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Breaking Their Hold

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Awkward phone calls. Why did Frank come over?

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"Oh. My. God. I can't believe Frank saw us!" GErard says, burying his head into one of his many pillows.

"Are...are you ashamed of sleeping with me?" Andy asks, biting the inside of his lower lip.

Gerard snaps his head up, eyes wide. "No! Well, unless you are, then..." Gerard looks way, embarrassed at his possibly one way love. maybe he was just a way to get off for Andy?

Andy chuckles, kissing the older man's forehead. pulling Gerard's chest to his own. "Never will I regret it. What was that last comment from Frank about, anyway?"

"I have nooo idea. I wonder what he wanted." Gerard muses.

"Hm. I don't know, either. So you really have no idea what the 'Oh, bitch no' comment was about? I expected something more like 'eeew!'." Andy asks. Frank's response was, to say the least, mildly amusing and very interesting.

"Not really. I mean, he has no right to comment on my love life. We broke up ages ago." Gerard shrugs.

"Wait. You and Frank used to date?" Andy asks, eyebrow raised.

"Yeah. A year or so ago." Gerard admits nonchalantly. "But it was Frank who ended it. Furthering the no right to comment." Gerard pouts. He obviously doesn't care much for Frank's commentary. It's not Frank's life. It's Gerard's.

Andy laughs. "We should probably get dressed. Figure out why Frank was even here to begin with."

Gerard nods. "Do you wanna borrow some clothes."

"I live next door." Andy reminds him.

"Oh. Right. Well, we should probably shower..." Gerard suggests, looking down at the dried cum all over them.

"Yup, I'll go over to mine. Text you when I'm done?" Andy smiles.

Gerard nods. "Why can't we shower together?" He adds as an afterthought.

"Because whatever Frank was here about might be important. I wouldn't want you to get too distracted. Why else would he come over here at--Andy glances at the coffee cup alarm clock-- ten thirty?

"One of the mysterious ways of Frank." Gerard mutters, snuggling against the younger man.

Andy sighs. "As much as it pains me to say, we need to get dressed."




Gerard impatiently taps his finger against his counter, waiting for his brother to pick up the phone. He hums, waiting for Mikey. Pick up the phone, answer your text...

"Hello? A voice says on the other side of the line.


"Yep. Why are you calling, Gerard? Did you finally die?" Mikey teases.

"Har har. Very funny. And I'm calling because...well... Frank came over earlier, he mentioned your name before he noticed Andy and I naked in bed. Then he made some silly comment and stormed out."




"On what?"

"Getting with Andy."

"Oh. You don't sound too pleased."

"Well... I'm pretty sure Frank was going to ask you out."

"Oh. OH!"

"Yeah... he was also going to drop off the job applications for a position a Starbucks."




Mikey laughs. "Frank thought you'd like it."




"What should I do?"

Mikey sighs, "Your hands are tied. You like Andy, right?"

Gerard nods, before remembering that Mikey is blind to him. "Yeah. I really do."

"Then it's Frank's fault he let you go."

"...Should I go find Frank?"

"Hm...No, probably not. You'll make things worse."

"Thanks." Note the sarcasm.

"Seriously, Gee. Hang with Andy. Do whatever you gay couples do."


Mikey laughs. "Joking, Gerard. But you knew that. Why don't you come and get the Starbucks application later. Come around mine? Though honestly, why you want such a shitty job is beyond me."

"I'm 23. Shitty jobs are what I do."

"Whatever. Why don't you come over to mine on Wednesday?"

"Yeah. Do you still want me to meet your girlfriend? Alice, or whatever?"

"Alicia! And why don't you bring Andy? I mean, I haven't met the guy. I need to get all the protective sibling shit out of the way."

"I'm not sure we're dating."

"You had sex."

"We're neighbors."

"How, might I ask, is that relevant?"

"...I don't know. Just thought it would add to the argument. HE said he didn't regret sleeping with me."

"You're dating, you socially challenged Gummy bear!"

"Gummy Bear?"

"Alicia is throwing them at me."


"Sounds like you have a boyfriend, dear brother!"

"I guess I do."

"You know you do. I'll see you Wednesday, bro."

"Yeah. Later."

Gerard hangs up the phone. Was Frank really going to ask him out? After how he ended it?

Gerard's phone bings, causing the red haired man to jump in surprise.

Did you find out what was up with Frank?

~Andy XX

Gerard smiles, texting back a simple 'yes.'

Is it important?

~Andy XX

Not really. We can talk about it later.


K. Wanna grab a coffee?

~Andy XXX!

Fuck yes!!


You have to love holiday favoritism.

Sometimes it's so blatantly obvious you wonder if they even try. This year for Christmas, I got a packet of saffron rice. Chicken saffron rice. Did I forget to mention I'm a vegetarian? No, I've said it millions of times. It's like they go out of their way to punish me.
So while I open my saffron rice, my brother and sister get huge boxes filled with all sorts of toys. Makes you wonder. Makes me want to cry.

On another,(slightly) less depressing note. This chapter had no smut. I don't know if the next one will, but there WILL BE MORE SMUT IN THIS STORY!! Prepare for a showdown at the ho down... I do have a plot (no thanks to you), and I'm actually pretty excited...

I credit this story to bvbrocks for writing "Rebel Love Song", which inspired this. I DO OWN THE PLOT, YOU FUCKS!!!

AHEM. Sorry. Unleashing the frustration on you.

Happy fucking holidays.

~Althea. Fucking. Searlind. (Don't you dare forget it.)
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