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um, please don't ask about the title. I'm just a fucker with a gun... Oh, America, we love you.

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Gerard plops down in his seat. Well, Andy’s seat on Andy’s lap. So really, Gerard’s seat. He pecks a quick kiss on his boyfriend’s cheek, grinning. “Hey, handsome.”

“Hey is for horses. How’d your interview go?” Andy asks, smiling.

“Okay. I really hope I get the job.” Gerard’s smile becomes a bit nervous as he worries about succeeding in landing the job.

“I’m sure you will.”

“Thanks.” Gerard says, placing a chaste kiss on Andy’s lips.

The men hear a sigh. “You two can do that later.” LynZ tells them, not really all that annoyed.

“Oh, we will.” Gerard smirks, still face to face with Andy. Just to annoy the irritating barista, he licks a line across Andy’s lower lip.

“There are people here, Gerard.” LynZ informs the red head.

“Oh, don’t stop on my account. I’d be happy to watch.” Ronnie smirks. There seems to be a lot of that smirking stuff.

Gerard laughs, moving his head to rest on Andy’s shoulder. “I think we’re done for now.’

LynZ sighs. “Gerard, as much as I love me some gay sex, please refrain from doing it in the place where I work.”

Gerard grunts. “Whatever.”

LynZ shakes her head. “What happened to that introverted Gerard from two months ago?”

“He grew a set.” Gerard deadpans. Frank stiffens. It really was all his fault Gerard was depressed and had self esteem issues.

“I’m sorry.” Frank mutters.

“What do you have to be sorry for, Frank?” Billie Joe asks.

“I’m over it.” Gerard mutters. He is clearly not over it, whatever it is.

“I was drunk, you know I didn’t mean it! I jus forgot ab—“ Frank tries again, only to be cut off by the person he’s addressing.
“I said I was over it.” Gerard snaps, grinding his teeth together. “Just drop it, Frank.”


“DROP IT!” Gerard yells, then recomposes himself. “The past is the past.”

There’s silence for a few moments.

“…Moving on…” LynZ tries to break the very awkward silence, not really all that successful.

Gerard sighs, snuggling further into Andy’s chest.

“Care to tell me what that was about?” And asks.

“Later. I’ll tell you later.” Gerard whispers. Andy nods.

“Well then… I think we’ll read Ronnie’s entry.” LynZ decides. Ronnie grins, winking at Gerard.

“You’ll love it.” He practically purrs, emphasizing the word love.

LynZ blushes, even though the comment wasn’t aimed at her. “This one… well, screw the warnings let’s get reading!”

“Ronnie's POV

"I don't know Max, I'm not really in the mood to party tonight."

I tell my short, green eyed best friend. He shoots me a bewildered look, nibbling on the lip ring on his bottom lip. He's no doubt trying to figure out why his party animal, huge egoed, wild best friend is suddenly turning down the opportunity to go to a sure to be amazing party when he's usually the one dragging him to go out.

"Why the fuck not? You're always in the mood to party."

"I don't know man, just...don't wanna go."

He's about to retort when I see realization flash in his eyes.

"Oh, wait a second, I know what's got you acting so weird. Is this about that Gerard dude?"

Gerard. Just the sound of his name has my head buzzing. Why does he have to be so damn sexy? Whenever I cross paths with the pale, raven haired, eyes you could gaze into for hours, and just utter perfection that is Gerard Way, I'm just not ME. Everyone knows me as this hard ass, bad mouthed, tattooed douche bag that goes around breaking girls, and occasionally guys, hearts. But once Gerard is thrown into the equation, the tables turn. I can't let anyone know how I feel, it's not good for my rep.

"Gerard? What? No man, what does he have to do with anything?"

I say, trying my best to sound under control. But by the looks of the grin that's forming on Max's face, I'm obviously not fooling him.

"I've known you way too fucking long to fall for that shit, Ronnie. You totally want a piece of this guy."

I snort sarcastically and say "Do not."

He raises an eye brow and his smile widens. Oh no, I can already tell this isn't gonna end well.

"Yeah? Willing to make a little bet then?"

I know I'm gonna regret this later but my competitive side takes over before I can stop myself.

"You know I'm always up for a bet, Maxwell."

"Hm, okay then. Fifty bucks says that if you come to this party with me, you won't make it through the night without fucking him."

