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The Winner

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Who won, and what are the consequences?

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"-- And the winner for the overall best one shot is Frank, we got some good fluff in there, and very well written." LynZ announces with a smile.

Everyone's eyes widen. Frank… gets to do whatever he wants with Gerard for a week. That certainly doesn't look good for Andy, or any other contestants and their evil plots.

Ronnie frowns. "I think mine was best."

"Ronnie, yours was excellently written and hot as fuck, but there was an unwritten rule that the contest was really about the drama between Andy, Gerard and Frank." LynZ tells him, then addresses Gerard. "Gerard, the week starts tomorrow. You don't start work until after that, right?"

Gerard nods, his eyes still wide. What… what does it really mean now that Frank won?

LynZ smiles. "Good. Then you're going to move your stuff into Frank's apartment and live with him for your time as his slave."

Gerard bites his lip and looks away. "Most of my stuff is still there." He admits.

LynZ's brow furrows. "But it's been… months."

Gerard sighs. "I kind of left in a hurry."

Everyone looks at Frank. "What did you do?"

Frank looks at his feet. "I…I… Um, I…"

"Let's talk about his another time, yeah?" Gerard cuts in.

Frank nods, looking relieved. "well... Gerard, you might want to pack a toothbrush. I threw yours out after it got all yucky."

Gerard nods. "H... you still have all my clothes?"

Frank nods again. "All of 'em. Your movies and CDs are still on the shelf, too."

Gerard hums his acceptance as he gets up and exits the coffee shop. "I'll be by yours in an hour, Frank."

Everyone looks at Frank again. 

"He left his CDs, movies and clothes at your house?The fuck did you do?" LynZ asks, alarmed.

The group looks at Frank expectantly, but he just excuses himself in the name of cleaning up his apartment. 


It's awkward. Gerard came with a bag of toletries and some art stuff, and no words were uttered, save for the necessary hellos. It's like there's an alien in frank's house, a distant Gerard off in his own world. Gerard put his art materials on a desk he used to share with Frank, his bath needs on a shelf Frank gave him so long ago. Gerard plops down on the couch, looking tired.

he doesn't need a tour, he knows where everything is. Frank hands him a cup of coffee silently, sitting next to him on the couch. There are more than a few awkward moments.

"So... you wanna watch a movie? Asks frank.

Gerard shrugs. "Sure. You still really like Austin Powers?"

Frank grins. "Of course. Mike Myers is fucking awesome."

Gerard smiles. "True, that. Which one?"

"The Spy Who Shagged Me is always a favorite."

Gerard chuckles. "I remember."

And it seems that all it takes to lighten the mood is Mike Myers. Because everyone knows Mike Myers is a God. 


After sharing a few laughs, everything is more relaxed. They brush their teeth together, smiling at each other over their paste-filled mouths. Gerard doesn't think of Andy or the mess he's in, he just smiles at Frank while he cleans his unusually small teeth. Smiles because he hasn't laughed with Frank in so long, because they both giggle every time their eyes meet. 

Gerard forgot just how much he loved Frank.

They get into their PJs, still grinning like idiots at each other. 

"I'll take the couch, then." Gerard says.

Frank shakes his head. "Nah, why don't you come to bed with me?" he asks.

Gerard freezes. "Frank, I don't think--"

"Not for sex!" Frank cuts in. "I mean, I would love to have sex and all but I understand you don't want to. We both know how uncomfortable the couch is to sleep on so just sleep in the bed with me."

Gerard smiles gratefully. "Thank you, Frankie."

"No problem, Gee." they lapsed back into their old nicknames without even noticing.


When Gerard wakes up, he automatically makes himself a cup of coffee. He goes back to the bedroom and watches Frank sleep. He's still half asleep, so Gerard doesn't really think of the last few months, doesn't recall the breakup. Once he finishes his coffee, he makes himself another one and a cup for Frank when he wakes up.

He sits on the bed, looking at Frank's sleeping body. It's Sunday; he has nothing better to do.

After a few more minutes, Frank's eyes crack open to greet the world. His swirling brown and green eyes are clouded with sleep, and a bit of confusion as he sees Gerard looking at him. "Good morning."

"Hey. I made you a cup of coffee." Gerard grins.

Frank sits up, rubbing his eyes. "Am I dreaming?" 

Gerard giggles. "Of course not. Why would you be dreaming?"

"Well, I just didn't expect you to be so nice after us being apart for so long. You congratulating me for winning?" Frank asks.

Gerard's eyes widen as realization crashes over him. He forgot. He fucking forgot. He forgot all the bad blood between them. He forgot about being with Andy, forgot about the moments that ended his relationship with Andy, the moments that ended his relationship with Frank. He... He was happy with Frank again. "I....I forgot." He whispers.

Frank's brow furrows. "Forgot what?"

"I... I just didn't think about the last few months. All I could think about was you." Gerard chuckles sadly. "I was so happy not remembering, too."

Frank sighs. "Gerard, I really do want you to be happy. If... If you want, we can Date again as soon as you're ready. I want to teach you that you can trust me, I really want you to trust me. If you forgot about Andy...well, maybe now you understand how I forgot about you for an hour."

Gerard gets up and walks to the door and pauses, looking back at Frank with a hurt look in his eye. "But Andy and I went out for a couple of weeks, not a year. And I didn't fuck a complete stranger."

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