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Before Their Eyes

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LynZ coughs, silencing the room. “Today is the day. We share fan fictions, and announce the winner, and possible make Gerard cry.”

“Hey!” Gerard frowns. Andy looks around, noticing the lack of people in the coffee shop. He assumes that some people just don’t give a shit about Gerard anymore. Better for him. Only Billie Joe, Ronnie, himself and Frank are present for the competition. Andy grins, trying to cover up how nervous he is. He wants Gerard to be his slave. Wouldn’t you?

“Today there are five entries to be read. And only one winner.” LynZ says, chuckling for reasons unknown.

Gerard pouts as if LynZ just took a stab at him, sitting himself across Andy’s lap and leaning onto his boyfriend’s chest.

“Wait, there are only four of us here for the competition, why are there five entries?” Frank asks LynZ, finding a slight mathematical error. Only it isn’t an error. Gerard shrugs.

“Before we start, I’d like to ask a very important question concerning Gerard.” LynZ announces. Andy raises an eyebrow and Gerard shifts uncomfortably a the thought of LynZ knowing more about him than she already does. “You are all well aware of Gerard’s coffee addiction. He’s always drinking the stuff.”

“He’s got a coffee cup alarm clock.” Frank mutters, nodding.

“And coffee boxers.” Ronnie says, obviously approving of his ex.

“He used to have coffee-bean ear-warmers.” Billie Joe adds.

“He’s applying for a job at Starbucks.” Andy tells them.

LynZ nods. “Yes, his coffee problems are known well. The question here is—does Gerard’s sperm taste like coffee?”

Gerard spits out the coffee he was drinking, before he starts laughing, giggles shaking his body.

“I wish.” Frank says, a look of reminiscence on his face.

Gerard laughs at Frank. “You always denied being as addicted to coffee as me! Hmph.”

“Hey, we have the same alarm clock.” Frank says, defending… well, really, just kind of stalking.

“Erm…” Andy says. Awkward much? Frank and Gerard seem to get on well… Oh this could be bad.

LynZ looks slightly disappointed. “Oh well.”

“Were you planning to suck Gerard off?” Ronnie asks curiously.

LynZ laughs. “No, I had a bet going with a workmate.”

“Bob?” Gerard asks. Go figure, he knows the names of all the baristas.

LynZ nods, then coughs to bring everyone back to the heart of the matter. “On with the readings! We’ll start with Billie Joe and move on from there!” LynZ smiles.

“I was sitting in my basement bedroom, watching the dust float in the one ray of sunshine that streamed in through the tiny window in the top of the wall. I was feeling so depressed lately. My brother had walked in on me downing a full handful of pills in an attempt to get high, which was pretty hard since I had built up tolerance, a week ago, and was refusing to talk to me. My parents didn’t give a shit, and I had no other friends, besides the drugs and booze. I couldn’t take this world anymore. With these thoughts in mind, I slowly got up off my bed, and walked up stairs. I walked past Mikey in the living room, and didn’t even glance at him. I walked outside and blinked in the blinding sunlight. I knew exactly where I was going, but my feet felt like they were dragging through mud.

I walked further and further, getting into the really gritty part of town, where my dealer lived. I needed to but more pills if I wanted to pull this off. I was down to a quarter of a bottle. I finally got to the corner where his apartment building stood. I rang his buzzer three times, so he would know it was me. “Come on up,” he said through the intercom. I trudged up the three flights of stairs, and walked into apartment C3. My dealer came out of his kitchen, and said, “Hey, Gerard.” “Hey Billie,” I sighed, not even trying to hide my mood, and sat down on his old, beat-up couch. “What’s the matter, Gee?” asked the raven haired man. “What’s it to you?” I asked, exasperated and not in the mood to be questioned. “Well,” he said, “You’re my best customer, and I like you. I want to know what’s up.” “Look,” I said, “I really don’t want to talk about it.”

