out, looking at the millions of miles of dry land that surrounded her.
She'd been in the desert for about ten minutes when the Draculoids found her.
She yanked her gun out of bag and she started shooting, but after a couple shots, the batteries died on her. She got shot in her ankle, making her scream out in pain and fall to the floor.
Acid saw a Killjoy pull up in an old rusty car and they started shooting Draculoids from their window.
After the Dracs were dead, the girl got out of the car and walked over to Acid.
"Are you okay?"
"My ankle fuckin' hurts, but nothing that I can't handle. Thanks for saving my ass back there."
She smiled, kindly. "'S fine. I'm Cyandie Sparx."
"Acid Bullets."
"Can you stand up?" She asked.
Acid tried to stand up, but she moaned in pain when she put some weight on her ankle.
"I'll help you get back, it doesn't look like you can drive right now."

When Acid and Cyanide got back to the only place Acid could call home, Cyanide had to help her walk. Acid's mother rushed over to Acid when she saw her bleeding ankle.
"What happened?"
"Mom, it's no big deal, I had a run in with some Dracs and I got shot, but Cyanide helped. I can't put any weight on my ankle."
Aswell as Cyanide, Mother War helped her daughter get to her room and she lay down on her bed. Bandit was nowhere to be seen, but she was with her other grandmother.
"Do you need anything?" War asked.
She shook her head. "Where's Bandit?"
"She's with Donna. She's fine."
"Do you wanna listen to the radio or anything?" Cyanide asked.
"We've not been able to get our hands on one." War said.
"I've got one in my car if you wanna use it."
"You have a radio?" Acid asked.
She nodded. "Yeah, I do, but-"
"I need to contact someone." Acid felt a spark of hope, she might be able to get intouch with her husband, that was if he was still alive.
"You can't, the contact has been broken for a while now."
Acid frowned, her hope being crushed before she could even get exited about seeing her husband again.
"You can still listen to it, though."
She nodded and smiled sadly. "Thankyou, Cyanide."
Cy smiled and walked out to get her radio. She felt guilty about Acid and Poison, she wanted to reunite them, but the time wasn't right, she knew that they'd see eachother soon, that was the only thing that soothed her guilt slightly.

After a few hours, Cyanide walked in to see Acid looking for a certain channel while Bandit screamed out for attention in her crib.
"Something I can help you with?"
"I'm looking to see if Dr. Death Defying has a channel, that is if he's still alive."
"Dr. Death's alive."
"Would you happen to know about the Fabulous Killjoys?" Acid asked Cyanide, her voice betraying her with a glimmer of hope.
"Yeah, they're all alive and well. They're still in the same Zone apparently."
"What? They're- they're okay?"
"Yeah, why?" She pretended that she didn't know that Party Poison and Acid Bullets were married.
"You have no idea how happy that makes me!"
Acid through her arms around Cyanide and she smiled.
When she got the right channel, The Kids From Yesterday was playing.
"And now this could be the last of all the rides we take, so hold on tight and don’t look back. We don’t care about the message or the rules they make, we’ll find you when the sun goes black. And you only live forever in the lights you make. When we were young we used to say, that you only hear the music when your heart begins to break. Now we are the kids from yesterday."
Tears sprung to Acid's eyes and she smiled, she'd almost forgotten at how much she loved his voice.
"I'm married to Party Poison, I didn't know if he was alive or not. You're sure he's okay?"
"I'm sure. Are you okay?"
Her smile grew wider. "If he's okay, then I'm okay."
Bandit stopped crying and she started sleeping, she remembered that it was the same song that Poison sung to her when she cried.
"'Cause only live forever in the lights you make. When we were young we used to say, that you only hear the music when your heart begins to break, now we are the kids from yesterday today, today. We are the kids from yesterday, today, today. We’re young the world stopped breathing, yeah we left ’til your heart stops beating. Cause you only live forever in the lights you make, when we were young we used to say That you only hear the music when your heart begins to break. Now we are the kids from yesterday. We are the kids from yesterday. We are the kids from yesterday. We are the kids from yesterday, today, today."
Acid smiled at Cyanide.
"Thankyou so much, Cyanide. You've really no idea how much that meant to me."
"It's really okay, Acid. I've gotta head back home."
"Will I see you again?"
She nodded. "Yeah, you will."
Cyanide left and went back to the Fabulous Killjoys.
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