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Uh... Lovefight?

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Not really sure if it's a love fight... Feck it. Feck it very very mu-u-uch!

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(A/N Guys, Imma tell you right now that my mind is still in It Would Seem I’m Going to Hell, so sorry if my vocabulary is inappropriate. I’ve been confusing my GF (squee!) with my words all day…)

Gerard yawns, his arms stretched up above his head. “LynZ, it’s like 8 am. On a Saturday. Why the fuck am I here?” Gerard asks, annoyed.

“Well, Gerard m’dear, you are here today to hear Frank’s lovely one shot.” LynZ smiles, sadistically to Gerard and everyone else moaning about the time. Gerard did, at least, know how to pick late sleepers. “And you have to work later, so I want it to be done sooner rather than later.”

Gerard pouts, plopping into Andy’s lap. He’s always plopping into Andy’s lap nowadays. “She’s evil.” Gerard mutters. Andy can’t help but nod his agreement.

“It’s to early to be awake. It’s too early to be alive. I wanna go back to bed.” Andy adds grumpily.

“I’ll go with you…” Gerard says, closing his eyes against Andy’s shoulder.

LynZ claps her hands, breaking up the moment. “You two can be all couple-y and shit for the fans later. For now, we wanna get to the real meat.” LynZ licks her lips. Literally licks her lips like there’s so juicy meat being passed her way. Eew….

“So what’s on our platter today?” Billie Joe asks, sighing. He agrees with almost everyone; it’s too early to be up.

“Fluff.” LynZ announces with a smile. “Fluff fluff and more fluff. It’s a fluff fest!” LynZ smiles.

Everyone shivers, scared at what this could mean. LynZ smiling… this is going to be bad. Very bad.

The Devil-woman clears her throat, still smiling. “Let’s start!

Valentines Day by Frank Iero.

I sighed with relief as the clock got to 5, time to get out of work. I literally ran to my car, hopping in. Everyone had been buying and giving chocolate and flowers to each other, as it was Valentines Day. I, of course, didn’t get anything, as I was not the most liked person in the shop. My boyfriend of 4 months, Gerard, who was also my best friend in the whole entire world, was away seeing some guy about painting for him. I tried not to look disappointed when he told me he would be gone, but I couldn’t help feeling it inside. It was our first Valentines Day as a couple, and I was kind of hoping it would be special.

Anyway, Gerard was so excited that he was chosen by this guy, so I couldn’t really complain, because as long as he was happy (and he was), then I was happy.

I started the car and turned on the radio for a little while. I got fed up though after 5 minutes so put on some Misfits songs. I tapped my hand on the steering wheel as I completed my journey to the apartment building where I had an apartment on the 2nd floor. Locking my car, I turned to walk up the dirty, slightly cracked concrete stairs.

I entered the building, turning around to close the door behind me. The sky was a dismal gray, with equally grey clouds.

Swinging my bag back onto my back, I began to climb the beige carpeted stairs. My hand slid along the slightly grimy banister, before pulling it back when I got to my floor. I walked along the dark, through lack of good lighting, hallway until I reached my door, number 9. I rummaged around in my pockets until I found my key. Attached, was a picture of Gerard and I when we were 15, taken on a ride at our favorite theme park. Seeing him just made me more miserable, so I quickly unlocked the door and threw the keys into my back pocket. I pulled the old handle and strolled through, closing the door behind me. I put my bag onto the sofa, and walked into the small kitchen.

As the white wooden door swung closed behind me, I gasped. The kitchen was covered in pink, red and white rose petals, with our small round dining table in the middle. On the table, was a single rose in a vase, and some tall, skinny candles. Some more, skinny and fat, candles were spread around the room on various counter tops, and ledges. The blinds at the window had been pulled down, forbidding the last of the daylight to come in. But, best of all and far hotter then even the candles flames, was my beautiful Gerard, leaning against one of the counters, a gorgeous smile lighting up his whole face.

“Hey sugar” he smirked, walking towards me.

“Hi…” I replied, still taking in my surroundings. After a couple more seconds of silence, I finally looked into his hazel orbs and said “You said you weren’t going to be here today. Why aren’t you at that guy’s house?”

“You think that I’d miss our first valentines day to go talk to some dude about getting a picture of his cat done?” He said, reaching me. He placed a kiss on my lips and then pulled back. “Because if you did, you’re sorely mistaken” And with this, he turned back around and pulled out one of the two chairs set around the small table.

“Bon appétit, Frankie” he smirked, as he guided me to sit down on one of chairs, whilst he placed two plates in front of the seats. I sat down, pulling my chair further in. He walked around to his side of the table and pulled out his own chair, swiftly sitting on it.

“…It’s edible, Frank” he said, pointing at my plate after a few minutes. I realized that I had been staring at him the whole time and looked down to my food. It was spaghetti bolognaise, and the nicest I have ever seen. I can hardly cook though, so I haven’t seen too many. It has to be an Italian thing. I picked up my knife and fork and started on the meal, Gerard doing the same.

