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First attempts and coffee

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Alert! Contains a one-shot written by Lalatherapist16!!!

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By Andy Sixx

When I asked Gee if he was into BGM, he'd looked so confused. So, I decided to show him rather than explain it to him.

Which brings us to where we are now. Gee was currently tied to the bed posts, gagged and blindfolded under me.

The role of Master fit me nearly perfectly. I smiled at his bright red cheeks. “Know what BGM stands for now?” I took a long drag on my cigarette as he shook his head.

I blew the smoke into his his face and pulled at the rope holding his right arm up. “Bound.” I tapped his cute pink lips that had been parted by the black silk gag. “Gagged.”

“And,” I leaned down, biting the ivory skin of his neck. “Mastered.” I whispered, grinning as he shivered. “I will admit though, gags do have their down side.”

I untied it and pulled it out of his mouth with my teeth. “What's that?” he asked quietly.

“Well, I couldn't kiss your pretty little mouth, now could I?” I took another drag and grabbed his chin.

I blew the smoke between his soft pink lips, feeling his chest raise under me. He blew it out of his nose when he realized I was going to keep kissing him. I bit his bottom lip, making him moan into my mouth.

We were both slightly breathless when I finally pulled away. “Are you still sore?” I breathed after a moment.

“A bit.” he panted under me. “Ya know, sex twelve times a day will do that to a man.” he laughed slightly.

“Well, we'll cut it down to eight. Deal?” I smiled, knowing he could hear it in my voice.

“Only eight? Are you trying to kill me with withdrawal?” I laughed.

“Fine.” I kissed his neck and untied the blindfold. “Ten. Final offer.” He blinked into the sudden light, his pupils shrinking.

“Eleven?” he looked at me, trying to get me to cave. I laughed and pressed the cigarette into his shoulder, putting it out.

He gasped, his back arching. “Mmm! Are you trying to get cum all over your back?” he hissed, clenching his teeth. I laughed again.

“You guessed.” I snickered quietly and kissed him. “Well.” I sighed when I pulled back. “Since you're sore, I'll let ya get your sleep.” I stood and stretched, my arms adding another too feet to my six-three height. With a quick toss, I threw a thick blanket over Gee's naked body.

“Wait, aren't you gonna untie me?” he asked, panicked. I looked back, my hand on the light switch.

“Nah.” I flicked the light off.

“Andy? You're just kidding right? Andy?” I giggled and shut the door.

Andy throws back his head, sighing. Trying to write the perfect fanfiction is so much harder than he thought it wold be. He likes this piece, really does, but he can't turn it in because Gerard's going to be reading all of these entries! If he turns it in, it might never happen! And he would like for it to happen, thank you very much. Who wouldn't?

Andy gets up to get a coffee. Gerard really likes coffee, so maybe coffee will help him come up with an idea. And hell, Andy was right. An idea suddenly slams into Andy, and he drops his coffee, rushing back to his desk.

Gerard would be crying over the wasted coffee, but oh well.

~With Gerard~

Gerard walks up to the counter of his regular coffee shop, ordering his usual from LynZ.

"Hey, Gerard. How are things with Andy?" LynZ asks cheerfully. Gerard glares at her before sighing.

"Unnecessarily stressed because of this stupid fan fiction competition. It does tend to put a strain on a relationship when one partner is forcefully being used as a prize in a competition." Gerard sighs again. "Any way I can convince you to stop it?" He asks.

"No way in hell." LynZ smiles sweetly, masking her evil.

"Any way I can bribe you into getting Andy to win?" Gerard tries.

LynZ laughs, shaking her head. "Oh Gerard, that wouldn't be fair. No cheating!"

Gerard sighs. It's a serious sigh fest, isn't it? "I don't want to read the things people write about me."

LynZ chuckles. "Why?"

"Well, I'm sure some of them are going to involve me and castration."

"And brutal mauling." LynZ adds. "But I think those ones will be the most fun to read."

Gerard glares at her. "Thanks." He says sarcastically.

"LynZ shrugs.

Gerard sighs, handing LynZ a piece of folded in half paper. LynZ opens it, and her eyes widen as she realizes what it is. She finally bursts into a fit of giggles as she reaches the end.

"I worked hard on that." Gerard frowns.

"Gerard, this is so awesome!"

Well, there you have it. A lovely one-shot by lalatherapist16. sorry Andy couldn't turn it in!

GUYS, if you want to write a one-shot that is violent you can write one by Jayy Vonn Monroe, Dahvie Vanity, Karen O. and M.Shadows! Otherwise they might not make it in the story!! But yeah, if you want, just get it to me by Jan. 26

For all of you who turned it one-shots, thank you so much, I think all of you will be in the story! If you asked for Andy smut and didn't get it, Email me!

If you asked for Frank smut, I'm only halfway done and have yet to type it up but it should be done int in next couple weeks! (I've been writing a lot of smut lately and I just dont want to write it so I've been trudging along, but I won't stop, not to worry! I have about three smut scenes going right now and in all of them Gerard's cock is shoved up Frank's yeah. A bit of writer's block, I'm sorry.

This was WAAAAY too short. In my original, Craig made an appearance. But since I wrote the original on my mum's Ipad, I don't have it anymore. Whoever decided to put the copy button next to the delete one needs to die. Right now.

Hah that was way too fucking long, I hoped you liked the chappie!

RNR my pretties!!!

Love you all, even you annoying silent readiers! (JK, you're not annoying)

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