My eyes widen and I'm suddenly unsure if I want to bet the last fifty bucks in my wallet on this. Half of me isn't worried at all, no way would Gerard be interested in me that way. But then the other half is asking: If by some miracle he is, would I be able to turn him down? Max has his gaze set on me, patiently waiting a response. After a few minutes of contemplating, I give in.


We shake on it, sealing the deal. I start making my way outside my house towards my car, Max at my heels. We quickly get inside and before popping in a CD and turning up the volume, Max yells out the window

"Let the night begin motherfuckers!"

It's been an hour since we got to the party and I'm actually enjoying myself. I'm starting to feel the buzz from the couple beers I've drank and so far there's been no sign of Gerard or his friends. Maybe tonight won't pan out as bad as I thought. I'm in the middle of a conversation with Max and two girls we met, one of which is clearly trying to get my attention, when I spot someone walking in our direction. I look up and meet eyes with the intruder and immediately recognize the long black bangs, sides of his head cut short and dyed red. Fuck, it's Frank. Which means Gerard must be around as well.

Gerard and Frank are just as close as Max and I are, maybe even closer. I've gotta admit I get pretty jealous of their relationship sometimes. I hear Frank greet Max and he offers me a nod of the head, which I return. The music is blaring ridiculously loud so I can't hear Frank and Max's conversation, not that I'm interested anyway. I start to stir uneasily in my chair and scan the room, anticipating Gerard's arrival. After a few minutes of anxious searching, I begin to think that maybe he didn't come to the party with Frank. Just as I'm about to allow myself to relax a bit again, I feel hot breath near my right ear, that instantly raises goose bumps on my tattooed neck.

"Hey there, Ronnie."

I turn around to meet eyes with insanely gorgeous, greeny hazel eyes and my knees melt as expected. It's a good thing I'm sitting down.

"H-hey, Gerard."

Smooth Ronnie, very smooth. Keep stuttering like an idiot, I'm sure it's a huge turn on for him. He chuckles into my ear, and I bask in the adorable, yet sexiness of it. He pulls away and heads towards Max and Frank. The minute Max spots Gerard he gives me a knowing smirk, which I respond to by flipping him off. Gerard looks between us, obviously confused, but shrugs it off and disappears to god knows where. The girl that was clearly trying to get my attention earlier comes and sits on my lap unexpectedly. I look at her, REALLY look at her, for the first time that night and realize she's pretty hot. But something about knowing Gerard is within proximity makes everyone else seem plain compared to his stunningly good looks in my head.

"Wanna dance?" She offers, flashing me a seductive look. I'm about to turn her down before I realize that distracting myself with a girl all night might be just what I need.


I stand up and she drags me by the hand to the dance floor. Before I know it, we're in the middle of a sea of teenagers, all tipsy and enjoying the feeling of dancing along to the crappy pop song playing through the speakers. The girl who I hadn't even bothered asking her name, presses herself close to me, swaying her hips in time with the music. I'm usually a great dancer but I'm not totally into it. My mind is filled with inappropriate thoughts of a certain black haired nineteen year old. Speaking of, I feel the familiar breath hovering over my right ear for the second time that night and smile to myself.

"Tell the blonde to fuck off, it's my turn."

I gladly comply and shoo off the girl, not caring that she's shooting me a death glare. As soon as she distances herself from us, Gerard wraps his arms tightly around my waist. The song changes to a more upbeat one that isn't so crappy and we both grind up against each other, loving the contact. A few songs later, Gerard takes a hold of both of my hands and tows me towards the bar. He orders a round of shots and hands me one once the bartender is done pouring the drinks. A few shots later and Gerard and I are having a blast, flirting unashamedly. The alcohol has allowed me to unnerve a bit, but I still get butterflies in the pit of my stomach when ever Gerard stares at me too long, lust evident in his eyes.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, I've gotta keep my head straight. I can't lose this bet to Max. Gerard however, seems to be making this impossibly hard for me, even though he has no knowledge of the bet. Gerard decides he's drank enough and we both walk towards a quieter area where we can talk without straining our voices by trying to scream over the music. We find a rather secluded corner and Gerard starts conversation.

"Is that a new tattoo?"

"What, this one?" I say, and point towards the new ink on my neck that has just started to heal.

"Yeah, what is it, some kind of bird?"

I feel Gerard trace his pale, slender fingers over the art work, and I suddenly find it hard to speak.

"U-uh yeah, i-it's a p-phoenix."