15 minutes, and a lot of talking later, we were both finished. He stood up and took my plate away, taking his as well. He then put them into the washing up bowl, which was full of soapy water and bubbles. He walked back round and pulled my chair out. Taking the hint, I stood up, and was careful not to knock the candles on the table over as I slid my chair back under.
As I turned around, I noticed how close Gerard was to me. I could smell his cigarette and coffee scented breath with each one he took. Then, I looked up, into his hazel (although slightly more brown tonight) eyes. He leant down, and pressed his lips onto mine. They worked together, slowly, to create a loving, sweet kiss. He pulled back, and just before going into another one, he said “I love you, Frank Iero, and I always will.” I pressed a tattooed finger to his lips just before they touched my own, and replied, “I love you too, Gerard Way.””

Gerard doesn’t speak. His mouth is slightly ajar, and there’s a tear leaking out of hisright eye. He sucks in a breath, trying to compose himself. Frank just… Frank just… Another tear falls from Gerard’s green brown eyes. Then another, and another.

Andy stares at his boyfriend, not sure what to do. Judging from Gerard’s reaction, this had actually happened. Maybe Gerard wants Frank back now? Is that why he’s crying? Uncertain and nervous, Andy pulls Gerard to his chest, hugging his arms around Gerard’s slightly toned figure.

“Gerard… are you okay?” Andy asks queitly. Everyone’s staring at the red-head, none of them expected this to happen.

“Um… Coffee anyone?” LynZ asks, successfully directing the main object of attention to herself, not Gerard. There are nods, and people get up to follow her, desiring to leave the awkward moment.

Frank remains. “Gee…”

Andy looks up at Frank, scowling. “You did this to him. Why couldn’t you just keep all that to yourself? You’ve upset him.”

“I… I didn’t think… I… I do love you Gerard, I really do. Forever.” Frank says, talking to his crying ex boyfriend.

“Frankie… please don’t. Please, don’t go there. I can’t handle it.” Gerard whispers. “Please, just let it rest.”

“But… Gera-“

“Let it rest, Frankie! Please. Let me go.” Gerard begs. He’s calling Frank Frankie. He’s using an indearment. He’s kiling Andy on the inside.

“But… you said you’d always love me.” Frank protests.

“I…” Gerard starts, but is stuck trying to find his word. “Frankie, you screwed me up so bad with what you did.”

“I… I’m sorry. It won’t ever happen again if you come back.” Frank promises.

“But… Frank, you killed me inside. You get that, don’t you?” Gerard asks.

Frank sighs. “Yeah, I do. And I regret every minute of it. I want to live the rest of my life with you, Gee.”

Andy scowls, pulling Gerard off his lap as he stands up. He can’t just sit and let this happen, loose his Gerard.

“He’s not available.” Andy growls at the midget. (A/N sorry Frank…)

Frank frowns. “Why don’t you let him make up his own mind about it?”

“You can’t just waltz in and expect to be given a dance!” Andy protests. “Gerard is with me!”

“He was with me for years!” Frank returns.

“You broke up!”

“You two won’t last! Look at Gerard and I, we look like we go together! You two just look awkward! Gerard has spunk, you’re just gothic!” Frank yells. “He should be with me!”

“He’s over you!”

“Then why is he crying!”

Andy brings his fist back, crashing it down with a surge of strength. No one, not one fucking Frank Iero or anyone else tries to steal his boyfriend. Frank is down for a moment, but pops back up, sending a whirl of fists Andy’s way. (A/N hah… Andy’s way… Get it?)

Gerard lets out a startled yell, and tries to pry the two apart to no avail. In the end, it takes Billie Joe and LynZ holding Frank and Gerard and Ronnie struggling with Andy to pry the two apart.

“What the fuck?!” Gerard exclaims.

“Who is it, Gerard? Me or him?” Andy asks, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Gerard’s face is blank for a moment, then he screams, pulling o his hair and cursing the skies. “MEN! I AM SO FUCKING DONE WITH THEM! I’M NO-ONE’S, GOT IT!” Gerard yells, stomping out of the coffee shop, leaving a group of surprised men (… and LynZ) in his wake, staring after his retreating form.

Frank smirks. “He likes me more than you.”

Andy curves his mouth down in the most disgusting sneer. “I fucking hate you.”
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Well… I didn’t intend for this to happen, it just sort of did! And I’m still missing my AndyXGerard fluff…I can’t post the next chapter without it. And you can all thank bvbrocks for getting me to update… LOL.
Oneshot by Abicus... I think... I'm pretty sure... Uh, I'm just going from memory so I hope I'm right.
... Yep. Things are starting to heat up! LOL, I might actually break Andy and Gerard up for good... We'll have a vote or something soon.
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