Billie sighed and sat next to me and said, “C’mon. I won’t judge. Tell me.” “Fine,” I said, thinking it wouldn’t make a difference soon enough anyway, “I want to off myself. That’s why I’m here today. To get the pills to do it.” Billie’s green eyes widened in surprise, and he said, “Y’know, I never thought you would be the type to do it. I always thought you were stronger than that. What’s made you so weak now?” “I’m just a useless druggie,” I said, “Pretty much everybody hates me. Even my own brother. The world will be better off without me." Billie frowned, and said, "That's not true. Someone does care about you. I'm sure of it." I shook my head, fighting back tears, and said, "You're lying." "No, I'm not," he said, "I know, because that someone is me." And then he kissed me.

I couldn't believe what was happening. A moment ago, I was on the brink of tears and at the point of suicide, and now I was making out with the man I had been secretly in love with for three months? But I wasn't going to argue about it. Billie pulled away, and looked at me with those emerald eyes, and I felt like he was looking into my soul. "Gee," he said, "I really like you. It's not your time yet. And I cannot imagine what this world will be like without you. You are special and you are amazing. You're just a little messed up is all. Aren't we all? But no matter what anybody says, never believe you are worthless."

That was when I vowed to myself to get clean. I wanted to live up to his expectations for me. Ironic, isn't it? Finding out your drug dealer loves you causing you to sober up. But Billie wasn't an addict, he just needed the money, so I was sure he would help me. "So," my savior said, "Let's get you sobered up. I don't care how much money I lose as long as I can keep you around." I giggled a little, and said, "Ok. And I'll get a job to help you out." He smiled, and said, "That's okay, sugar. Why don't we wait until you're clean first?" I shook my head and said, "Nah. I'll need a distraction from my cravings anyways." Billie raised an eyebrow at me, and said, "Honey, I can provide you with all the distractions you need." I giggled again, and hugged the man who had just saved my life.

That was a new beginning for me and for Billie. He's out of the trade now, and has a steady job. Mikey and I are as close as ever, and my parents…well, nothing has really changed there. Billie and I are as happy as can be, and I am now six months sober. I can't even begin to imagine what I would've missed out on if I had gone to a different dealer that day.”

“Why did you make me suicidal?” Gerard asks, frowning. “I can’t believe you got the inspiration from me. I’m just a awesome ball of energy.”

Andy knows how true those words are from experience. (coughsexualinnuendocough)

Billie shrugs. “That’s what you were like when we met.”

“Hmph. I’m not like that anymore.” Gerard pouts, snuggling into Andy’s shoulder. ‘Gerard used to be suicidal?’ Andy wonders, making a mental note to ask him about it later.

LynZ sighs. “Enough of your petty squabbles. Let’s do Gerard’s.”

“You wrote one?” Andy asks his boyfriend, surprised as Gerard nods and sits up straighter.

LynZ rolls her eyes. “And it is the ridiculousness of Gerard, whom you all have had the shame of dating, that brings you this piece.”

“Hey! It’s good!” Gerard protests.

LynZ sighs. “I almost disqualified it. Whatever.” LynZ rolls her eyes and begins reading.
“Don’t you understand? Understand what I need, what I desire? To wake up and be greeted by my loves, not a slave to sleep and lonliness? A sweet, bitter yet delicious love mixed with an entirely sweet one.
To be allured by a dark paradise, forever clung tight?
LynZ, sod off. World, leave me alone. Leave me alone, you bitch, with my coffee and my Andy!”
LynZ finishes. “Oh yeah, it’s called ‘You Crazy Stupid Bitch’.”

The room is silent, before everyone (bar Gerard and Andy) bursts into mad fits of giggles. Gerard looks outraged, but Andy is taking in the words…

“You love me?” Andy asks quietly. “Enough to be categorized with coffee?”

Gerard blushes. “I know it hasn’t been long, but yeah, I do.”

Andy smiles. “I love you too.” They rest their foreheads together, smiling with closed eyes.

Ronnie whistles obviously done with his laughing fit (as are the others). “I never got an ‘I love you’.”

“Nor did I.” Billie Joe shakes his head.

“I did.” Frank says quietly.

“Aaanyway” LynZ says, trying to move the conversation along.

Gerard looks at his phone, checking the time for the first time. “Shit, I have to get to my interview at Starbucks!” He yelps, jumping off his boyfriend, kissing his cheek and running out the door like he’s late to meet the queen.

“I guess we’ll continue tomorrow.” LynZ shrugs.


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