"Hm...pretty sexy. Still kind of red though, does it hurt?"

Oh my fucking god, did GERARD WAY just say my tattoo is SEXY?! I push the sudden hormones that scream out in pleasure aside and try to compose myself enough to answer him.

"Not really, just a little sore."

Good, keep up your tough guy routine. In all actuality, the tat hurts like hell. Neck tattoos aren't actually the easiest to handle. Gerard presses a finger down on it and I can't help but wince a little in pain.

"Aw, poor baby." he says.

Gerard's a few inches shorter than me so he has to bring his lips up to meet my neck before kissing it lightly. He must realize how I suddenly relax because soon enough he's planting more kisses on my neck, this time not only on my throbbing tattoo. I feel him run his tongue along a sensitive dip in my neck and I let out a small, almost unaudiable moan. He chuckles lightly at this and I blush crimson once I realize that he heard me. He brings his lips close to mine, so close that I can feel his coffee scented breath tickling my eager lips.

"You're adorable, you know that?"

He doesn't give me a chance to respond before he has me pinned up against the wall, pressing his lips firmly against mine. My mind erupts in a series of flashes of passion as I lose myself in the kiss, wrapping my arms around Gerard's skinny waist. He pulls away all too soon, and he must notice the frown that arises on my lips because he says

"Don't worry Ronnie, I'm not even close to being through with you. I just think we should take this upstairs, somewhere more comfortable. A room with a bed preferably."
He offers me a wink before grabbing my toned arm and leading me towards the stairs. I look around the room, praying that Max won't see us, and am pleased to see that we haven't run into him as we reach the top of the stairs. Gerard continues to lead me through couples making out in the hall way and into what seems to be the master bed room at the end of the hall. He pushes me inside and locks the door behind him before attaching his lips to mine again in another hot kiss. I feel him tugging on my long, black hair and begin to wonder what he's doing when I feel my back collide with a soft mattress. I open my eyes for a split second and gaze at the room, and the bed we're now laying on.

"Awesome, king sized bed. We'll be needing all the room we can get."

I hear Gerard say, voice all low and husky after our make out session. He yanks off my t-shirt and throws it across the room before saying

"Damn Ronnie, have you been working out?"

I blush at the unexpected comment.

"Yeah, just something I've gotten into lately."

"Well it's definitely doing you good. And here I was thinking you couldn't possibly get any sexier."

I stare at him disbelievingly, beginning to think that my ears are playing tricks on me.

"W-what? You think I'm sexy?"

He flashes his heart melting smile and lowers his mouth to my chest.

"Of course I do".

He begins to trail butterfly kisses down my abdominal until he reaches my waist. He then begins to make his way back up, this time sucking hard on my skin, leaving a trail of dark, purple hickeys. It's all I can do but scream out in pleasure. Once he reaches my nipples, he starts to plant hickeys over each one, extending his hand to my crotch that's now throbbing under my tight, white skinny jeans. Crap, I need to stop this now or I can kiss my fifty bucks goodbye. I make an attempt to push away from Gerard, but he takes this the wrong way.

"Not enjoying the teasing anymore I see? Don't worry baby, I won't keep you in anticipation much longer."

"Wait, no Gerard, I- AH!"

I let out a loud moan as I feel Gerard's tongue lick the slit of my aching dick. He had somehow managed to pull down my jeans and boxers faster than even I ever could.

"You were saying?" he asks, licking the pre cum that was dripping down my dick, before taking it into his mouth completely.

"Uh, nothing. Fuck, that feels amazing."

Gerard chuckles and the vibrations that erupt around my member make me go insane. I knot my hands in Gerard's hair, all thoughts of Max and his bet miles away from my thoughts. Gerard bobs his head up in down, deep throating me as he directs his gaze up to me. I've gotta admit, I've never seen a more arousing sight. I suddenly miss the pressure of Gee's lips on my own and pull him back up until we're enclosed in a lust filled lip lock. I kick off my boxers and jeans completely and begin to work on Gerard's clothes, never breaking the kiss. Soon, I have his lower body clothes free but have to pull away so I can take off his shirt.

Gerard stops me and sits up on his knees on the bed. I look at him, completely confused, and wonder what he's up to. The music is so loud downstairs that we can still hear the beat making it's way upstairs. Gerard starts to sway his hips along to it and strips his shirt off slowly, putting on a sexy little show for me.

