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Death to the psycho

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Coffee shop and a crazy barista

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“So we’re dating now.” Gerard states as they get their coffee, hardly believing his luck. Who knew Andy was even gay? And one of the prettiest men Gerard has ever dated.

“Yup.” Andy says, popping the ‘p’, “Pretty much sums it up.” He says calmly, but inside he’s ecstatic. ‘I fucked Gerard Way!’

“I might get a job at Starbucks…” Gerard informs Andy.

“Cool. So why was Frank over earlier?” Andy asks curiously.

“Oh. Um, he was going to drop a Starbucks job application off…and, well, erm… ask me out.”

“What?!” Andy asks, alarmed by the sudden development.

“That’s what Mikey said…” Gerard says quietly.

Andy frowns. “And… you’re staying with me?”


“When you say it like that you seem unsure.”

“Well… I’d understand if you wanted to ditch me.” Gerard explains.

“Isn’t that my line?” Andy asks, eyebrow raised.

“Oh, is it? I’ve been broken up with things like this before, so I assumed…” He laughs. “Sorry.”

“You’re stuck with me.”

“Like glue.” Gerard smiles.

LynZ, the barista walks over to Gerard and Andy’s table from across the half empty shop.

“Did you say Frank asked you out?” She inquires, wiping the table with a cloth in an attempt to at least look like she’s working. Gerard and LynZ are good friends, as Gerard comes to get coffee everyday and single everyday LynZ never fails to be there with a good old black coffee.

Gerard nods. LynZ’s eyes sparkle.

“You know what this calls for, right?” She asks, a huge grin breaking across her face.

Andy and Gerard share an ‘Uh-oh’ look.

“No…” Gerard says uncertainly. Who knows what LynZ has in store.

LynZ smiles mischiveously.

“Gerard, I wat you to get all of your single exes into this coffee shop tomorrow. Oh, and the whole world can see your hickeys.” And with that, LynZ turns on her heel and walks back behind her mysterious coffee counter, leaving Gerard to pull up the collar of his shirt.


Gerard hides behind Andy. “Oh God, they’re really here.” He mutters. He sent them all unanimous notes to meet at the shop, he didn’t really expect many to show up. But all of them did.

Andy, for one, is amazed. Gerard, a 23 year old art student, (hot as hell but still) had somehow managed to date all of these beautiful people. He feels honored to even be in the same category as some of these beautiful people.

Andy recognizes a few faces from the apartment—actually, half of the apartment is there. Billie Joe, Jayy and M. Shadows. There are only eight apartment rooms rented out… five out of eight are here. Mind you, one of the apartments is rented by a married couple…that would just be weird.

There’s only one girl, not that it really surprises Andy to find Gerard is bi, not just gay. And he starts to think. These are only the SINGLE people?

LynZ stands up on a coffee table. “I assume you all know why you are here, yeah?”

There are a few murmered ‘no’s, shakes of the head.

LynZ nods. “Okay then. You all remember Gerard Way?” There is a mix of chuckles, groans and whistles. Makes Andy wonder exactly what Gerard used to be like, certainly not the semi-timid boy who claimed he liked me yesterday. No, that had to have just been nerves. These people, with their looks and their remarks, make Andy think… Maybe Gerard has sass.

“Well, Gerard has yet another boyfriend.” LynZ announces. Andy raises his eyebrows, curious as to where this is going.

“So we’re going to go all Scott Pilgrim VS The World on this new guy?” Billie Joe asks, amused.

LynZ chuckles. “No, we are not going to attempt to murder Andy. We’re going to have a contest.” She grins evilly.

“Why?” The lone girl with a brown salad bowl cut asks.

LynZ shrugs. “Because it amuses me.”

“A contest for what?” A guy with multi colered hair and heavy make-up asks.

“Gerard, of course.” LynZ rolls her eyes.

“What!?” Andy yelps.

“Shush, Andy.” LynZ frowns at the man in a relationship.

“What do you mean?” Frank asks, a light in his eyes.

“Whoever wins gets Gerard as a slave for an entire week!”

There are a few whistles. Andy frowns, jealousy settling in his chest. He feels warm arms wrap around his waist, pulling him into the shadows of the dimly lit room, and Gerard’s head settles in the crook of his neck, gently resting as to not pull on Andy’s long hair.

“Let LynZ have her fun. She can’t make me do anything.” Gerard whispers into Andy’s ear.

“What’s the contest all about?” A heavily tattooed man with long black hair (much like Andy’s) and a goatee asks, lazily raising his hand.

“Fan fiction.” LynZ grins smugly. “You have to write a story about you and Gerard, a scene between the two of you. Something that happened, or something you want to happen. It can be fluff or smut, whatever floats your boat.”

“What’s fluff?” The salad bowl headed woman asks.

“What’s smut?” The rainbow haired man asks.

LynZ sighs, shaking her head in exasperation. “You are all so juvenile. It can be emotional or hot, fiery sex.”

“Oooh.” Is the popularly stated opinion.

“My friends Jamia and Bob will help judge, as will I. Gerard will get to see whatever you submit. The deadline is in two weeks. Competitors are: Andy Sixx, Frank Iero, Billie Joe Armstrong, Ronni Radke, M.Shadows, Jayy Von Monroe, Dahvie Vanity amd Karen O. Have fun, you twats!” LYnZ smiles happily, hopping off her counter perch.

Nobody (amazingly) notices Gerard as they all disperse from the coffee shop.

Gerard un-hugs himself from Andy, walking over to the counter. “LynZ! I’m not going to be someone’s slave for a week!”

“Yes, you are Gerard.”

“No, I’m not!”

“You will unless you want everyone to find out about what happened last summer.”

Gerard pales. “Fine.”

Andy raises his eyebrows but doesn’t comment. “Before I have to worry about writing a fan fiction, can I ask who in the apartment you haven’t fucked?”


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