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Smutty Rebel Love Song

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Andy Sixx and Gerard, jealous Frank

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"Hey, Andy" Gerard asks as he leaves the other boy's apartment. It's not strange to find Gerard Way at Andy Sixx's apartment, considering they are neighbors.

"Yeah, Gee?" Andy asks, looking at the older man from his apartment. Today is the day. The day Gerard is going to finally man up and confess his feelings for the tattooed boy.

"I, erm, I...I'm uh..." Gerard bites his lip, tripping all over his words. ERROR ERROR ERROR. GERARD ERROR.

"You okay, Gerard?" Andy asks, chuckling slightly over the worry he feels over the red haired man.

"" Gerard sighs. "Look, I'velikedyouforalongtimesowouldyougooutwithme?" He asks in one long breath.

"Erm... I didn't quite catch that." Andy smirks, raising an eyebrow.

"You know...never mind." Gerard sighs, turning towards his own apartment. "Forget it."

"Hey Gerard," He walks up behind the other man, taking long strides to reach him. He grabs the red head's wrist, spinning Gerard to face him. Andy crashes his lips to Gerard's.

Gerard, of course, kisses back, so excited for this new development. "You liar." He says as they break for breath.

"Don't you know it." Andy smirks, pulling Gerard back into another kiss, licking the other's lips and barely waiting for the okay before pushing his tongue into Gerard's mouth, clearly dominant in the exploration of the shorter man's mouth.

Andy pushes Gerard against the wall, and Gerard brings his legs up, clamping around Andy’s thighs, lips locked in a fiery passion.

Shoving his arms behind Gerard, Andy carries the shorter man into said man’s apartment, squeezing their bodies deliciously closer.

Andy slams Gerard against the inside of his apartment door, almost bruising Gerard with the velocity of his kisses, the unperturbed by the motions.

Gerard knots his hands into Andy’s long black hair, further mashing their faces together, finally letting go to run his hands down Andy’s back, hands ghosting back up his spine, lifting off the dark shirt, momentarily breaking the kiss to get rid of the unnecessary clothing.

Andy quickly pulls Gerard’s shirt off, returning them to their kiss stronger than ever, their lips crashing together like waves crash onto a beach during a storm.

Andy moans as Gerard’s hand lightly trails up the taller’s torso, to his chest, gasping as Gerard starts to play with his nipple, teasing it between his fingers, lightly ghosting circles on the pink flesh.

Andy starts to kiss along Gerard’s jawline, down his neck, leaving dark marks from nips and bites, earning moans of approval the blood rushes to the skin’s surface, not to mention all the blood rushing to the mountain down south. Andy slowly nips his way down to Gerard’s chest, creating purple hickeys and marking the man as his.

Gerard’s hands trail down to Andy’s pants, unbuckling the belt, carelessly tossing it away carelessly as their mouths reconnect, Andy grabbing at the thighs that encase his body.

“Oh God…” Gerard moans, and Andy takes that as a sign that there is too much clothing involved.

Any pulls Gerard off the door, carrying him to his bedroom, grateful that he and Gerard have identical apartments so he can find the room. Pushing the older onto the bed, lying on top as Gerard unclamps his legs from Andy’s thighs, pulling down the zipper on Andy’s pants, popping out the button.

Quickly pulling down the garment, Gerard realizes with a smile the lack of underwear adorning Andy. Andy moans as Gerard’s hands flutter about his sides as he pulls down Andy’s pants, sighing once the pesky garment is gone.

Andy straddles Gerard’s waist, completely naked as he quickly undoes Gerard’s leg coverings, two sets of lips never parting as the black skinnies are ditched in a corner, Gerard arching his back to help get the jeans off. Andy smirks, glancing quickly don to see Gerard’s boxers. They’re a dark drown base color, with cream coffee cups on them and the caption “COFFEE!!” under every cup. Somehow, Gerard’s dorkiness is more of a turn on as his cock pulses with need.

Andy rubs his lower region against Gerard’s, both gasping in pleasure as their naked flesh collides, Gerard lifting himself up to rub back against the other, moaning as the action continues.

Andy breaks his lips away from Gerard’s, flipping the older man. “Suck.” Andy commands, placing two fingers on Gerard’s lips. Gerard obeys, sucking on the fingers, swirling his tongue around as Andy starts putting yet more hickeys on Gerard’s back.

Gerard whines as Andy pulls his fingers away, and then stiffens in pleasure-pain as a single digit is forced into his entry. Andy moves his finger back and forth, wanting to stretch the other man as much as possible, pleasure flooding Gerard’s mind and practically turning it into a mush of lust and joy.

Andy adds a second finger, twisting and scissoring in and out and all around in Gerard, receiving moans for his efforts.

“Andy…” Gerard whines as Andy removes his fingers, making Andy chuckle.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get yours.” Andy whispers, sending even more tingles racing around Gerard’s body, positioning himself at Gerard’s entrance.

“C’mo-OH!” Gerard yells as Andy rams into him, saliva on half lubricating the rough entrance.

“You like that?” Andy asks, waiting a second for Gerard to adjust to the pleasure pain.

“Ye-esss!” Gerard hisses, his breath hitching as Andy rams into him, searching for that pleasure spot.

It takes a few blind thrusts before Andy finally finds the special spot, noticing how Gerard, startled, almost shouts an “A-ah!” sound as he finds the bundle of nerves, Gerard’s eyes twisted shut with pleasure, his mouth slightly ajar, leaking out the empty breath of feeling beyond divine.

Andy smirks, thrusting further and further int that spot until he can’t control himself any longer, and in one last, heat filled thrust looses all in Gerard, cum exploding into Gerard and dripping down onto Gerard’s sheets and legs. Andy collapses onto Gerard, panting heavily. He pulls out of the other man, and they both roll to face each other, Andy noticing the still swollen erection.

“Want me to help you with that?” Andy offers.

“Please.” Gerard begs. Andy smirks, stroking Gerard’s length, teasing the tip and slit as much as possible.

Gerard moans, and it only takes a few strokes to relieve Gerard, his cum spilling onto both of their stomachs.

Gerard sighs, smiling at Andy, and soon both are asleep.

Knock knock knock!

Gerard wakes up, opening his eyes, failing to remember what awoke him, looking at the waking form beside him.

“’Morning.” Gerard smiles, remembering everything of last night.

“G’morning, Gee.” Andy yawns, smiling after.

There’s a knock on Gerard’s bedroom door, and suddenly it opens.

“Hey, Gerard, Mikey wanted to—“ A figure opens the door, peeking his head in, on the phone, stopping his talking when he sees the two men curled together under the sheets, clothes less, cum staining their bellies.

“Oh, bitch, no.” Frank says, closing the door on the two.

Yeah. I did. This is a fanfiction of Rebel Love Song, a slower paced fic that I felt like making smutty. It may or may not be a one shot, tell me what you think. If enough people tell me to extend it, I will. I don't have to. Tell me how it was, this is, after all, my second sex scene ever...
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