"Okay, I get it, you're the hottest fucking thing to ever walk this planet. Now will you come back here?"

I hear Gerard say "You know it" before collapsing on my chest.

We kiss at each other's exposed skin, taking time to explore the other's body before Gerard breaks the heated silence.

"I can't take it anymore, just fuck me, Ronnie."

This sentence comes out in a half moan and my dick twitches in response. Wasting no time in fulfilling Gerard's request, I flip him around so that I'm now lying on top of him. He grabs two of my thick, calloused fingers and sticks them in his mouth, swirling his tongue all over it like it's his favorite flavored lollipop. Gerard then lets go and I direct my fingers towards his entrance.

"Just shove them both in at once." He breathes out.

I look at him skeptically for a moment.

"You sure?"

He nods in agreement and I do as he says. The tight muscles contract at the sudden pressure and I ease them in and out of Gerard, getting him use to the feeling. By the time that I'm scissoring my fingers inside him, Gerard is letting out small groans and rocking himself against my hand. I take this as my cue and take my fingers out. I flip Gerard around so that he's on his knees on the bed and position myself at his entrance.

"Ready?" I say.

Gerard lets out a moan and I take that as a yes. I slam into Gerard, eager to fill him with my painfully hard dick. The first thing that comes to mind is how unbelievably tight he is.

"Fuck, Gee, you're so fucking tight."

I say in a breathless voice now that I've picked up a steady pace. I notice a sleek layer of sweat beginning to form on Gerard's muscle-y back and the sight turns me on even more, if that's even possible.

"Maybe you're just fucking huge. Uh, feels so good."

I switch position so that I'm now lying on my back on the bed and Gerard is hovering over me, riding my dick. Just looking at him makes me moan out louder than I thought I was capable of and I jerk my hips up out of reflex. I must have hit Gee's prostate because he screams out like a whore.

"OH FUCK! Right there."

I keep thrusting up in the same manner while Gerard continues to ride my dick. Our moans and screams mix together until I can't even hear the music downstairs anymore.

"Shit, I'm so close."

Gerard says, and I reach out to grab his dick and pump furiously at it. In seconds, Gerard and I are screaming out each other's names in ecstasy, both riding out our orgasms at the same time. We collapse in an exhausted heap on the bed and bask in the after glow of our mind boggling orgasms for a few moments.

"Wow...just" is all I can manage.

Gerard giggles his adorable little giggle and gets up off the bed. We both clean up quickly and get dressed. Just as we're about to exit the bed room, Gerard takes out a stick of black eyeliner from his back pocket and scribbles down what I'm guessing is his phone number on my forearm.

"Call me."

He says, and plants a small peck on my cheek before disappearing down the hall. Moments later, I make my way down the stairs and immediately find Max, looking cozy with a girl on the couch.

"Ronnie, there you are! I was looking all over for you man, where the fuck were you?"

Once I come closer he spots the hickeys covering my neck and the phone number written on my arm and grins like an idiot, recognizing Gerard's hand writing. I take out a fifty dollar bill from my pocket and slam it down on Max's out stretched hand.

"Worth every penny."

I say, and walk out the door, heading towards my car, basking in the high I'm on after experiencing one of the best night's I've ever had.”

“Please tell me I’m not the only one turned on by that?” Gerard pleads. Actually, he knows he’s not the only one turned on if semi hard bulge pressed against the back of his right thigh is anything to go by.

There’s silence.

“Ronnie… wow. Your writing always is interesting, be it song or story…” Billie Joe shakes his head, chuckling a bit.

“Um, I think Andy and I are going to go home now…” Gerard says, jumping off Andy. They quickly make a dash for the door.

(TIME LAPSE) (A/N PREPARE FOR A SHITTY SMUT SCENE! Um, yeah. It’s like, bipolar sex or something…)

As soon as the door shuts, Andy is on the redhead like a moth to flame.

Their mouths clash together in a fervor of passion and lust (mostly lust). Andy slams Gerard against the door, pressing their bodies together and rubbing his aching crotch on Gerard’s.

They both gasp as their clothed members collide, already filling up with blood and hardening very much.

Andy pulls off Gerard’s shirt, licking up from the base of his neck to his earlobe. Gerard moans as Andy bites down on his neck, and Gerard’s hands find their way up Andy’s shirt, pulling the garment off.

Their lips clash back together in a lustful dance, their bodies pressed together as they struggle to fill the nonexistent space between them.

