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Andy's entry

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IMPORTANT NOTE INSIDE! (And a chapter. One shot by BVBRocks)

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(Important note at bottom!!!)

There's an awkward silence at the coffee shop, something indescribably wrong. Not only is Gerard silent, but he seems to be moody and perfectly content to sit at the edge of the group by himself. His down cast face gazes into his dark black large coffee cup-- the fact that he's landed a job at Starbucks only barely makes him crack a small smile.

Yes, it's that bad. The aura flowing off Gerard makes everyone feel uncomfortable and awkward, shifting in their seats. Andy wishes Gerard would climb into his lap like he usually does, but whatever usual Andy had with experience with Gerard while they dated is gone. Now that Andy started a fight with Frank, now that Gerard is on the very last of his nerves if he hasn't already used them all up.

Now that Gerard can't chose between Andy and Frank, is stuck somewhere in the middle. The stability he built with Frank or the new starts he found with Andy.

LynZ clears her throat, preventing the birth of many gay babies that could have been born in the awkward moments that might have followed had she not opened her mouth. (A/N: there's a... Myth? Tale? That ate that a gay baby is born in every awkward moment, and this as a reference to that for those of you severely confused.)

"Well then, Ladies... Well, that's just me... And Gents, I bring you Andy's one shot about Gerard! Will it split the two apart forever or bring them back together?" LynZ asks, her voice turning into one you would hear on overdramatic TV commercials.

LynZ receives well-deserved stares for her nerdy efforts. She sighs in defeat, and reads the piece.

"Andy and I were on our traditional Saturday morning coffee run to Starbucks after a night of staying up late watching horror movies when the best thing to ever happen to me began. Ok, before I go any further, confession: I was in love with my best friend, Andy. He was walking next to me looking straight ahead, his long, black hair framing his perfect face. I could feel my heart swell with the love I though would never be requited as I looked up at him. I poked him in the cheek to get his attention, and his head snapped towards me, an amused look on his face. “I want a piggyback ride,” I whined, knowing he could never resist when I whined. He sighed in defeat and bent over to let me on. I jumped on, and he stood up and started running. I threw my arms up and started
 screaming. This was all on a public sidewalk in broad daylight. We got some strange looks.
We finally got to the coffee shop, cackling like a pair of hyenas. “Did you that old woman?” Andy said, still trying to catch his breath, “She looked like she nearly had a heart attack!” “And that priest?” I responded, “I thought he was gonna come up and start throwing holy water!” Andy shook his head and we got in line for coffee. We both got large blacks and took our coffees over to a table in the corner. That’s when things got interesting.
“So, Gee,” Andy said, wringing his hands nervously, “I have something important
 to tell you.” My interest peaked at his words, and I asked, “What is it?” He took a deep breath, seemingly trying to calm himself. “OK,” he said, “First you have to promise me you won’t judge me.” I nodded and said, “When have I?” He smiled lightly and continued, “I think I’m gay.” Inside, I jumped with excitement. He actually liked boys! On the outside, all I said was, “How do you know?” “Well,” Andy said, “I just don’t feel attracted to girls. Plus, I have a crush on someone.” “Who?” I asked, anxious at the fact he liked someone that was not me. Andy blushed deeply, something I hadn’t seen him do in months. He shook his hair into his eyes and said, “Nobody you know.” He looked up at me, his eyes holding a timid light. “So, you’re okay with this?” he asked quietly. I smiled largely and said, “Of course. You’re my best friend and always will be. In fact, I have my own confession to make. I’m
 gay too.” Andy’s face lit up with the largest grin I had ever seen.
“How did you figure it out?” Andy asked, curiosity in his eyes. “Same way as you,” I responded, “You don’t know the guy either.” Disappointment flashed across Andy’s face for a split second before the smile reappeared. It confused me, but I shrugged it off. “So, now that I’ve gotten that out the way,” Andy said, “How’s that song you’ve been working on going?” We talked for several minutes about writing, since we both wrote lyrics. We also both dreamed of being in successful bands one day. My band, My Chemical Romance, was starting to gain a following as well as his, Black Veil Brides. After we had both finished our coffees, we got up and left the Starbucks and began to walk back to the
 apartment we shared to save money.
“So,” I said when we were about half way home, “What’s this guy you have a crush on like?” Andy blushed again, and said, "Well, he’s sweet, kind, and funny. He’s got problems, but is always trying to make others feel better. He loves to sing, but never thinks he any good. He is amazing.” Andy had a look in his eyes that told me this was no ordinary crush he had. He was in love, and it broke my heart. Why couldn’t look at me like that? I plastered on a fake smile and said, “He sounds like a great guy. What’s his name?” Andy’s face went completely red at the question and hid his face even deeper into his hair. I found it odd, but said nothing.
When we reached home, I opened the door and stepped inside, shrugging off my coat. I heard Andy say from behind me, “You still want to know his name?” I turned around and saw Andy with an extremely conflicted look on his face. “Well, yeah,” I responded. “Its Gerard,” he said in an almost whisper. My stomach did a double backward somersault cartwheel as my heart nearly exploded and my feet rushed forwards. My lips collided with Andy’s as ecstasy flooded my brain. Our lips moved together, perfectly in-sync, as soon as the initial shock wore off. He tasted like coffee and love. --End."

Gerard cracks a smile. "Sweet, kind and funny. He's amazing."He quotes. "Andy... I... Thank you."

Andy smiles, looking at his ex boyfriend. "Well, I do love you. A lot."

Gerard smiles sadly, but remains silent. He does low Andy, but he lives Frank too. He can't respond, can't make a promise he can't follow up on. Gerard just isn't sure anymore.

LynZ breaks up the scene as she starts to speak. "Now, the moment you've all been waiting for! The winner, who gets Gerard for a week is--"

I haven't decided who should win the contest. So tell me which one was your favorite. Tell me who you want to win.

And we'll have to see what's going to happen with the Gerard/Andy/Frank thing.
The one shot is by BVBRocks, who gets on my ass to write more. Or at least, whenever s/he updates I do too.
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