Andy doesn’t hesitate to pull down Gerard’s boxers and skinnies, and Andy grins as Gerard moans into the kiss. It certainly isn’t because Andy’s hand is wrapped around Gerard’s member like a present, certainly not. (A/N How… I just… mind fuck, I’m sorry)

Andy’s mouth find its way onto Gerard’s neck, sucking on the skin as it moves down his chest, going lower and lower. Gerard’s face scrunches up erotically in pleasure as Andy licks a line across the red head’s dick, moaning and panting as his member is practically swallowed whole by his boyfriend.

Andy bobs his head up and down along Gerard’s length, loving the delicious noises the singer makes. Gerard becomes almost impossibly hard, ready to cum when Andy pulls away. “Andy…” Gerard whines as Andy looses every and all garment on his body.

“I want you to cum from me being inside you, shoving my cock deep into your ass, making you scream again and again.” Andy responds, his voice deep and husky, absolutely dripping with sex. He presses his body up against Gerard’s, shifting his weight pulling Gerard onto the floor underneath him.

Andy supports himself between Gerard’s legs, one arm on each side of Gerard’s head. “Suck,” Andy commands, shoving his fingers to Gerard’s mouth. Gerard complies, moaning around the digits as Andy rubs his pulsing cock on Gerard’s equally, if not more, eager one. Gerard thrusts up to meet Andy, still trying to suck the fingers and not accidentally bite.

Once Andy deems his fingers properly coated in Gerard’s wet (no fucking duh) saliva, he brings them from the shorter man’s mouth, down between Gerard’s legs.

Gerard lifts his legs up, hooking them on Andy’s back. Andy slides his finger around Gerard’s hole, determined to wait for the perfect moment. But getting impatient, Andy shoves his pointer finger in, making sure to stop when Gerard asks him to.

Andy soon plunges a second digit in, scissoring in and out, loving the absolutely whorish fces Gerard makes, slightly irked (but still patient) at the pained ones. He just wants his cock in something, and he wants it now. Finally, it seems Gerard is ready.

Andy positions his tip at Gerard’s anus (FTW it’s a technical term!), pushing himself in as slowly as he can stand. Gerard’s muscles clench around his desperate cock, not yet used to the sensation. But slowly, too fucking slowly Gerard gets used to it, and Andy is fully in.

Andy doesn’t wait for Gerard to tell him to move, he just does after a minute, too damn impatient to have his cock pumping in and out of his lover, being squeezed in the most delicious way. Andy pulls out an inch, only to slam back in. He starts a steady beat with his lover, almost pulling out fully before pushing back in again.

“ANDY!” Gerard screams as the younger no doubt hits that special spot, and Andy smirks in his haze of lust and pleasure. It’s consuming him, taking over his mind. Gerard is taking over his mind.

Andy hits that spot again, thrusting harder, deeper, anything to hear his name like that again. He is rewarded as Gerard screams his name, again as Andy can’t get enough of that wonderful sound.

“Imma… Cum…” Gerard moans, and a moment later he does, his muscles tightening around Andy’s already squished member, sending him over the edge. Andy screams, his face contorted in pleasure as him muscles force his semen out his urethra, causing that deliciously devious thing they so innocently call and orgasm.

“Mmm…” Gerard mutters as Andy pulls out of him, both enjoying the aftermath of this little incident.

Andy nods his agreement, yawning a bit. “I know it’s early… but I’m tired. Wanna sleep?” Andy asks.

Gerard nods. They make their way to the bedroom after a few minutes of lazing about, settling under the covers.

“Are you going to tell me what that fight with Frank was about?” Andy asks, having a slight memory redemption.

Gerard shakes his head. “Not now…” And with that, the red head is asleep against Andy’s chest.

thank Alteredstateofmind for the fecking epic one shot. Dunno about you, but i thoughit was THE SHIT.

I’m sorry, I keep forgetting about this story. The only reason I wrote it is actually because I have writers block with It Would Seem I’m Going To Hell… sorry. So sorry. And guys, I thing next chapter is Frank’s little one shot! THE DRAMA!

Oh, and Disenchantedending, if you wouldn’t mind, could you please resend me the Andy-Gerard fluff? Or at least tell me if you can’t. Please, pretty fucking please with a cherry on top? (Not Frank’s kid. LOLz)

Guys, I still haven’t decided who is going to win, so I think… we might have a vote or something in a couple of chapters.
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